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30 Mothers in 30 Days: Judith

Job's Children: The Burris Reunion
Burris Family Tree by descendant Pam Holbrook

When I type the name Judith Taylor into my family tree, the same exact lady comes up not once, not twice, but 4 times! That is because I have 4 separate ancestrial lines back to Judith and her husband, Solomon Burris. It's easy to say I probably have  more dna from Judith Taylor Burris than any other 5th Great Grandmother in my family tree as she is my 5th Great Grandmother times 4! And all 4 lines lead to my paternal grandfather.

Let's see if I can draw this out. 

                                  Judith Taylor and Solomon Burris

                                                        Gen Two

Joshua C Burris            Taylor Burris           Nancy Ann Burris            Solomon Burris Jr.
1790-1878                        1784-1856                 1804-1879                          1800-1873
      m                                       m                               m                                        m
Susan Honeycutt           Nancy Morton          Benjamin F Hathcock       Sarah Morgan

                                                      Gen Three

Mary Anna Burris        Soloman Burris III     Obedience Hathcock       Gideon Green Burris
1833-1880                          1822-1897                       1828-1880                        1831-1898
       m                                        m                                      m                                      m
C. M. 'Kin" Honeycutt   Elizabeth Morton      Gideon G. Burris             Obedience Hathcock   

                                                       Gen Four

Ellen Honeycutt                Sarah Ann Burris       David T. Burris               David T. Burris again
    1856-1930                            1850-1885                   1851-1928                          1851-1928
          m                                            m                                m                                         m               
David T. Burris                 Rufus A. Lambert       Ellen Honeycutt              Ellen Honeycutt

                                                        Gen Five

Rowena Burris                  Elias M. Lambert          Rowena Burris               Rowena Burris
1872-1915                             1875-1943                        1872-1915                      1872-1915
        m                                           m                                     m                                     m              
Elias M Lambert                 Rowena Burris             Elias M. Lambert          Elias M. Lambert

                                                         Gen Six 

                                  Burley Melvin Lambert 1915-1986 all 4 Rows.

                                                         Gen Seven

                                                          Gen Eight

Now, add to the fact that Charles McKinley "Kin" Honeycutt and Mary Anna Burris were 1st cousins through the Honeycutt line and that there are two Mortons in there, who may connect at some point, and you have a very limited gene pool. It's as if Red Cross, Stanly County was an island with no one else for thousands of miles.

RED CROSS STORE | RED CROSS NC: This place caught my eye and… | Flickr

I've posted on my Burris family several times before.     

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A bit confusin? Try being me. And yes, I have blogged about them alot. 

As far as Judith goes, the concensus is not in on who her parents were. I've seen a Robert Taylor as her parents. In my Dad's research, he had a James Taylor and wife Lucy as her parents, which I guess I will leave in my tree until it's disproven as this was inherited genealogy. 

Judith was born about 1766 in North Carolina. She was married to Solomon Burris, one date given, is December 12, 1783, in Surry County, NC. Their oldest son, Taylor Burris was born the next year. 

Solomon Burris was a Revolutionary War Soldier. Judith recieved a pension after his death.

Name:Judith Burris
Birth Year:abt 1765
Birthplace:North Carolina
Home in 1850:Albemarle, Stanly, North Carolina, USA
Cannot Read, Write:Y
Line Number:34
Dwelling Number:901
Family Number:906
Household Members:
Mac cama Willis36
Obidunce Willis42
Judith Burris85
Solomon Burris18
Beada L Burris24

In the 1850 census, Judith was living with her daughter, Obedience Burris Willis. Obedience and her husband , McCamey "Mac" Willis, were childless. With them besides Judith were a neice and a nephew. 

Judith passed away on April 18, 1856 in Stanly County. She was 89 years old. 

Pvt Solomon Burris (1752-1845) - Find A Grave Memorial

Below is a story from The Stanly County Heritage Book. There are some inconsistencies in the story, for instance, the German part. I believe his lineage is most likely Engliah as it derives from the Anglo-Saxon Burroughs or Burrows. In the early years, some of the Burris family spelled their name Burroughs. 

Solomon Burris And Judith Taylor (Part 1)

From: Stanly County Heritage - North Carolina, Vol.1 - By: Stanly County Heritage Book Committee #720

Happy Mother's Day Grandma Judith. I'm probably more like you than anyone else of your era. 

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