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What happened to Jezebel Whitley?

While looking for the death certificate of one of my Lambert ancestors, which I did not find, I came across an unusual death certificate for a young woman named Jessie Bell Whitley. She had not one, but two death certificates, and an unusual note written across them by P. J. Huneycutt, Undertaker.

"Dr D. P. Whitley and T. C. Spludes both attended @ a s c and neither one will sign certificate"

P J Huneycutt Undertaker

She was buried at Pleasant Grove on February 13, 1919, a cemetery filled with Burris family members, her parents names being given as Ellis Burris, born in Stanly County and Juna Burris, born in Albemarle. The informant's name was given only as "Whitley". Could this have been her husband? The Certificate said she was a white female, only 26 years old, and a Housekeeper by trade, but it did not having anything in the box labeled "Single, Married, Widowed or Divorced". Her surname was Whitley, however, and her parents names were Burris, so it can be easily assumed that she was born a Burris and married a Whitley.

Death Cert-Jessie Bell Burris-Whitley

I discovered that "Jessie Bell" was actually Jezebell. She was indeed the oldest daughter of Ellis Burris and Junie Cloelia Burris. She was a very Burrisy Burris. Her father Ellis was the son of Davdison Burris and wife Mary Coley. Junie was the daughter of  Zachary Ephraim Burris and
Margaret Victoria.........................Burris. So here I go with another Burris family tree.

Ellis                                 married                                          Junie             

son of                                                    daughter of                                 daughter of     

Davidson Burris                                   Zachary E. Burris                       Margaret V Burris               

son of                                                   son of                                          daughter of               

David Wright Burris                           David Green Burris                      James Allen Burris
and                                                      and                                                and                             
Sarah Whitley                                     Sarah Vanderburg                         Lucy Hinson                 

son of                                                  son of                                            son of                   

JC Burris                                             Solomon Burris Jr.                        Joshua Christian Burris
and                                                       and                                                and                                 
Sarah Springer                                    Sarah Morgan                                Sarah Springer

Joshua Christian Burris and Solomon Burris were brothers, both sons of Solomon Burris, the Revolutionary War Solider and his wife Judith Taylor. I always put that "Revolutionary" in there to keep him from being confused with his many namesakes.

This chart shows that James Allen Burris, Margarets father and David Wright Burris, Davidson's father, were brothers and that David Green Burris was their first cousin.  So Davidson Burris and Margaret V. Burris were first cousins and Margaret and her husband Zachary were second cousins. With Davidson being a first cousin of Margaret and a second cousin of her husband Zachary. So the relationship of Ellis and his wife Junie was a combination second and third cousin, with enough shared dna to make them first cousins.

Davison Burris and Mary Catherine Coley
Davidson Burris and wife Mary Catherine Coley Burris

 PJ Huneycutt, who had written the puzzling  statement was a man who wore many hats. First, he was a coroner for the county.
 - P. J. Huneycutt, coroner fees 6.80

The Enterprise
(Albemarle, North Carolina)
  • Page 7

He operated a furniture store.

 - FURNITURE STORES. P. J. Huneycutt & Co....
The Enterprise
(Albemarle, North Carolina)
  • Page 8

And from the same issue of The Enterprise, he was also an undertaker.

 - UNDERTAKERS. P. J. Huneycutt & Co. UNDERTAKER S...

He sold appliances.

 - STOVES. P.J. Huneycutt & Co. STOVES, RANGES AND...

He opened his business in 1905. This article gives a great deal of information about where he located his business and where other businesses in early Albemarle were locate.

 - I Smith & Biles to Build. Within a few weeks a...
The Enterprise
(Albemarle, North Carolina)
  • Page 5

Philas Jerome Huneycutt was a busy man. But what would cause him to write such a statement on a young woman's death certificate? And why would two physicians refuse to sign it?

I determined that Jezebel was a very rooted member of the Burris family tree, but where did her married name "Whitley" come from?

Whitley, Temple Irenus 1893-1964
Temple Irenius Whitley II

The below page from the old Whitley Family Bible shows that on the 6th line down, Temple Whitley married Jezabelle Burris on December 5, 1910.

It also shows on the 11th line that he married Rozilla Burris in 1919 and on the 12th line that he married Bedie Hinson in 1929. This guy kept the JOP's in business.

Israel I. WHITLEY Family Bible Records page 2

The 1910 census was taken before Jezebell's December wedding. She is still at home with her parents and the oldest of 7 children.

Name:Jezbelle Burris
[Fred Burris] 
Age in 1910:17
Birth Year:abt 1893
[abt 1887] 
Birthplace:North Carolina
Home in 1910:Big Lick, Stanly, North Carolina
Relation to Head of House:Daughter
Marital Status:Single
Father's name:Ellie Burris
Father's Birthplace:North Carolina
Mother's name:Junie C Burris
Mother's Birthplace:North Carolina
Native Tongue:English
Occupation:Farm Laborer
Industry:Home Farm
Employer, Employee or Other:Wage Earner
Attended School:Yes
Able to Read:Yes
Able to Write:Yes
Out of Work:N
Number of weeks out of work:0
Neighbors:View others on page 
Household Members:
Ellie Burris38
Junie C Burris37
Jezbelle Burris17
Rozillie Burris15
Dewey Burris11
Claud Burris9
Theodore Burris7
Edgar Burris4
William T Burris1

So, who was this Mr. Whitley she married in December?

Temple Irenus Whitley was born on April 17, 1893. He was the son of Israel Irenus Whitley and Oma Jane "Omie" Morton. If anyone familiar with the history of Stanly County, a little, and recoginizes the name of Temple Whitley, they might think, "That's not right, he lived far before then", then they are a little bit right, but also quite a bit wrong. There was more that one Temple Irenus Whitley. The first one, born in 1820, was a Civil War soldier and died in 1865. He was the father of Israel Irenus Whitley, so Temple II was named for his grandfather.

Whitley, Isreal and Omie Morton Whitley
Isreal and Omie Whitley

Temple and Jezebel both grew up in the community of Big Lick, near the present town of Oakboro, which today encompasses it. They grew up in a community full of Whitley's, Burris's, Barbee's, Tuckers, Coley's, Hartsells, Efirds and Hinsons. They were not next door neighbors, but the families appear to be pretty close in the census records. They were the same age, born the same year, and probably went to the same little country "Common School".

Big Lick School 1903 from the Stanly County Musuem Collection
The above school picture is from the Big Lick School Class of 1903. The only identified people were teachers Mr. Stallings and Professor C. J. Black, sitting in the front and Miss Florence Osborne, standing at the back, right, behind a row of girls. Both Temple and Jezebel would have been 10 years old at this time and this would have been the school that they attended, with their siblings. The chance that they are in this photo are very good.

Image result for big lick, stanly county
Townships of Stanly County

People outside of Stanly County, upon hearing the mention of some of our more colorful community names, like Big Lick, Frog Pond, Red Cross, or Finger, find them quite humorous. But there's an interesting story behind each one. Wikipedia gives the following explanation for the naming of Big Lick. It's accurate and as good as any explanation I could devise.

Early settlers observed deer trails that all went to the same destination. When they investigated, they found that deer licked the ground. It turned out there were several salt licks in the area, but this was the big one and was referred to as "Big Lick". A store became a place to meet, and the community had a post office by 1860. The town, officially named Big Lick, was built on land from Jesse and Elizabeth Morton.[2]

 2) Morgan, Fred (January 26, 1961). "Big Lick Was Thriving Community About 1900". Stanly News and Press.

Name:Temple I Whitley
Birth Date:Apr 1893
Birthplace:North Carolina
Home in 1900:Big Lick, Stanly, North Carolina
House Number:8
Sheet Number:3
Number of Dwelling in Order of Visitation:55
Family Number:55
Relation to Head of House:Son
Marital Status:Single
Father's name:Israel Whitley
Father's Birthplace:North Carolina
Mother's name:Onie J Whitley
Mother's Birthplace:North Carolina
Occupation:At School
Attended School:3
Neighbors:View others on page 
Household Members:
Israel Whitley41
Onie J Whitley41
Walter H Whitley18
John Franklin Whitley16
Jarvis J Whitley14
Savannah H Whitley11
James L Whitley9
Temple I Whitley7
Dallie Idabelle Whitley5
Lou G Whitley2

Temple Irenius Whitley's first census was the 1900 one, just like Jezebel's. He was number 8 of 12 children and was attending school. Most likely the picture Big Lick School in the above picture, as the reknowned (in its day) Oakboro/Big Lick Academy, would not be built until 1916.

ThrowbackThursday Oakboro/Big Lick School
Big Lick Academy Stanly News and Press 

Name:Temple Whitley
Age in 1910:16
Birth Year:abt 1894
Birthplace:North Carolina
Home in 1910:Big Lick, Stanly, North Carolina
Street:Albemarle Road
Relation to Head of House:Son
Marital Status:Single
Father's name:Israel I Whitley
Father's Birthplace:North Carolina
Mother's name:Omie J Whitley
Mother's Birthplace:North Carolina
Native Tongue:English
Occupation:Farm Laborer
Industry:Home Farm
Employer, Employee or Other:Wage Earner
Attended School:Yes
Able to Read:Yes
Able to Write:Yes
Out of Work:N
Number of weeks out of work:0
Neighbors:View others on page 
Household Members:
Israel I Whitley51
Omie J Whitley51
Luther Whitley19
Temple Whitley16
Idabell Whitley14
Girdie Whitley11
Alonzo Whitley7

In 1910,  the record told us that the family lived on the Albemarle Road and most of the older children had already started their own families and households. Temple was 16 years old.

On December 5 of that same year, after he had turned 17, he married Jezebel Burris, also 17. It was what was known as a "shotgun wedding." Being the same age and having grown up in the same area, however, the union was no doubt one of teenage sweethearts.

Two children would be born to the young couple. Just 5 months later, on May 15, 1911, a son James D. Whitley was born, but sadly died as an infant on November 5, 1912. He was only 18 months old.

 James D Whitley

Name:James D Whitley
Birth Date:15 May 1911
Birth Place:Stanly County, North Carolina, United States of America
Death Date:5 Nov 1912
Death Place:Stanly County, North Carolina, United States of America
Cemetery:Pleasant Grove Baptist Church Cemetery
Burial or Cremation Place:Oakboro, Stanly County, North Carolina, United States of America
Has Bio?:N
Father:Temple Irenus Whitley
Mother:Jezabelle Whitley

A daughter, Truly Odessa Whitley, would be born on May 9, 1915 in the spring, three years after her brother's death. Truly would marry back in to the Burris family, when she would become the bride of Claude Isaac Burris at age 15. Truly would have two sons and two daughters and a set of twins that died as infants and remain in Big Lick all of her life, a long one, when she would pass in 2002 at the age of 86. Her descendant are Jezebel's only descendants.

And then, we having the passing of Jezebel, at the age of 25 on February 12, 1919. Her little girl, Truly, was only 4 years old.

 Jezabelle Whitley
Tombstone of Jezebel Whitley

Temple grieved for a full 2 months. Then he married her sister.

Name:Temple I Whitley
Birth Year:abt 1894
Marriage Date:12 Apr 1919
Marriage Place:Stanly, North Carolina, USA
Spouse:Rozilla Burris
Spouse Gender:Female
Spouse Race:White
Spouse Age:21
Event Type:Marriage

Rozilla was the second child of Ellis and Junie Burris. She was 21.

The 1920 census shows that Temple and Rozilla wasted no time expanding their family. Their first daughter, Virginia, was already born. They also had moved to Furr, which was around the current town of Locust.

Name:Temple I Whitley
[Lempke A Whitley] 
Birth Year:abt 1894
Birthplace:North Carolina
Home in 1920:Furr, Stanly, North Carolina
Street:Private Road
House Number:Farm
Residence Date:1920
Relation to Head of House:Head
Marital Status:Married
Spouse's Name:Ruilla Whitley
Father's Birthplace:North Carolina
Mother's Birthplace:North Carolina
Able to Speak English:Yes
Industry:General Farm
Employment Field:Own Account
Home Owned or Rented:Own
Home Free or Mortgaged:Mortgaged
Able to Read:Yes
Able to Write:Yes
Neighbors:View others on page 
Household Members:
Temple I Whitley26
Ruilla Whitley24
Truley Whitley4
Nirjinta Whitley0

Virginia Belle Whitley, the incorrectly and oddly transcribed "Nirjinat" above,  was born on February 7, 1919. Brakes.......

Image result for putting on the brakes

That can't be right. Check it out.

Date of Jezebel's death: February 6, 1919

Date of Rozilla's marriage: April 12, 1919

Date of Virginia's birth: February 7, 1919

Virginia, who has been attributed to Rozilla in family trees, was born the day after Jezebel's death. Wait a minute here. This does not add up. Strange things happened in old Stanly, but I just don't see Temple have a child with his wife's sister that was born the day after his wife died.

Here is what I believe happened. Somewhere on the night of the 6th, morning of the 7th, Jezebel was in labor with her third child. She most likely had a terrible case of influenza at the same time. The infant, Virginia, was born, taken safely away to a relative, or neighbor to nurse. The ailing Jezebel passed away, either of influenze, or childbirth, or a combination of both. Two attending physcians could not save her nor agree on the cause of death. Following are the reasons for my theory.

Osborne Hardware Store in Big Lick aka Big Lick Academy

Temple Whitley began selling his property to raise money. He wasn't arrested for anything, so it wasn't bail money. It was likely a combination of reasons; to relocate, to afford a funeral, to afford a wedding. Perhaps Big Lick had become a place of sickness and tragedy. I've seen this in other towns, where a plaque had gone through, esecially the ones built along waterways, like thypoid, and the surviving citizens would remove to a healthier area.

 - z s E 5 5 jS Sale of Personal Property 1 On...
The News
(Albemarle, North Carolina)
25 Feb 1919, Tue  • Page 2

The above ad was taken out 2 weeks after Jezebel's death and Virginia's birth.

 - A.C.HUNEYCUTT. Mrs. Whitley's Funeral. The...

The News
(Albemarle, North Carolina)
10 May 1919, Sat  • Page 5

Surprisingly her funeral, which was already planned for 3 months past her death, was being delayed, waiting on the minister to arrive. By this time, Temple had already married her sister. A closer look at Temple and Rozilla's marriage license shows that Temple applied for the license himself, giving his address as Oakboro and Rozilla's address as Albemarle. The wedding was held at the Ellis Burris residence, his father-in-law. It was performed by R. H. James, a "Baptist Minister" and was witnessed by S. G. Smith and Myrtle Tucker.

I wonder why Rev. James could not also officiate at the funeral? And why they had to wait of Rev. C. J. Black? The next article kind of clears things up a little bit in many aspects.

whitley_jezabelle_burris_thenews_albemarle_5apr1919 - Funeral Services for Mrs. Whitley. The funeral...

The News
(Albemarle, North Carolina)
05 Apr 1919, Sat  • Page 2

First, it reports that Jezebel died on the 9th, not the 6th of February. Somewhere, somehow, the date is wrong. Either in the article or either on her tombstone. It is most likely that Jezebel died with a day or two after the birth of Virginia, which was no doubt her daughter, not her niece. Rozilla took over the raising of her niece, but was not the biological mother of her. The above article explains that members of her family were all suffering from influenza, which killed alot of people in this area between 1913 and 1920.

Months after the funeral and the wedding, Temple even sold his car.

 - FOR SALE-One SALE-One SALE-One 1919...

Stanly County Herald
(Albemarle, North Carolina)
27 Nov 1919, Thu  • Page 4

Image result for 1919 ford touring car
1919 Ford Touring Car
Secondly, Temple went on about his business, living a normal, if not tragic  life. By 1930, he had been widowed once again. In 1928, Temple found himself another monument to buy, as Rozillia passed away on

 - Endy er 01 uaKuoro. Mr. Ellis Burns of spent...

The Albemarle Press
(Albemarle, North Carolina)
  • Page 8

 Rozillia <I>Burris</I> Whitley
Monument of Rozillia Burris Whitley
Rozillia had given Temple two children:

Seymore Temple Whitley was born on June 23, 1922. He would died at age 18 on July 12, 1940


His sister Junie Pauline Whitley was born on May 6, 1926. She would marry Carl Gray Hester in Winston-Salem, Forsyth County, NC in 1959 and would pass away in 2004 at the age of 78.

Temple would marry a third time. This time, he did not chose a Burris sister, but that does not mean she was not a member of the Burris family. On February 12, 1929, one year after Rozilla's death, a respectful period of mourning, he would marry Bedie Larcenis Hinson, age 19.

Bedie was the daughter of  George Elias Hinson and his wife......Obedience Catherine "Beadie" Burris Hinson (b 1964 - d 1946) .  But wait, George E. Hinson was the son of Daniel Columbus Hinson and .......Obedience "Beadie" Burris (1834-1939). Obedience Catherine Burris was the daughter of  Gideon Greene Burris and Obedience Hathcock Burris (whose mother was also a Burris), who is mentioned above in the family tree of Jezebel and Rozillia. I feel another Burris family tree coming on.

                                                Beadie Larcenia Hinson

                                                daughter of

George E. Hinson                  married           Obedience Catherine Burris
son of                                                            daughter of

Obedience Burris                                        Gideon Greene Burris   and    Obedience Hathcock     
and Daniel C. Hinson 
 daughter of                                                 son of                                     daughter of   

David Wright Burris                                   Solomon Burris Jr.                  Nancy Ann Burris
& Sarah Whitley                                         & Sarah Morgan                     & Benjamin Hathcock

son of                                                          son of                                     daughter of           
Joshua C. Burris                                         Solomon Burris Sr.                 Solomon Burris Sr. 
& Sarah Springer                                        & Judith Taylor                      & Judith Taylor

son of Solomon Burris Sr
& Judith Taylor.

As you can see, Beadie Hinson was still very much a Burris and related to Jezebel and Rozilla on several levels. 

Beadie and Temple would have 3 children together:

1931 Tommy Keith
1933 Willie Truett
1937 Edna W.

Temple Irenius Whitley died on January 24, 1964 in Albemarle, at the age of 70. His third wife, Beadie Larcenis Hinson Whitley outlived him by 3 decades and passed away in Cabarrus County on September 20, 1993 at the age of 84.

Oddly, neither Rozilla Burris Whitley or her son, Seymour T. Whitley, had death certificates that can be located in Stanly or Cabarrus Counties. Seymour did warrant an Obituary in the Stanly News and Press. The copy was too faint to copy well, but the following is from the July 16, 1940 issue.

"Seymour Whitley Rites Conducted
18-Year-Old Oakboro Youth Dies After Appendix Operation

Funeral Services for Seymour Whitley, son of Temple Whitley and the late Mrs. Whitley of Oakboro Rt 1 were conducted Sunday afternoon at 2:30 pm at Pleasant Grove Baptist Church of which he was a member, by Pastor C. C. Huneycutt. Internment followed at the church cemetery. 

Young Whitley died Friday at 4:40 at a local hospital from complications arising from out of an operation for appendicitis performed some time ago. 

Active in the farming and social scene of his community, young Whitley was popular and energetic and his demise cut short a promising career. He was a member of the Oakboro 4H Club. 

He is survived by his father, two sisters, Pauline and Edna Whitley of the home, two half-sisters, Mrs. Claude Burris of Oakbor and Mrs. Carlie Eudy of Albemarle, and two half-brothers, Travis and Truett Whitley of Oakboro."

His obituary corroborates my theory that Virginia was the child of Jezebel, not Rozillia, as "Mrs. Carlie Eudy" was his half-sister and not his whole sister.

While the family itself left few clues, what about the doctors who refused to sign the Death Certificate?

The first name mentioned, Dr. D. P. Whitley, was easily read. The other name, well the letters just did not fit together into a name I had ever heard of, and definately not one I had ever seen in Stanly County. And I was right. But when I searched for it as it appeared on the death certificate, I found it easily, and he was not from Stanly County.

Tellable , yes, Tellable Clyde Sprude was born in Marinette Wisconsin in 1885 to French Canadian parents, John B. Splude and wife Delana Deucet. Clyde was raised by his father and step-mother, Louise.

The name was so rare, that his father must have been the progenitor of it, in America, at least. A search reveals only Clyde and his siblings (and their children, etc.) They spread themselves around well, Wisconsin, Wyoming, Iowa, Washington, Michigan, Ohio, Nevada  and Califorinia. Clyde would become the most traveled of them all.  Despite all the relocated siblings, over half of them remained in Wisconsin. There were a number of them. Between two wives, John B. Splude spawned 15 children.

Image result for campbellton new brunswick canada
Sugarloaf Mountain, New Brunswick, Canada

John, himself, was born in Campbellton, New Brunswick, Canada, just north of Maine,  in 1862, a place so beautiful, you wonder why he came to Wisconsin. Campbellton sits on the south bank of the Restigouche River, in the shadow of Sugarloaf Mountain, right across the river from Quebec. John would immigrate to America in 1884, at 22 years of age. He married first, Delana Deucet, in 1881 and had 8 children:

1882 Walter John Splude
1884 Gordon F. Splude
1885 Tellable Clyde Splude
1891 John Theodore Splude
1892 Ellen Cluster Splude (Cluster must have been a maternal family name as several of the siblings passed it down to their daughters.
1894 Ruth M Splude
1897 Sidney Roy Splude
1899 Francis Margaret Splude

 Delena Splude
Tombstone of Delana Deucet Splude

Delana passed away on February 10, 1890 and is buried in Martinette, Wisconsin.

John B then married Mary Louise Deucett in the same year. The two wives were sisters, showing up in the 1870 census, with their mother, Angeline, who was "living with sister" Lucy , and her husband Patrick White in West De Pere, Brown County, Wisconsin, all born in Canada.

John and Louise would then have 7 more children.

1901 Jane Delana Splude
1902 Virginia P Splude
1903 Raymond L Splude
1906 Edmund Gerald Splude
1910 Marie M. Splude
1911 Genevieve Maude Splude
1913 Wesley William Splude

Image result for campbellton new brunswick canada
Campbellton, New Brunswick, Canada

And John would put them all to work. In 1900, 13 year old Clyde was a mattress maker and his father an electrician. He was also the first member of the family to be born in America, as his older brothers, Walter and Gordon, were born in Canada.

Name:Clyd Splude
[Clyd Splud] 
Birth Date:Dec 1886
Home in 1900:Marinette Ward 4, Marinette, Wisconsin
Ward of City:Marinette
Street:Pierce Ave
House Number:1323
Sheet Number:15
Number of Dwelling in Order of Visitation:230
Family Number:260
Relation to Head of House:Step Son
Marital Status:Single
Father's Birthplace:France, Canada
Mother's name:Louise Splude
Mother's Birthplace:Canada, France
Occupation:Matress Maker
Months not employed:0
Can Read:Yes
Can Write:Yes
Can Speak English:Yes
Neighbors:View others on page 
Household Members:
John Splude37
Louise Splude26
Theadore Splude9
Cluster Splude5
Rutha Splude5
Sidney Splude3
Fracis Splude7/12
Walter Splude17
Gordon Splude15
Clyd Splude13
Katey Garvey18

Marinette, Wisconsin sits on the bay, just north of Green Bay and close to the Michigan border. It may have reminded John of his coastal hometown of Campbellton.

Image result for Marinette, wisconsin

His sons were not raised in Canada, however, and apparently had the American travel bug, because they went everywhere.  Clyde struck out on his own fairly young, following in the footsteps of his older brothers, most particulary Gordon.

Image result for menominee, michigan

From Marinette, he first went to Milwaukee, Wisconsin, where the City Directory has him as an Assitant Bookeeper. Several other members of the family, including his father, were in Menominee, Michigan, just across the Menominee River from Marinette.

Image result for menominee, michigan

A year later, he is in Youngstown, Ohio,  where he works for the J. H. Fitch Company. He was there for about 3 or 4 years, before he moved to Davenport, Iowa, where he is listed as a student. He was enrolled in college. His sister, Cluster, was also a student in Davenport a few years later. They attended the Palmer School of Chiropractic, which is still in operation.

Related image

The young doctor Splude first plied his trade in Wyoming, before chosing to make his home in Albemarle, NC. Why a young man from the Great Lakes area would chose the small southern town of Albemarle to practice in is a mystery to me, but settle here he did indeed, in the fall of 1916.

 - T C. Splude, Chiropractor, has come to...
The Enterprise
(Albemarle, North Carolina)
  • Page 5

A group of young men in front of Hall's Drug Store circa 1900. Courtesy of the Stanly County Museum archives

Dr. Splude's practice seemed to do pretty well in Albemarle as it entered the roaring twenties. He was mentioned quite often in the local papers and became an active member in the Albemarle and Mt. Pleasant,( a college town at the time),  social scene. Within a few years, he would meet and marry a preachers daughter, Miss Mary Christina Barringer, daughter of The Rev. Paul Barringer and wife, Alice EvaAnn Foil Barringer.

They were married on November 25, 1919. The Stanly County Herald gave the following report of the lovely wedding.

 - Splude-Barrinjrer. Splude-Barrinjrer....

Stanly County Herald
(Albemarle, North Carolina)
  • Page 1

1920 would find  Dr. Splude and his bride living with the Vick family on Second Street in Albemarle. He is listed as a Chiropractor.

Name:Clyde Splude
[Clyde Splnde] 
Birth Year:abt 1888
Home in 1920:Albemarle, Stanly, North Carolina
Street:2nd Street
Residence Date:1920
Relation to Head of House:Boarder
Marital Status:Married
Father's Birthplace:Canada
Mother's Birthplace:Canada
Able to Speak English:Yes
Employment Field:Own Account
Able to Read:Yes
Able to Write:Yes
Neighbors:View others on page 
Household Members:
Henry Vick29
Hattie Vick42
Zell Brooks13
Rhodes Brooks10
Clyde Splude32
Mary Splude28

Dr. Splude was also a ground-breaker for Albemarle, introducing a female practioner, Dr. Mary Lou Miller, to his practice in 1922. She was a recent graduate of the same school, Palmer, that Dr. Splude had graduated from. Mary Lou was a local girl, daughter of John Maxwell Miller and Nancy C. Dry Miller. Dr. Splude had no doubt encouraged her to attend the school.

 - ANNOUNCEMENT. Dr. T. C. Splude wishes to...
The Stanly News-Herald
(Albemarle, North Carolina)
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Dr. Splude kept up with his education and visited his family frequently. He and Mary Christina would also become the parents of two daughters, Mary Catherine Splude Holder (1921-1954) and Florence Fay Splude Riddell ( 1924-1999).

 - ' . . , , ur. anu - "i aaugnter ......&...
The Stanly News-Herald
(Albemarle, North Carolina)
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It wasn't long, Dr Splude had become tops in his field. In 1925, he was the President of the state Chiropractors Association.

 - i ' j i cvi- j com- j eve- j Dr. Splude...
The Albemarle Press
(Albemarle, North Carolina)
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Dr. Sprude went on to inspire other North Carolinians to attend his Iowa Alma Mater and even convinced the state association to hold their convention in Albemarle. He retired in 1944 and turned his practice over to a Dr. Ivester from Nashville, NC.

 - In 1944, Dr. Ivester, fresh out of Chiropractic...
The Nashville Graphic
(Nashville, North Carolina)
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Dr. Splude and wife would spend the majority of their retirement years (from 1945-1952) in St. Petersburg, Florida, where their daughter would marry in 1949. They would then relocate back to North Carolina, to Randleman in Randolph County, near their oldest daughter, Mary Catherine Splude Holder.

Dr. Splude would pass away on June 4, 1957 and is buried in Asheboro. His wife Mary died on February 14, 1983, in Maryland, where youngest daughter Florence was at the time, and was brought back to NC to be laid to rest next to her husband in Asheboro.

From Find-a-Grave:

Clyde was the son of John B. and Delana (Deucet) Splude. He married Mary Christina Barringer in 1919 and they were the parents of two daughters: Mary Catherine and Florence Faye.

Greensboro Daily News, NC
June 5, 1957

Dr. T. C. Splude
Dies In Hospital

Sr. T. Clyde Splude, 71, of Route 1, Randleman, died at 4;30 p.m. yesterday at Moses Cone Hospital where he had been a patient for one day. He had been in declining health for three months.
Dr. Splude, a retired chiropractor, was a native of Wisconsin. He practiced in Albemarle for 40 years. he was a member of the Albemarle Presbyterian Church.
He is survived by his wife, Mary B. Splude; one daughter, Mrs. Florence Riddel of California; several brothers and sisters of Wisconsin and five grandchildren.
The body was taken from Forbis & Murray Funeral Home to the McEwen Funeral Home in Monroe last night. Other arrangements are incomplete.

Greensboro Daily News, NC
June 6, 1957


RANDLEMAN, June 5 - Funeral services for T. Clyde Splude, who died Tuesday in a Greensboro hospital, will be conducted at 3:30 p.m. Friday at the chapel of Pugh's Funeral Home by the Rev. Elbert Newlin, pastor of the Centre Friends Meeting. Burial will be in the Randolph Memorial Park.

 - Dr. D. P. Whitley PHYSICIAN AND SURGEON Office...
The News
(Albemarle, North Carolina)
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As I expected, Dr. Daniel P Whitley was a local boy, born on March 15, 1866 in the Big Lick Community, the son of Columbus Whitley and Marintha (or Maranatha) Eudy Whitley. I am not going to gamble on what the "P" in his name stood for. I've seen it as Paul, Pressley and Polycarp.

Dr. Whitley attended the University of Maryland School of Medicine in Baltimore and was graduated from the College of Physicians and Surgeons there in 1889. His specialty was in Allopathic medicine.

He practiced in Millingport and Albemarle and in 1888 had married Eliza Lavinia Esmerelda Efird, the daughter of Ireneus Polycarp Efird and Mary Catherine Treece Efird. There's those odd names Ireneus or Irenus and Polycarp again. Dr. Whitley married well, as his father-in-law was a Stanly County industrialist, who began as a Teacher and farmer who ran both a Grist Mill and Cotton Gin, while eventually partnering with J. W. Cannon, of Cannon Mills fame, and founded the Efird Manufactoring Company in Albemarle, which would eventually become known as the American Efird Mills.

Dr. D. P. Whitley and his wife, Eliza, would welcome 6 children:

1889 Ora Allis Whitley
1891 Elsie Agnes Whitley
1893 Ida Victoria Whitley
1894 Daniel Polycarp Whitley
1900 John Efird Whitley
1903 Elbert Lee Whitley

Whitley, L-R Elbert Lee, Dr D P Whitley, Eliza Efird Whitley, John Efird Whitley; second row, D P Jr, Ora, Elsie, Ida 1908 - Cop
Dr Daniel P Whitley and family

The below newsarticle from the Concord Times chronicles the location of his residence in 1890.

 - Tk Xws frwn Bl Lltk. Mr. Jacob Hartsell, Sr.,...

The Concord Times
(Concord, North Carolina)
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Dr D. P. Whitley was a busy man. In this same issue that announced his move, it also reported on a very busy weekend he had. He had to attend to a drug overdose, a "horse accident" (as compared to an auto accident) and a drunken brawl that resulted in severe lacerations to the victim.

 - j Mrs. John Love, of Furt's township, township,...

 - without being arrested. Mr, PnormMi was brousht...

It is reported, that during the "Teens" and in the era of Jezebel Whitley's death, an Influenza epidemic was devasting Stanly County and keeping all local doctors busy. This coincides with the report that most members of her family were too sick to attend her funeral, causing a postponement.

 - i ! urinpT mi? lvn rrv7 ixt j ALBEMARLE AND...

The News
(Albemarle, North Carolina)
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Dr. Whitley succombed to Bright's Disease at the age of 54 in 1921. The newspapers reported his as the largest funeral ever attended in Stanly County.

Funeral Obit for Dr. D.P. Whitley on 11 Mar 1921 - Albemarle, N. C, Friday, March 11, 1921 Largest...
The Stanly News-Herald
(Albemarle, North Carolina)
11 Mar 1921, Fri  • Page 1

So, back to my leading question,  What happened to Jezebel Whitley?  I can only divest to my predrawn conclusions. As she had evidently just given birth to daughter, Virginia, and as an Influenza epidemic had overtaken the community, and especially her own family, I would attribute her premature death to either or both of these factors. Perhaps that is why the two doctors would not sign her death certificate. Her death was so complicated, it's attribute to one factor or another could not be easily determined. But that's just my theory. Perhaps some Burris or Whitley descendants have heard an old story passed down the line that can shed more light.

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