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Workaday Wednesday: The Mink Farmer

ame:Adam Mandy
Location:New Westminster, British Columbia
Occupation:Mink Rancher
Electoral District:New Westminster
Adam Mandy was my mother-in-law's brother. He was born in Princeton, British Columbia, Canada in 1937 and died in the West Frasier Valley in 1979 at the young age of 42. He is described as being a huge blonde Mountain Man. Records show him with various occupations, tracker and trapper and guide, machine operator, but is main-stay seemed to be that of Mink Rancher. 

Adam was illusive, private, but also a prankster with a big boisterous laugh. A great uncle to have, according to his surviving siblings, nieces and nephews. 

Name:Adam Mandy
Location:Fraser Valley West, British Columbia
Occupation:MacHine Op
Electoral District:Fraser Valley West

The Frasier Valley is a beautiful area that borders the United Stares. This is where Adam lived and ran his Mink Ranch. 
The area is a beautiful place. This family lived in Yale, Langley and Murraysville. 
They were difficult to research, being their parents were immigrants and I have not been able to travel to Langley to search for records. 
Adam and his siblings, Helen, Mary, Olga, Billy, Syliva and Walter were the children of William Iwan Mandiburr or Mandiburra and Nellie Kendrat or Kindred. The names were Anglicized upon arriving in Canada. 
Iwan Mandybur
Estimated Birth Year:abt 1897
Birth Country:Poland
Date of Arrival:26 Mar 1927
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Port of Arrival:Halifax, Nova Scotia
Port of Departure:Liverpool, England
Iwan Mandibura was born in 1897 in Poland and arrived in Canada in 1927. Poland was not he and his families nation of origin, however. They were from the Russian Ukraine. 
Iwan, or William, died in 1969 in Murraysville, Langley Township, British Columbia. He is buried in the Murraysville Cemetery. 
William Mandy
Birth Year:abt 1899
Death Age:69
Death Date:11 Jul 1968
Death Location:Murrayville
Registration number:1968-09-009916
BCA Number:B13290
GSU Number:2033943
Murrayville Pioneer Cemetery, Langley British Columbia

Murrayville Pioneer Cemetery was established in 1891 by the Independent Order of Odd Fellows (Cloverdale Lodge No. 15) and named the Odd Fellows Cemetery.  It has the unique feature of the oldest tombstone predating the opening of the cemetery. How is that possible? Alexander Murray drowned in the Fraser River in January of 1884 while attempting in vain to save a friend. Originally Murray was buried at the Fort Langley Cemetery but when the Odd Fellows Cemetery opened his family exhumed his body and relocated it so that he would be closer to home. 

Murrayville Cemetery

Nellie Kendrat Mandy was born in 1911 in Nelson, Manitoba, Canada. She was the daughter of Wasyl (which would also be Anglicized to William) and Mary Kendrat. 
Nellie Kendrat
Marital Status:Single
Est. Birth Year:1911
Home in 1916:02, Nelson, Manitoba
Address:35, 23, W1, Unorganized
Racial or Tribal Origin:Ukranian (Ukrainian)
Relation to Head of Household:Daughter
Father's Name:Wasyl Kendrat
Mother's Name:Mary Kendrat
Sub District Desc.:Townships 33, 34, 35 and 36, ranges 21, 22, 23 and 24, W.P.M.
Household Members:
Wasyl Kendrat44
Mary Kendrat36
Danylo Kendrat15
Letty Kendrat9
Nellie Kendrat5
Juslynn Kendrat1
They had arrived in North America a decade prior, with their young son Danylo, or Daniel. The daughters were all born in Canada. Wasyl arrived first, with members of his own family, and made a place for his young family, before returning to Galatia, Austria, to retrieve his wife and son. 
Wasyl Kindrat
Estimated Birth Year:abt 1873
Birth Country:Austria
Date of Arrival:19 Apr 1913
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Port of Arrival:Portland, Maine
Port of Departure:Hamburg, Germany
Wasyl Kindrat
Departure Date:6 Apr 1913
Estimated Birth Year:abt 1873
Age Year:40
Gender:männlich (Male)
Marital Status:verheiratet (Married)
Family:Household members
Ethnicity/Nationality:Österreich (Austrian)
Occupation:Landmann, Tagelöhner
Ship Name:Hannover
Ship Type:Dampfschiff
Ship Flag:Deutschland
Port of Departure:Hamburg
Port of Arrival:Bremen; Rotterdam; Portland

Wasyl Kindrat
Departure Date:10 Mai 1913 (10 May 1913)
Estimated Birth Year:abt 1872
Age Year:41
Gender:männlich (Male)
Marital Status:verheiratet (Married)
Family:Household members
Ethnicity/Nationality:Österreich (Austrian)
Occupation:Landmann, Tagelöhner
Ship Name:Bosnia
Shipping Line:Hamburg-Amerika Linie (Hamburg-Amerikanische Packetfahrt-Actien-Gesellschaft)
Ship Type:Dampfschiff
Ship Flag:Deutschland
Port of Departure:Hamburg
Port of Arrival:Halifax
Wasyl Kindrat
Marital Status:Married
Birth Year:abt 1874
Relation to Head of House:Head
Immigration Year:1900
Racial or Tribal Origin:Galacian (Galician)
Religion:Greek Catholic
Occupation:F Son
District Number:9
Sub-District:Unorganized Territory/Territoire non-organisé #02
Sub-District Number:S-8
Neighbors:View others on page
Household Members:
Wasyl Kindrat27
Maria Kindrat24
Denils Kindrat2
The census shows that they lived in a community of other Galicians. Galicia until 1918, was a crown land of the Austro-Hungarian monarchy. The former territories of Galicia are now shared between Southern Poland and Western Ukraine, with just a small portion being in Poland and the majority in the Ukraine. 
William Kendrit
Marital Status:Married
Birth Date:Nov 1868
Relation to Head of House:Head
Spouse's Name:Mary Kendrit
Immigration Year:1901
District Number:16
Sub-District Number:69
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Household Members:
William Kendrit43
Mary Kendrit34
Daniel Kendrit12
Polina Kendrit5
Kastara Kendrit1
By 1911, daughters Polina and Kastara had arrived, with Nellie on her way. 

It is amazing to me that I can trace my own heritage back into the 1600's, because my family have been Americans that long and longer, but these newer arrivals in my daughters family tree, I have not been able to trace beyond Iwan and Wasyl and Maria. 
Click here to see mapI can study the history of the area, and the peoples, to have something of this part of her heritage to pass on to her. 
I found out that in the later part of the 19th century, that Russia, now in control of the area, revoked many priveledges to persons considered Germans, and there was a great migration of Austrians, Ukrainians, Germans and Poles to North America. 

People of this region are known for their beauty, long-life, health and bright floral traditional dress. I have discovered where my half-Ukranian child gets her beauty and love of "hippie"-like patterns. 
Girl in Native Ukrainian Dress

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