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30 Mothers in 30 Days: Lisha

Lisha Ramsey is one of those ancestors I know very little about.

6 Stem Mother's Day Red Rose Bouquets

Name:Lisha Ramsey
Birth Year:abt 1785
Birthplace:North Carolina
Home in 1850:Burnsville, Anson, North Carolina, USA
Cannot Read, Write:Y
Line Number:23
Dwelling Number:741
Family Number:741
Household Members:

Stark Ramsey77
Lisha Ramsey65
John Ramsey40
Tempy Ramsey20

She only appears by name in one census record, in Anson County, living in Burnsville Township. In this census we learn she was born around 1785, being 65 years old and she was born in North Carolina and could not read or write, unlike my previous two cited Mothers, Sarah Winfield Howell Davis and Martha "Patsy" Atkins Palmer. So she was of a different class.

She is living with her husband Starky "Stark" Ramsey, who may have been John Starkey Ramsey, age 77. Neither of them make it to 1860.

Living with them is their son, John Jackson "Jack" Ramsey and his wife Temperance "Tempy" Mullis Ramsey.

Stark Ramsey had at least 2 daughters, but I've only discovered the name of one of them, Harriett, who married Jackson Trull of Union County. But he also had a large number of sons.

Anson County, NC Genealogy & History

The Ramseys lived in Anson County, just south of the Rocky River and the county line and near to it's border with Union. Some of his children ended up in Union County, and others, like my line, Samuel Ramsey, ended up in Stanly.

I don't even know that much about Stark. He shows up first in the 1800 census of Anson and has some grants from the late 1790's, adjoining a John Ramsey, whom I believe was his father, as he was an older man. There was also a connection to a Richard Ramsey, born in 1771 and a Samuel Ramsey, born in 1776. As Stark was born in 1773, I believe these to be his brothers. There was also a Richard Johnson, whose wife, Erexena Ramsey, was born in 1775 in Anson County, who may have been his sister.

I think that Stark was born in one of the coastal counties and there may have been a connection to the Starkey family there. They were of Scotch origin and possibly part of the Argylle Colony who came up the Cape Fear River and then westward into Anson.

Marker: K-51

Below is a list of Starks known children. Notice that I did not say Lisha. It's a possibility that she was a second wife and not the mother of most of his children. The dash census records seem to indicate the death of an older wife and the acquiring of a younger.

The name Annis echos among the children and grandchildren of Stark Ramsey, and is not a common one as Mary or Elizabeth, so possibly his first wife was named Annis and these granddaughters were named for her. It apppears she may also have been a Pistole.

So Lisha may not be my 5th Great Grandmother, at all, but my 5th Great Step-Grandmother, instead.

Several of Starks sons bore family names as given names, so the possibility of multiple wives exists and these names could be surnames of forebears beyond. Or not. Not one of Starks children named a son Starkey, which was his actual name as it is seen that way at times.

Below is the known list of children:

Unknown oldest daughter
1792 Gilbert
1798 Joseph
1799 Samuel
1805 Holden
1810 Robert
1811 Harriett
1812 Hubbard
1813 John Jackson "Jack"
1816 Sanders Taylor
1819 Clement
1820 James

In the 4 years between Samuel and Holden, there may have been a changing of the wives, or between the 5 years separating Holden and Robert.

Samuel Ramsey would marry Rebecca Helms, daughter of Tillman Helms and Mary Elizabeth Presley and become by 4th Great Grandparents, being buried at St. Martin Church in Stanly County, NC.

As for Stark and Lisha, I don't know where they are buried. Most likely in Anson County and most likely in a cemetery associated with the old Rocky River Church where he was associated. Starks' last mention was in 1858 and Lisha sometime before 1850.

Rest In Peace Dear Lisha Ramsey, my 5th Great or Step-Great Grandmother.

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