Tuesday, May 19, 2020

A Trip on the Mother Ship

So, I've had 7 men I'm related to take YDNA tests that follows the male line father to son. Some have offered a great deal of information, others have not.

One bit of information they all provide is the Haplogroup the individual belongs to. At this point in history, Haplogroups are spread all over the world, especially those of Western Europeans who set out Centuries ago to colonize the planet, and more recently, where business is a global industry.

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Still, most Haplogroups have a central, or concentrated location, which indicates it's origins. My paternal line, taken by my brother, was strictly British. Another came back Polish, another German and the most recent, Armenian. A distant, but related cousin came from the Americas and another Finland and the last from Portugal or Spain with a strong showing in France.

In my Corona era celebration of Mother's Day, I decided to order a Mitochondrial Dna test to explore the origins of my most distant maternal lines.

With this test, surnames mean nothing, as women have traditionally changed their names with marriage. Female ancestry is also the most difficult to research, as men usually were the heads of households listed in tax records, census records prior to 1850, and listed in land records.

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Louis Emille Adan: Motherhood

You're fortunate if you have ancestors who left wills, probate records, Family Bibles, journals, christening records, or just made history to the point where the female ancestors were known.

So, now comes the waiting game; waiting for the test to arrive, sending it off, and waiting for the results.

I only know my mother's straight female line for a few generations. My mother was a Davis, her mother was a Mauldin, her mother was a Russell and her mother was Elizabeth ? Some have her as a Morris, others as a Mauldin. If she is the daughter of that Morris (I don't know and haven't found any evidence either way), her mother would be a West.

What am I hoping to find? Answers. There are question marks in my dna of ancestry that I can not find proof of. I will be very pleasantly surprised if this test provides those answers.

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