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Information on John M. Stewart...etc.

From Branson's Business Directory, 1896


MONROE – Mayor, Dr. J.W. StephensonCommissioners, H.A. Shute, J.M. Blair, B.A. Morrow, S.W. Parham;Clerk, J.M. StewartTreasurer, J.M. StewartMarshall, N.S. Ogburn.

The year of Sarah Hortense Davis Stewarts death and the year after her divorce, her father-in-law held not one, but two offices in the town of Monroe. I am sure if William, who was teaching at a Music School in Chester, South Carolina, was a little low on funds for a lawyer, his father would have gladly helped out. Hortenses father had already passed away by this time and her mother had married a drunkard who had came from money, but by the time of their marriage, his was long gone. They lived off what she could muster from her deceased first husbands estate. 

J. M. Stewart was still alive and well in Monroe in 1902. 

From the Freepages.genealogy Union County Deeds:

Deed Book 32 pages 544-545
Therefore let the said deed, together with this certificate, be registered March 21, 1902. 
E. A. Armfield CSC
Filed for registration March 21
1902 at 1:50 oclock pm
JM Stewart, Register
E. C. Williams commissioner to S. E. Hamilton
State of North Carolina
Union County
This indenture made this  15
day of March A.D. 1902 between E. C. Williams commissioner of 
the County of Union, State of North Carolina party of the first part and S. E. Hamilton of the 
County and State aforesaid, party of the second part, Witnesseth that whereas in a special 
proceeding regularly instituted in the Superior Court of Union County before the block and 
entitled M. A. Newsome, et al, Plaintiffs and Addie Pusser, et al defendants for the partition and 
division of certain premises mentioned in the petition in said proceeding an order was made by 
said Court that a sale of said premises be made and appointing and directing E. C. Williams, 
party of the first part, commissioner to make said sale of said premises at public auction to the 
highest bidder at the Court House door, in said County, after giving notice according to the law 
of the time and place of such sale, and whereas the said commissioner pursuant to the said order 
and directions of the said Court after giving notice of the time and place of said sale prescribed 
by statute, did on the 4
day of Nov. A.D. 1901 at 12 oclock M, in the city of Monroe, N. C.  at 
the Court House door, exposed to sale at public auction, the hereafter described lands at which 
time and place S. E. Hamilton, party of the second part, became the last and highest bidder at the 
price of seven hundred and ten ($710.00) Dollars, and whereas the said S. E. Hamilton has paid 
the entire sum of the purchase price in cash, and the party of the first part having reported the 
said sale according to law and the same having been approved and confirmed by said Court and a 
deed ordered to be executed to the party of the second part.

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