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30 Mothers in 30 Days:Telitha

Telitha Matilda Delphia "Tilly"  Herrin was my third great grandmother. Tilly was a Stanly County girl. The daughter of Hezekiah Herrin and Amelia "Milly" Hatley, she was their fourth child and first daughter.  Amelia, the daughter of Hardy Hatley and wife Isabell Foreman, was a girl with a pretty name who apparently liked pretty names. No Mary, Martha or Nancy for her. After 3 boys, it was almost like Milly, uncertain if she would ever have another daughter, poured all of her favorite names onto one child. 

Telitha Matilda Delphia............Herrin

Tilly was born on Bear Creek, in the northwest corner of Stanly County, nearest its border with Cabarrus. Her father was said to have been a bruiser of a man, large and domineering, commanding of respect. Tilly was said to have been thick and pretty, a strong farm woman who could milk a cow and drive a plow. 

Tilly had been preceded in birth by brothers Wilson, Wiley and John Franklin. She was not, however,  her mothers only girl. Born in 1826, she was followed by Naomi , aka"Omie", the next year and Isabell in 1830, named for her grandmother. A last son, and supposedly his father incarnate, Julious Hezekiah Herrin came after the girls and with the arrival of Elizabeth in 1835, the family was complete. 

Sadly, Elizabeth died young She had marryiedWilliam Jackson Carter in 1851, at the age of 16 and died at 17, after the birth of her son, William Hershell Carter. Their mother, Amelia Hatley Herrin, would also die that year.

Tilly, as was the trend of the time, also married young. She would marry at about 18 to William Lambert, son of John Lambert, Jr. and Margaret Almond. William was always known as "Buck". 

Their first child, a son named Caleb Wiley Lambert, was born in 1846, when Tilly was 20. 

In 1851, Hezekiah Herrin sold 164 acres on Stonly Run Creek to Talitha Lambert. He did not put her husbands name on it. The next year, in 1852, the year his wife died, old Hezekiah was considering his own mortality and wrote his will. In it, he said he had 'conveyed to each of my children the lands I designated to them, to have." Hezekiah had accumulated a sizeable estate by this time, although known as ruthless, he was also kind, and dearly loved his children .

Telitha was a mid-19th century woman, meaning she lived her life within the confines of the 19th century and showed up in all four of those census records that named women and children.

Name:Tilla Lambert
Birth Year:abt 1826
Birthplace:North Carolina
Home in 1850:Almonds, Stanly, North Carolina, USA
Line Number:21
Dwelling Number:481
Family Number:482
Household Members:
William Lambert26
Tilla Lambert24
Wiley Lambert4
Rufus A Lambert2

In the 1850 she and Buck are the parents of two children and she is seen as 'Tilla'. Caleb Wiley is 4 and my Second Great Grandfather, Rufus Alexander Lambert, is a 2 year old toddler. Above them is Buck's father, John Jr. and below them is his Aunt, Rebecca Lambert Almond.

Name:Tilly Lambert
Birth Year:abt 1830
Home in 1860:Stanly, North Carolina
Post Office:Albemarle
Dwelling Number:74
Family Number:74
Household Members:
William Lambert35
Tilly Lambert30
Caleb Lambert14
Rufus Lambert12
Leah Lambert9
William Lambert6
Mary Lambert4
Martha Lambert1

By 1860, the family has grown, and Buck and Tilly are in their 30's. You can tell they have now moved to their own property, as their neighbors are Loves, Howells and Osbornes. Caleb and Rufus have been joined by 1st daughter, Leah Julia Lambert, John William and Tilly has reverted away from her mother' trend of more unique names to the overused, anonymous names of Mary and Martha.

Name:Talitha Lambert
Age in 1870:40
Birth Year:abt 1830
Birthplace:North Carolina
Dwelling Number:36
Home in 1870:Almond, Stanly, North Carolina
Post Office:Albemarle
Occupation:Keeping House
Inferred Spouse:William Lambert
Inferred Children:Julia Lambert
William Lambert
Household Members:
Talitha Lambert40
Julia Lambert18
William Lambert15
Mary Lambert18
Martha Lambert11
Sarah Lambert9
Josephine Lambert5
Milly Lambert4
William Lambert46

Now in their 40's, in the 1870 census, the 2 older children have left the nest. Neighbors are Sides, Furrs and Huneycutts.

Name:Matildy Lambert
Birth Date:Abt 1830
Birthplace:North Carolina
Home in 1880:Almonds, Stanly, North Carolina, USA
House Number:20
Dwelling Number:149
Relation to Head of House:Wife
Marital status:Married
Spouse's name:William Lambert
Father's Birthplace:North Carolina
Mother's Birthplace:North Carolina
Occupation:Keeping House
Household Members:
William Lambert56
Matildy Lambert50
Martha Lambert20
Josephine Lambert16
Matilda Lambert13
Jonah Lambert10
Martin Lambert7

1880 is the last census for Talitha. She and Buck are now in their 50's. The 1890 census was lost and Tilly didn't make the 20 year jump to the new century and the 1900 census. Matilda was Milly in the 1870 census and Talitha's youngest son, Jonah M. Lambert, has been born. Martin Luther Lambert has a story of his own and I have featured him and his mother before.

Sons of Buck Lambert: John, William, Rufus A, Wylie

Above are the sons of Buck and Tilly Lambert. Third from left is my Second Great Grandfather, Rufus Alexander. While I don't know what Buck, himself, looked like, I would bet that similar scowl his sons share came from him.

Telitha's final resting place is unknown. My bets would be in one of the Lambert cemeteries, perhaps Lambert Number One. Many of the old markers have given way to time and abuse, others just illegible. Buck lived to see 1897. Tilly had been lost sometime in those span of years between 1880 and 1900.

Children of Buck and Tilly Herrin Lambert were:

1846-1913 Caleb Wiley Lambert
1847-1921 Rufus Alexander Lambert
1853-1908 Julia Leah Lambert Eudy
1855-1916 John William Lambert
1857-1935 Mary Catherine Lambert Smith
1859-1902 Martha Elizabeth Lambert Moyle
1862-1926 Sarah Adaline Lambert McLure
1865-1941 Jospehine Lambert Hatley
1868-1910 Matilda Amelia "Milly" Lambert Dunn
1870-1917 Jonah M. Lambert
and son of Buck and Julia Ann Eudy:
1873-1892 Martin Luther Lambert (adopted into the family).

Before they died, Buck and Tilly followed in the footsteps of her father Hezekiah Herrin by deeding the property to their children that they wanted them to have.

 William C. “Buck” Lambert
Tombstone of Buck Lambert in Lambert Cemetery No 1. Tilly is probably nearby.

Happy Mother's Day Grandma Talitha!

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