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Flossie Richardson Did Not Die

As another sun sets over the Yadkin, and its waters travel down to marry the Rocky and become the PeeDee, the lives of the many persons who traveled up and down her banks and traverses, became entangled, like the droplets of water themselves, all becoming one. 

Rockingham is known in modern times for its raceway, "The Rock", made famous more by the movie "Days of Thunder", portraying her glory days of Nascar.

But in the latter half of the 19th Century, Rockingham and Richmond County proved more of draw from their mills and factories, pulling population in from up and down the Pee Dee River.

The search for Flossie Jane began with one document and the river.

Name:Patterson Hudson
Birth Date:1890
Spouse's Name:Flossie Richardson
Spouse's Birth Date:1898
Spouse's Birthplace:
Spouse's Age:15
Event Date:03 Dec 1913
Event Place:, Richmond, North Carolina
Father's Name:... Hudson
Mother's Name:Nealie Dawkins
Spouse's Father's Name:Frank Richardson
Spouse's Mother's Name:Lou Richardson

What happened next, after that fateful day on December 3, 1913 is what makes this record such an interesting mystery.

On December 22, 1913, just 19 days later, Flossie Jane Richardson, daughter of Frank and Louella Richardson, married Walter Stancill Cole. Then, just weeks  later, on January 30, 1914, Marion Patterson Hudson marries Louella Harrington, his wife for the remainder of his life. 

My first thought when finding his two marriages, was that Flossie Richardson must have died. But she did not, she quickly married another man, lived a long life, moved to Albemarle and actually connects to my family tree.

Flossie was born during the season of ugly names, when folks were apt at taking the beautiful, classic names of the 18th and 19th centuries and turned them into shortened, demur versions or "nicknames" turned names. Flossie was originally the dimunitive of the name "Florence". It became very popular after the advent of the "Bobsy Twins". Flossie reminds me of the old children's tale, "Peter Cottontail", with his siblings, "Flopsy, Mopsy, Cottontail and Peter." 

Flossie Jane Richardson was the daughter of Edward Franklin Richardson and Louella Mauldin. Edward Franklin Richardson was the son of John Zebedee Richardson and Lavinia Simmons Richardson. He was born in Montgomery County and died in Stanly County. Louella Mauldin was the daughter of Frank Mauldin and Martha Russell, and the granddaughter of Thomas Alexander Mauldin and Mary Polly Blalock. A sister of Louella Mauldin was Wincie Ann Mauldin, my great-grandmother. 

This would make Flossie Jane Richardson and my maternal grandmother, Annie Maude Mauldin Davis, first cousins. 
Jonah Mauldin and Wincie Ann Mauldin and their family. 
Flossie Jane was born dead center in the middle of E. F. Richardson and Louella Mauldin Richardson. 

1881 - Emma
1884- Jeter Baxter 
1893- Platt
1898- Flossie Jane
1899- May
1911- Earl
1912- Anna

*Note: Due to the age difference, I believe Emma and Jeter were probably by E. F.'s first wife, Mary Ussery. 

Flossie and Patterson probably knew each other from several different sources: Patterson's mother Nealie was married to Louella Mauldin Richardson's relative, Joseph I Mauldin. Nealie and her second husband, Louis Patterson's property bordered a family of Richardson's. Mentioned in land records are J. B. Richardson; Richardson Park, a housing development bordering Lewis Dawkins development, and Jeter Richardson, Flossie's older brother. 

The Ussery's were also intermarried into both families, and both families seemed to travel back and forth between Stanly and Richmond counties quite freely. The Richardsons and Dawkins had both stumbled upon a fortune by owning farms just outside the early 20th century borders of the town of Rockingham, in Richmond County during the advent and growth of the Cotton Mill industry. People needed to live close to these factories, in order to make it to work for their shifts. No one owned cars. This was foot traffic. Like the Dawkins, the Richardson had also surveyed a portion of their farm into lots in which factory workers could live in small cottages on small lots of land, with a tiny garden patch and walk to work 5 or 6 days to work. Patterson and Flossie were probably not only neighbors, but "step-relatives" in a way, as Patterson went by the surname of Mauldin growing up. 

I do not know what happened between Patterson and Flossie. I do know there was no time for a divorce. Their marriage had to have been immediately annulled or either just simply ignored like it had never happened, but that would have made them both bigamists. I tend to think that something may have happened at the wedding, the marriage was never sanctified or consummated, and that the two youngsters had simply went to the courthouse with their parents, possibly, and had it dissolved. 

The speed at which they both remarried tends to suggest that they both had other marriage partners lined up, other people that they were interested in. Perhaps because of the closeness of the land and families, that the union of Patterson and Flossie had not been one of love, but one of familial pressure. Maybe the families had forced the marriage, and both young people were so unhappy about it, they consented after the fact to then allow them both to marry for love. But this is just speculation. 

The first child of Flossie and her first husband, Walter Stancill Cole, Sr. was Ella, born the day after Christmas in 1914, a full year after their marriage. 

The first child of Patterson and Luella Harrington was Lewis Thomas Hudson, also born on December 26, 1914. What a coincidence for these two to have had their firstborn children on the same day. But it proves that neither party was expecting when the second marriages occurred, so that was not a factor. I simply believe that Patterson and Flossie were so close, perhaps like siblings in relationship, that they simply could not function as a married couple, or either that they married only under pressure from their families, and both were secretly, or obviously, in love with someone else. Patterson with Louella Harrington and Flossie with Walter Stancell "Joe" Cole. 

So who was it that Flossie was in love with?

Walter Stancill Cole was born on June 5, 1896 to Eli Marshall Cole and Mary Lee Thomas Cole. At the age of 4, he lived in Montgomery County, North Carolina.

They would marry on December 22, 1913 in Richmond County, North Carolina. As before mentioned, their first child, Ella Lee Richardson Cole, was born a year later, on December 26, 1914. I am not sure why the surnames of both parents were included with her name. Perhaps some legal transaction concerning the two marriages in one month were still in limbo.

Name:Ella Lee Richardson Cole
Event Type:Birth
Birth Date:26 Dec 1914
Birth County:Scotland
Parent1 Name:Walter S Cole
Parent2 Name:Flossie Jane Richardson Cole
Roll Number:NCVR_B_C088_66001

According to Ella's birth record, the young family was living in neighboring Scotland County in 1914. The poor little girl did not live long. She passed away of a digestive disorder in Laurenburg, Scotland County. Oddly, her grandfather, E. F. Richardson was the informant and the undertaker was "Walter Cole". Was her father also the undertaker?

Name:Ella Lee Cole
Birth Date:25 Jan 1913
Birth Place:North Carolina, United States
Death Date:6 May 1915
Death Location:Laurin Burg, Scotland
Father's Name:Walter Cole
Mother's name:Flossie Richardson

The family was also living in Scotland County when the second child, James Edgar Cole, was born.

Event Type:Birth
Birth Date:24 Feb 1916
Birth County:Scotland
Parent1 Name:Walter Cole
Parent2 Name:Flossie Richardson Cole
Roll Number:NCVR_B_C088_66001

He was quickly followed by brothers Platt Dewitt Cole in 1918, Walter Stancill Cole, Jr. in 1919 and finally, sister Ruby Louise Cole in 1923.

The 1920 census finds Flossie back in Richmond County, living with her parents, and her two little boys. It was probable that her husband, who was a WWI vet, was on active duty at this time, and Ruby was born upon his return.
Name:Flossie Cole
[Flossie Richardson] 
Birth Year:abt 1897
Birthplace:North Carolina
Home in 1920:Rockingham, Richmond, North Carolina
Relation to Head of House:Daughter
Marital Status:Married
Father's Name:Frank Richardson
Father's Birthplace:United States
[United States of America] 
Mother's name:Luellen Richardson
Mother's Birthplace:United States
[United States of America] 
Neighbors:View others on page
Household Members:
Frank Richardson66
Luellen Richardson38
Earl Richardson9
Anna Richardson8
Flossie Cole23
Eden Cole3
[3 10/12] 
Plat Cole1
[1 4/12] 

Walter Stancill Cole maintained a career in the military before settling back down in North Carolina with a second family. His divorce from Flossie may have been in effect before Ruby was born, and he remarried his second wife, Bertha, in 1931, while stationed in Virginia. But things were not that simple for Flossie Jane. Oh, No, not simple at all.

Walter Stancell Cole and his second wife, Bertha. 

Ruby Louise Cole, the youngest child of Flossie and Walter S. Cole, was born on November 3, 1923.
The youngest child of Millard Fillmore Hathcock and his first wife Helen Sanders Hathcock was Nellie Arlene Hathcock on August 19, 1922.

Helen Sanders Hathcock died December 30, 1926.

The first child of Millard Fillmore Hathcock and Flossie Richardson, Blanceh Ella Hathcock, was born in 1924. A second child is recorded as arriving in 1926, and must have died as an infant.
The third child of Millard Fillmore Hathcock and Flossie Richardson Hathcock was Millard Frank Hathcock on  September 12, 1929.
Name:Lassie I Hathcock
[Lossie J Hathcock] 
Birth Year:abt 1901
Birthplace:North Carolina
Home in 1930:Harris, Stanly, North Carolina
Map of Home:View Map
Marital Status:Married
Relation to Head of House:Wife
Spouse's Name:Milerd F Hathcock
Father's Birthplace:North Carolina
Mother's Birthplace:North Carolina


Military service:

Rent/home value:

Age at first marriage:

Parents' birthplace:
Neighbors:View others on page
Household Members:
Milerd F Hathcock38
Lassie I Hathcock29
Walter S Hathcock10
Platte S Hathcock12
Lonnie Hathcock12
Robert L Hathcock11
Raeford H Hathcock9
Ruby G Hathcock6
Nellie A Hathcock7
Blanche E Hathcock5
[5 6/12] 
Millard F Hathcock0
Daisy M Hathcock17

The 1930 census finds Flossie living in Stanly County. The family is located in the Harris District, which is in Northeast Stanly County.  Walter, Jr., Platt and Ruby, are mistakenly listed as Hathcock in this his, hers and theirs family. Lonnie, Robert, Raeford and Nellie are Millard's children by his first marriage. Then Blanche and  Millard Frank are Millard Fillmore and Flossie's children together. Daisy M. Hathcock, listed at the bottom, is also Millard's by his first wife, Helen.

The 1940 census finds the family still in Harris. It was difficult to find due to the nearly illegible handwriting of the census taker. And it presents a bit of a mystery.

Name:Clossie Huthbeer
Estimated birth year:abt 1903
Birthplace:North Carolina
Marital Status:Married
Relation to Head of House:Wife
Home in 1940:Harris, Stanly, North Carolina
Map of Home in 1940:View Map
Inferred Residence in 1935:Harris, Stanly, North Carolina
Residence in 1935:Same Place
Sheet Number:4B
Attended School or College:No
Highest Grade Completed:Elementary school, 4th grade
Income Other Sources:No
Neighbors:View others on page
Household Members:
Millard T Huthbeer50
Clossie Huthbeer37
Daisy Huthbeer27
Rasford Huthbeer18
Nells Huthbeer17
Ruby Huthbeer14
Brant Huthbeer10
Frank Huthbeer14
Bain Huthbeer8
Carl Huthbeer6
Iney Huthbeer2
Robert Huthbeer21
Baisy Huthbeer20
The "Huthbeers" are really the Hathcocks. Millard T. is Millard F. and Clossie is obviously Flossie. Daisy is Millard's oldest daughter Daisy, Rasford is Raeford and Nells is Nellie. Ruby is Ruby Cole, but then there is Brant, who is listed as a male. Then Frank (Millard Frank), Bain (Donald Bain) has joined the family along with Carl (Carl Phillmore Hathcock), and Iney is actually the Rev. Ivey Richard Hathcock. Robert is Robert Lee Hathcock, Millard's  son and "Baisy" is Robert's wife Daisy.

There are no records of any kind concerning Millard and Flossie having a son "Brant" or "Brantley". There is that birth record of a child being born in 1926, but no further record of that child. While it says "10" on the transcription, the ages for "Brant" and Ruby on the actual form look more like 15 and 17. The piece of the puzzle missing is Blanche. Her future husband Adam Claude Hinson, is securely recorded as living with his parents, age 18.

ame:Adam Hinson
Estimated birth year:abt 1922
Birthplace:North Carolina
Marital Status:Single
Relation to Head of House:Son
Home in 1940:East and Southeast Albemarle, Stanly, North Carolina
Map of Home in 1940:View Map
Street:County Road Left State Highway 740
Inferred Residence in 1935:East and Southeast Albemarle, Stanly, North Carolina
Residence in 1935:Same Place
Sheet Number:16B
Attended School or College:No
Highest Grade Completed:Elementary school, 6th grade
Hours Worked Week Prior to Census:40
Class of Worker:Wage or salary worker in private work
Weeks Worked in 1939:12
Income Other Sources:No
Neighbors:View others on page
Household Members:
Philus H Hinson49
Lois Hinson47
Adam Hinson18
Billie Hinson17
Robert Hinson13
Taking my best guess, I would say the census taker got more than her name wrong in the 1940 census, and also wrong on her gender. Brant is probably Blanche, as Blanche is missing and there was no child called Brant. If so, he should have also showed up in the 1930 census, being older than Frank, and he did not. 

Both Flossie and Millard had been the parents of 5 children each coming into the relationship, but of course, Flossie's first daughter had died. 

The children of Millard Fillmore Hathcock and his first wife Helen Sanders were:

Daisy Mae Hathcock   17 Dec 1912 - 3 Nov 1999  married William Clay Ingram
Lonnie Green Hathcock 4 Aug 1916 - 25 Jul 1975 married Ruby Lee Smith
Robert Lee Hathcock  3 Sept 1918 - 17 Oct 2006 married Daisy AddieMae Faircloth
Raeford James Hathcock 8 May 1920 - 24 Feb 1991 married Velvet Faircloth, sister of Daisy. 
Nellie Arlene Hathcock 19 Aug 1922 - 9 Feb 1994 married Marlon Lee Furr

The children of Flossie Jane Richardson and Waler Stancell Cole, Sr. were:

Ella Lee Richardson Cole  26 Dec 1914 - 6 May 1915
James Edgar Cole  24 Feb 1916 - 7 Oct 1945 married Margie Lunsford. Died in an Airplane Crash. 
Platt DeWitt Cole 30 Aug 1918 - 24 Nov 1990 Florida married 1st Linnie Louise Coleman 2nd Clarissa Mae Huneycutt. 
Walter Stancil Cole, Jr. 2 Aug 1920 - 29 April 1993 
Ruby Louise Cole   3 Nov 1923 - 7 Aug 2011 married Rayvon Barbee

Ruby Barbee: Newspaper Obituary and Death Notice

Stanly News and Press, The (NC) - Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Deceased Name: Ruby Barbee

Wednesday, August 10, 2011 — Mrs. Ruby Cole Barbee, age 87, of 315 Park Ridge Road, Albemarle, died at 7:22 p.m. Sunday, Aug. 7, 2011 in Spring Arbor of Albemarle.
Her graveside service will be at 10 a.m. Wednesday, Aug. 10 in Stanly Gardens of Memory, Albemarle.
Born November 3, 1923 in Stanly County, she was the daughter of the late Millard Filmore and Flossie Richardson Hathcock.
Mrs. Barbee was a retired employee of American and Efird Mills and was a member of East Albemarle Church of God. In her later years, she was a caregiver working with many of the elderly in the community.
She was married to the late Rayvon Barbee, who preceded her in death December 30, 1991. One son, Thomas Ray Barbee, also preceded her in death.
Survivors include one son, Paul E. Barbee and wife Deanna of Albemarle; two daughters, Deloris B. Cody and husband Dewayne of Richfield and Doris B. Herlocker of Albemarle; one sister, Blanch Hinson of New London; seven grandchildren; and 13 great-grandchildren.
Friends may pay their respects at Stanly Funeral Home anytime between the hours of noon-8 p.m. on Tuesday, Aug. 9.
The family requests in lieu of flowers that memorials may be made to Hospice of Stanly County, 960 N. First St., Albemarle, NC 28001.
Stanly Funeral Home is serving the family.
Children of Flossie Richardson and Millard Fillmore Hathcock were:
Blanche Ella Hathcock b 1924 married Adam Claude Hinson
Millard Frank Hathcock b 12 Sept 1929 - 14 Apr 1990 married Patsy Delphia Cranford.
Donald Bain Hathcock b 31 July 1931 - 8 Nov 2007 married Pauline Burleson, Betty Sue Drye
Carl Phillmore Hathcock b 6 Aug 1933 - 13 Dec 2010 married Edith Coble
Ivey Richard Hathcock b 14 Aug 1937 - 31 Mar 1994 married Virginia Lilly Miller. 

Of course, Flossie Jane Richardson Cole Hathcock eventually did die. Preceded in death a few years by husband Millard, Flossie was laid to rest on November 8, 1971. 

Flossie R Hathcock

She is buried at the Palestine Cemetery near Albemarle, North Carolina.

Flossie R Hathcock

Link to the Obituary of youngest son, Rev. Ivey Richardson Hathcock

Flossie Richardson did die, but not in 1913. She lived a long and full life. This first cousin of my Grandmother, has many descendants today. What happened between her and first husband Patterson Hudson and second husband Walter S. Cole can only be guessed upon, but Flossie was not afraid to move on with her life and that she did.