Sunday, May 31, 2020

30 Mothers in 30 Days: The Future and the Past

Family Trees grow both ways: from the Root and from the Branches. As I chose this month to honor all of the women whose DNA I carry in my cells, I also want to honor the women who are passing MY DNA onward into the future, my daughters, and through my son, my daughter in law.

I have six beautiful grandchildren, as you can see. One day there may be more as my youngest son is still single and my children are still young. As there are many mothers before me, I am old enough to look behind and see mothers passing on the heritage and dna of my forebears, into the future, through me.

These are some of the women in my family tree who were mothers, who passed DNA on to me and many others, who I chose to feature (or mention) in my month long tribute to Mother's Day:

Patsy Palmer, Sarah Maycock, Lisha Ramsey, Leah Julian, Julina Aldridge, Prussia Murray, Talitha Herrin, Tabitha Marks, Nellie Kindrat, Piety Lambert, Delaney Braswell, Deliverence Tuthill, Antje Wells, Bridget Smith, Isabella Pace, Sarah Fincher, Sallie Winfield, Charlotte Freeman, Judith Taylor, Penelope Blow, Keziah Tucker, Nancy Webster, Susan Faulkner, Betsy Carpenter, Caroline Hudson, Vashita Calloway, Catherina Muehl, Mattie Russell, Ava McGregor, Amelia Hatley, Anna Maria Merckle, Obedience Ramsey, Rebecca Helms, Margaret Buchanan, Leavy Starnes, Harriett Means, Elizabeth Fenwick, Catherine Alexander, Wincy Morton, Polly Erwin, Isabelle Foreman, Catherine Black, Prudence Jones, Mary Anna Burris, Cornelia Angeline Lathrop.  And last, but certainly not least, my own mother, Joyce Davis.

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Happy Mother's Day to all Mother's Today and Every Day.

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