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30 Mothers in 30 Days: Nancy???...Or, The Mystery of Calvin Webster

Yesterday, my focus was on a 3rd Great Grandmother of mine, Susan Webster Faulkner, seen in some of her children's documents as "Susie". I hadn't nailed her down, yet. But as I often do, I followed my curiosity to see where it would lead. I had shelved Susan and her husband, John Faulkner, some time ago, as it was really leading no where. Sometimes you just have to give it a little space.

Fatal Accident

18 Feb 1846
Tarboro, North Carolina

Fatal Accident

Webster just wasn't an Anson County name, I mean, there wasn't a preponderance of them, say like with Boggans, Ingrams or Lees. I had saved the above clipping, just because there was one Webster mentioned in the Anson County Register of Deeds - Calvin Webster. He's mentioned twice, actually, but apparently I had not taken the time to read the things. Bad me!

Now, I don't know if the pitiable Mr. Calvin Webster, mentioned above as dying in Gold Hill, has anything to do with my family tree or not, but because his first name is Calvin and his last name is Webster, and he had lived in Chatham, Davidson and died in Rowan, I'm going to hang on to him, like a dangling participle, he could prove to be useful.

 Besides the two mentions of Calvin Webster in the Land records, once as Grantee and the other as Grantor, there are scant mentions of any Websters in Anson County at all. There's only one in 1830.

Name:Nancy Webster
Home in 1830 (City, County, State):Anson, North Carolina
Free White Persons - Males - 10 thru 14:1
Free White Persons - Females - Under 5:1
Free White Persons - Females - 5 thru 9:1
Free White Persons - Females - 20 thru 29:1
Free White Persons - Under 20:3
Free White Persons - 20 thru 49:1
Total Free White Persons:4
Total - All Persons (Free White, Slaves, Free Colored):4

This lady Nancy Webster, with 3 children and...

Name:Malissa H C Webster
Birth Year:abt 1820
Birthplace:North Carolina
Home in 1850:Meltonsville, Anson, North Carolina, USA
Line Number:9
Dwelling Number:875
Family Number:875
Household Members:
John B Cotrell45
Stacy Cotrell35
Mary T Cotrell12
Ann F Cotrell11
James T Cotrell10
Betsey A Cotrell7
John W Cotrell5
Edward J Marsh24
Malissa H C Webster30


This lady, Malissa in 1850. Then there is this marriage bond from 1868. Oddly, the grooms mother's name was Susan.

Dec. 29, 1868James C. Webster, s. ---- & Susan Webster, and Mary V. Hildreth, d. of Polly Hildreth.

Oldest Marriage Bonds on Record in County
Complied by the Craighead-Dunlap Chapter
Wadesboro, NC; February 1937, Virginia Horne, Regent
LDS Family History Library, SLC, UT FILM #018125,
Pages 110-124

So, who were Nancy, Malissa and James C Webster? By just reading the deeds, I began to connect the dots.

Susan Webster and John Faulkner, my third great grandparents, were married in 1856, according to he Anson County marriages database. They were living together and had children before then.

Anson County, NC - NC Marriages Database

496. Faulkner, A. W. L. (Jr)   Barett, Martha J.           1865         
 497. Faulkner, A. W. L. (Sr.)  Myers, Sarah Susan          1826         
 498. Faulkner, Elijah          Huntley, Caroline M.        1855         
 499. Faulkner, John            Webster, Susan              1856         
 500. Faulkner, Joseph          White, Mary Caroline        1858         
 501. Fenn, Zachariah           McCoy, Alecy                1780         
 502. Fesperman, David M.       Covington, Serena           1854  
This file was contributed for use in the USGenWeb Archives by
Marceline Beem <>

Here, other Faulkner marriages are also noted. They lived in the Lanesville and Lanes Creek area, and I've not been able to connect them with other Faulkners, yet. And there's sparse mention of any Websters. Then I took the time to look back at the two deeds that mention a Webster, and read them.


Book Z Page 127  Elias Preslar to Calvin Webster

This Indenture made the 8th day of November, 1834 between Elias Preslar, Sr of the state of North Carolina and County of Anson of the one part and Calvin Webster of the same place of the other part. Witnesseth that the said Elias Preslar, for and in consideration of the natural love and affection he hath and bear towards the aforesaid Calvin Webster, whom he has thus far raised and who is reported to be an illegitimate son of his son of her own son, Erasmus Preslar, deceased, of  NANCY WEBSTER for the above reason and for diverse other good causes and considerations.....unto Calvin Webster, two certain tracts of land lying and being in the county aforesaid and first tract adjoining Jordan Woodard and Amos Manus lands....containing 60 acres he aforesaid was granted to Jonathan Duck the 26th day of April 1823 and deeded to him the said Elias Preslar. Second tract.....lying on Flag Fork Branch near John Pooles Improvements containing 100 acres. 

Signed Elias Preslar  
Witnesses: John Preslar and Levi Preslar  July 1835

This deed of gift was proven in open court by Levi Preslar, W. Dismukes, Clerk, N D Boggan, D C.

Book 10 Page 200  Calvin Webster to Andrew J. Davis

For $212 Calvin Webster sold to Andrew J Davis two tracts of land.
The first tract of 60 acres adjoined Madame Woodward and Amos Manus. It appears Jordan Woodward was now deceased. The second tract was on Flag Fork branch near John Pooles improvements and conatined "100 acres more or less".
Witnesses were Jeremiah Keen and Edmund L. Davis.

To Summarize, Calvin Webster was the illegitimate son of Erasmus Preslar and Nancy Webster. His grandfather, Elias Preslar deeded him two tracts of land because he cared about the boy, and had been taking care of him. Several years later Calvin Webster turned around and sold both tracts to Andrew J. Davis. Elias Preslar, Sr. died in 1835, so he deeded this land to Calvin just before he died.

So, what happened to Calvin? He does not appear in any other records that I've came across in Anson County.

Going on a hunch, due to circumstances I've seen before, as in the case of Edmund Coley-Murray, son of Benjamin Murray and Fanny Coley, who I blogged on in "The Man with Two Names", who shows up as Edmund Coley in some census records and Edmond Murray in others, and whose 42 page estate records interchanged his name between Coley and Murray on every other page. Likewise with his cousin, Solomon Murray-Burris, son of Benjamin Murray's sister, Jane Murray and Joshua Christian Burris, Sr. He was referred to both ways. I began searching for Calvin Preslar and I found him. Not only did I find him, but I would discover other things that would blow my mind.

Name:Calvin Preslar
Home in 1840 (City, County, State):Anson, North Carolina
Free White Persons - Males - 20 thru 29:1
Persons Employed in Agriculture:1
Free White Persons - 20 thru 49:1
Total Free White Persons:1
Total All Persons - Free White, Free Colored, Slaves:1

Legitimized by the acknowlegement of and inheritance from, his grandfather, Elias Preslar, Calvin changed his name to honor his father, Erasmus Preslar and his grandfather and became Calvin Preslar. He even witnessed one of his uncles deeds as Calvin Preslar. 1840 found him in his own household, alone in 1840, and he would sale his land this very year. But why? The resounding call of "Go West Young Man, and so he did.

Calvin Preslar
Census Date

His first stop was Scott County, Mississippi. He's listed there in State censuses and Tax Lists for 1843 and 1845. This is where he met and married Martha Thurman, his wife, and where their oldest son, William Roseberry Preslar, was born.  He's listed in the 1845 census with 3 males and one female. That would be himself, his wife, and his two firstborn children, William and Benjamin Franklin Preslar.

Name:Calvin Presby
Birth Year:abt 1817
Birthplace:North Carolina
Home in 1850:Western District, Bienville, Louisiana, USA
Cannot Read, Write:Y
Line Number:27
Dwelling Number:85
Family Number:85
Household Members:
Calvin Presby33
Martha Presby23
William A Presby7
Benjamin F Presby6
Amanda J Presby4
Frances C Presby3

The name Preslar would be "Southernized" to Presley and would go back and forth for awhile and be misspelled in multiple ways. So we find him and his young family in Louisiana in 1850. The " A" after William makes me think his middle name may have started out as "Asberry", common in Anson County.

The above clipping from the 1860 census of Polk County, Texas shows the movement of Calvin in the place of birth of his children. He lived in the town of Moscow, his neighbors professions indicate a town, as does his, so they lived within the town itself. He was near Dr, R. J. Walker, S. H. Adams, Innkeeper and D. Strauss, Merchant.  Calvins family is listed as:

Calvin Preslar, 41, Grocer born in NC
Martha Preslar, 41 born im MS
William Rasberry Preslar, 17, born in MS
Amanda Jane Preslar, 12, born in LA
Francis C Preslar, 11, born in LA
Laura Ann Preslar, 9, born in LA
Sarah A Preslar, 5, born in TX
Lyda Ann Preslar, 3, born in TX
James Calvin Preslar, 6 months old, born in TX

Polk County Texas.

There would be one more child after this, a daughter, Minerva Octavia, born in 1865 in TX.  I don't know exactly when or where Calvin died, but his wife, Martha Thurman Preslar died in 1909 in Travis County, Texas.


So, I had discovered that Nancy Webster was the mother of Calvin Webster and Erasmus Preslar, son of Elias Preslar, Sr. was his father. So looking back at the 1830 census record of Nancy Webster, some puzzle pieces begin to fit.

Name:Nancy Webster
Home in 1830 (City, County, State):Anson, North Carolina
Free White Persons - Males - 10 thru 14:1 Calvin
Free White Persons - Females - Under 5:1 Susan
Free White Persons - Females - 5 thru 9:1 Malissa
Free White Persons - Females - 20 thru 29:1 Nancy
Free White Persons - Under 20:3
Free White Persons - 20 thru 49:1
Total Free White Persons:4
Total - All Persons (Free White, Slaves, Free Colored):4

There were only a few Websters mentioned in Anson County, that I could find. There was Nancy, her son Calvin, born 1817 or 1818, my Susan, born about 1827, and Malissa H. C. Webster, born about 1820. Things were about to come together. But was there any other way to link Nancy Webster to my Susan?

Above is a screenshot of the layout (neighbors) of Nancy Webster in the 1830 census of Anson County. He didn't make the cut, but it starts off with Thomas Carpenter, an ancestor of mine, whose wife, Betsy Broadaway Carpenter, I featured recently. Then there's Joshua Preslar, Charity Smith, Sarah Meggs, David, Henry and Joel Liles. Then Nancy is sandwiched in between Daniel Preslar and Stephen Preslar, which makes sense being she was the mistress of Erasmus Preslar.The list is finished off with Samuel Ponds and Allen Smith.

Now, let's jump ahead 20 years. Below is a screenshot of the 1850 census of Anson County, fearuring John Faulkner and Susan Webster Faulkner and family.

It starts off with Richard Carpenter, then there is the Faulkners, Joshua Wright, Alred Caudle, Joshua Preslar is still alive at 70, Daniel Preslar and lastly Jesse Caudle.

Despite being two decades ahead in time, and the natural changes that go with that, there's enough still identifiable to see that John and Susan were pretty much located in 1850 where Nancy was in 1830.

But what happened to Nancy?  I guess one could naturally assume she may have died. But something told me that there was more to Nancy. I felt she would lead the way.

Whispering in my ear. — Steemit

If you recall, Calvin Webster Preslars first stop after leaving Anson was Scott County, Mississippi. I was plundering about Scott County (online) and discovered a Nancy Webster, from Anson County, NC, who had married a man named Enoch Parrot or Perrett or Peirott. I will stick with Perrett as I see it most often.


Enoch Perrett was born in North Carolina in 1798 - 1800. I believe closer to 1798, because he served in the military in 1817-1818.

Name:Enoch Parrot
Birthyear:abt 1799
Birthplace:North Carolina, United States
Enlistment Age:18

The record said he was from Pendleton, North Carolina, that he was 5 foot 10, black hair, light eyes and
We'll come back to that in a minute.

Enoch Perrett
Land Office
Document Number
Total Acres
Canceled Document
Issue Date
5 Jan 1841
Mineral Rights Reserved
Metes and Bounds
Statutory Reference
3 Stat. 566
Multiple Warantee Names
Act or Treaty
April 24, 1820
Multiple Patentee Names
Entry Classification
Sale-Cash Entries
Land Description

He first shows up in Mississippi in 1820 and that could have something to do with his military service. 

Enoch Parett
Home in 1830 (City, County, State)
Simpson, Mississippi
Free White Persons - Males - 10 thru 14
Free White Persons - Males - 30 thru 39
Free White Persons - Females - 15 thru 19
Free White Persons - Females - 30 thru 39
Free White Persons - Females - 50 thru 59
Free White Persons - Under 20
Free White Persons - 20 thru 49
Total Free White Persons
Total - All Persons (Free White, Slaves, Free Colored)

His first census was the 1830 one, so while he was in Simpson County, Mississippi, Nancy Webster was in Anson. He had married a first time to an unknown wife, and looks like he may also have had a mother or mother-in-law living with him.

He has a number of land patents from 1820 to 1845.

In the 1840 census and in the 1845 Mississippi State census, he has relocated to Scott County.

How Healthy Is Simpson County, Mississippi? | Healthiest CommunitiesHow Healthy Is Scott County, Mississippi? | Healthiest Communities
Simpson County                     Scott County

By 1850, he is back to Simpson County. He likely met Nancy Webster in Scott County in the late 1830's and had married her by 1840.

Enoch was a blacksmith and very obviously a well-respected and needed member of the community. That will be clear in time.

Name:Enoch Karrob
[Enoch Parrot] 
Birth Year:abt 1798
Birthplace:North Carolina
Home in 1850:Simpson, Mississippi, USA
Industry:Miscellaneous repair services
Real Estate:300
Line Number:8
Dwelling Number:164
Family Number:164
Household Members:
Enoch Karrob52
Nancy Karrob48
Sally Karrob25
Daniel Karrob18
Mary Karrob17
Ann Karrob12
Enoch Karrob10
Adaline Karrob8
Susan Karrob5
John Webster18
James Parrot22
Isabel Parrot18
Colon Parrot0

The combined family of Enoch and Nancy was large. In the 1850 census, Parrot was mistranscribed "Karrob" on the family members listed before John Webster, who was 18, and born in North Carolina, Nancy Webster's son she had prior to the marriage, and after 1830.

Enoch is 52 and  Nancy is 48. Sarah, Daniel and Mary Parrott (Perrett) were all born in Mississippi and were Enoch's chilren by his first marriage. Ann, Enoch Jr., Adaline and Susan were also born in Ole Miss and were the children of Enoch and Nancy. Then there's Nancy's son John. After John is Enoch's son James, his wife, Isabel and their baby, Colon.

There's something odd about this census, too, but it was not a transcription error. Enoch Perrett was a mulatto, a person of mixed ancestry. He must have been a very light mulatto, as his military records state he had light skin, and eyes, but black hair. Nancy was white, and in this census, so were his children. In the 1830 census, if you recall, everyone was listed as white. But, make no mistake, Enoch was a Free Person of Color, married to a white woman, when that was illegal.

Name:Enoch Perrette
Birth Year:abt 1800
Birth Place:South Carolina
Home in 1860:Beat 3, Simpson, Mississippi
Post Office:Westville
Dwelling Number:243
Family Number:243
Real Estate Value:2000
Personal Estate Value:1800
Cannot Read, Write:Y
Household Members:
Enoch Perrette60
Nancy Perrette55
Mary Perrette27
Peter Perrette20
Ann Williamson23
Artemissa Williamson8/12

In 1860, 3 adult children were at home. Ann had married and returned with a baby. Enoch's son James was listed right next door.

And if things are mind-boggling enough yet, the next document is one of the things that has Enoch's descendants minds blown.

Name:Enock Perritte
Residence Date:1860
Residence Place:Beat 3, Simpson, Mississippi, USA
Number of Enslaved People:1
All Enslaved People:

Enoch owned a slave, just one, a 53 year old man. He was probably a helper in the blacksmith's shop.

Blacksmith by John Falter Painting Print on Wrapped Canvas Marmont Hill Size: 18" H x 18" W
Blacksmith by John Falter

Enoch Perritt from the Digital Library of American Slavery

Petition 11083305 Details
State:MississippiLocation:SimpsonLocation Type:CountySalutation:To the Hon. the Senate & House of Representatives of the state of Mississippi (, )Filing Date:circa 1833
General Petition Information
Abstract:More than twenty Simpson County residents write in behalf of Enoch Perritt, "a yellow man or one of that Class of our Citizens whom the Laws of this State term Mulatto and that under those Laws the said Enoch is taxed to the amount of about Seven dollars per annum." Such an amount, they assert, is oppressive. Enoch is a blacksmith by trade, peaceable and temperate, one of the most useful "Citizens of the County." The petitioners ask that he be "placed on a footing with other free Citizens of the State" with regard to taxation. Also they ask that he may be protected by "the laws of this state in relation of proving open accounts extended to him as to other individuals." In a related petition, more than fifty other residents also petitioned for tax relief in favor of Enoch Perritt.Result: # of Petition Pages:2Related Documents:See PAR #11083304Pages of Related Documents:0People Associated with Petition 11083305Slaves:0Free Persons of Color:1Defendants:0Petitioners:10Other People:0
Citation Information
Repository: Mississippi Department of Archives and History, Jackson, Mississippi
  • Legislative Papers, Petitions and Memorials
  • Record Group: 47
  • Document Number
  • Box:
  • Folder:
  • Book:
  • Volume: 20
  • Page:
  • Microfilm:
Processing Information
Record Created:1/1/1995Record Final Edited:4/1/1998Record Last Updated on:11/14/2007 9:53:00 AM

Civil War | Louisa May Alcott is My Passion
Lousiana Creole "Mixed" Civil War Soldier

There are posts online that express the wonderment of Enoch's descendants of the respect, the freedom and acceptance that Enoch held in the community. All of Enoch's children married persons of European decent. It is recorded that his first wife was also white, as was Nancy, so his children, and most definately his grandchildren, probably showed no signs of African ancestry and no one questioned their standing in the community. His oldest son James, fought in the Civil War with equal standing to those around him.

Enoch killed a man named Berry Powell, he stood trial, and though I haven't seen transcripts of the trial, he apparantly came out no worse the wear and business as usual. He married a white woman when it was not legal. He carried a gun when people of color were usually not allowed. When any problem affronted him because of his partial African heritage, his neighbors came to the forefront and defended him.

The below excerpt is from, "An Early History of Simpson County, Mississippi",  by Bee King. This is a very entaining collection of stories about the odd charactors of early Simpson County, MS. It tells of rough times and unusual circumstances. Mr. King could have rivaled Mark Twain.

By that time, the sun was up and they hurried back to the camp. Before they reached the camp they met the wagons already on the road. Mr. Rials gave them something to eat and they told him of what they had seen, and that they thought one of the men was the preacher that held a meeting that summer at the bush arbor, up on the hill east of the mill and that they were sure he was riding the same horse that Mr. Franklin Plummer rode to court at the mill when they tried Enoch Perrett for shooting Berry Powell.

Enoch Powell had an influentitial friend and associate named Mr. Joseph Boggan. Now there's an Anson County name if I ever heard one. In fact, Joseph Boggan appears last in the 1820 census of Anson County. He and his brother, James, came from a priveledged and influential family in Anson and migrated to Mississippi to establish plantations and make their fortunes. They were uncompromising and dominant men, and they had to be. So there is another connection.

If you are thinking, well, just because this colorful and barrier-breaking Enoch Perrett married a Nancy Webster, that doesn't mean it's the same Nancy Webster.

There's a few more clues. Remember that Nancy's son Calvin Webster/ Preslar came first to Scott County, Mississippi? There he married one Martha Thurman. Well, Enoch Perrett's oldest daughter, Nancy Jane, married her brother, William W. Thurman. But there's more.

Name:Nancy Sherman
[Nancy Thurman] 
Birth Year:abt 1826
Home in 1850:Simpson, Mississippi, USA
Cannot Read, Write:Y
Line Number:31
Dwelling Number:523
Family Number:523
Household Members:
William Sherman23
Nancy Sherman24
Patsy Sherman6
Daniel Sherman3
Mary J Sherman2

Recall that Nancy was the mistress of Erasmus Preslar, son of Elias Preslar, Jr. Well, check out the 1840 census of Scott County, Mississippi.

In 1840, Elias Preslar is living right next door to Enoch Perrett. Now, this isn't Calvin's grandfather, Elias Preslar.  He died in 1835. This is Elias Preslar Jr., son of Elias Sr. and brother of Calvin's father, Erasmus. But it gets better.....

Guess what the name of Elias Preslar, Jr.'s wife was? Mary Elizabeth "Polly" Webster. So Elias Preslar, brother of Erasus Preslar, who married Polly Webster, is living right next door to Enoch Perrett, who married Nancy Webster, in Scott County, Mississippi, both being from Lanesboro, Anson County, NC. With Scott County being the same place Nancy's son and Elias's nephew, Calvin Webster-Preslar relocated to and where he married, Martha Thurman, sister-in-law of Enoch Perrett's daughter, Nancy Jane Perrett Thurman.

Sometimes, this far back, certain records are ellusive. Sometimes there are no concrete records. But here is a preponderance of circumstantial evidence, that 's not just a smoking gun, it's a battlefield of smoking guns.

I also found another Webster female from the same area of Anson County as Nancy and the Preslars.There was a Sarah Webster who married Robin Broadway, a family I am going to dive into soon, as I have two lines of Broadways.

Sarah Webster Broadway was born in 1798.
Mary Elizabeth Webster Preslar was born in 1800.
Nancy Webster Perrett was born in 1802.

Websters in Anson County was as rare as hen's teeth. It would not be too far a streach of the imagination to believe these three were sisters. Especially when two of them traveled half a country away to live side by side.

It was like pulling hen's teeth | Malaphors

The Preslars didn't stay in Mississippi, and I bet you couldn't guess where they ended up next. Remember Calvin Webster Preslar's next stop was Louisiana, and not just any random part of Louisiana, but Bienville County, Louisiana. So there were Elias and Polly Webster Preslar as well.

Name:Mary Presley
Birth Year:abt 1800
Birthplace:North Carolina
Home in 1850:Western District, Bienville, Louisiana, USA
Cannot Read, Write:Y
Line Number:13
Dwelling Number:109
Family Number:109
Household Members:
Elias Presley50
Mary Presley50
Nancy Presley19
Bryant R Presley17
Mary E Presley15
Frances C Presley13
James Caudle20

Elias and Polly have a story of their own. My point here is to show the connection to Nancy and her son. Polly even named a daugther Nancy.

Elias and Polly raised a large family. They were:

1826-1870 Mary Holly aka "Minnie" Preslar
1827-1915 William Culpepper "Cull" Preslar
1831-1896 Nancy Eliza Ann Preslar
1834-1890 Bryant R. Preslar
1835 - ? Mary E. Preslar
1840-1920 Frances Colon Preslar

I'd like to know the significance of the name "Colon", I've seen it run through these families. Even Enoch Perretts son James named his oldest child, "Colon". I also wonder what the Culpepper connection was, if they were possibly related to either the Preslars or the Websters.

A few of the family trees for Elias and Polly have her parents as a John Webster, with no attached records, or proof of any kind, and a Holly Tomlinson. Their oldest daughter was Mary Holly Preslar. May be. And I don't know where John Webster came from, except that Nancy named her youngest son, whom she brought to Missisisppi, John Webster, age 18 in the 1850 census.

The Perrett branch has a different idea. They speculate that a Jesse Webster, who patented property in Scott County, Missisppi, right next to Nancy Webster and near Elias Preslar and Enoch Perrett in 1841, might be Nancy's father. They also suggest the older man 60-69 living in Enoch's household in the 1840 census could be this Jesse. This is more viable. However, where is this Jesse in Anson County, where Nancy and the Preslars arrived from? There's no trace.

Name:Jesse Webster
Land Office:Augusta
Document Number:6564
Total Acres:40.16
Canceled Document:No
Issue Date:5 Jan 1841
Mineral Rights Reserved:No
Metes and Bounds:No
Statutory Reference:3 Stat. 566
Multiple Warantee Names:No
Act or Treaty:April 24, 1820
Multiple Patentee Names:No
Entry Classification:Sale-Cash Entries
Land Description:1 SENE CHOCTAW No 6N 7E 22

Mary Elizabeth Webster Preslar died in Sparta, Bienville County, LA in 1884. Elias had died in 1877.
I am going to be looking more closely at the younger generations of their family, as well as Calvin's and the Perretts to see what else I can discover, possibly more connections and information.

Bienville Parish, Louisiana, 1911, Map, Rand McNally, Arcadia ...

Bienville Parrish is famous for being the place Bonnie and Clyde were ambushed.

In the meantime, I had a few loose Websters up top to clear up.

Dec. 29, 1868James C. Webster, s. ---- & Susan Webster, and Mary V. Hildreth, d. of Polly Hildreth.

This 1868 marriage bond is for James Coleman Webster, son of my 3rd Great Grandmother and Mary Virginia Hildreth, daughter of Polly Hildreth. Now, both parties were born out of wedlock and while one might think the newspapers would not print those for this class of people, not too far in the listing was also the marriage license of George Washington Nash to his second wife, where it proudly gives his parents as Benjamin Hutson and Nancy Nash. I've researched George Washington Nash as he has a prettey interesting divorce proceeding from his first wife, Mary, in the Stanly County Superior Court records. I've also posted on the gruesome murder supposedly committed by Nancy Nash's brother Tom.

Name:James Colmon
Birth Year:abt 1845
Birthplace:North Carolina
Home in 1850:Lanesboro, Anson, North Carolina, USA
Attended School:Y
Line Number:3
Dwelling Number:1075
Family Number:1075
Household Members:
Richard Carpenter37
Jemima Carpenter32
Charity Carpenter12
Nelson M Carpenter10
William Carpenter8
Dwight Carpenter6
Jemima Carpenter1
Abner Boggan75
Martha Boggan75
James Colmon5

James first appears as a 5 year old James Coleman in the household of Richard Carpenter along with an elderly Abner Boggan and wife, Martha. The very next listing is John Faulkner and Susan Webster Faulkner, James' mother. In fact, as John and Susan didn't actually get married until 1856, she wasn't legally a Faulkner yet.

Name:James Coleman
Birth Year:abt 1845
Birth Place:North Carolina
Home in 1860:Lanesboro, Anson, North Carolina
Post Office:Wadesboro
Dwelling Number:416
Family Number:376
Household Members:
John Folkner48
Susan Folkner29
Martha Manus25
Golding Folkner19
Azariah Folkner15
James Coleman15
Luanna Coleman10
Constantine Coleman8
John D Coleman5
Ellen Coleman3
Barbara Coleman2
Marshall Coleman2/12

In 1860, a 15 year old James Coleman is living with his mother and stepfather, John Faulkner. The erroneous transcibers, not knowing James had a different last name, labelled all of the younger children as Coleman's.

James took the Faulkner name, by formal or informal adoption, I do not know, but he and wife, Mary Virginia Hildreth Faulker bore and raised 4 children:Mary Elizabeth, B. Shelton, Catherine and Bessie. Their children were all Faulkners.

In 1870, Abner Boggan, the elderly man who was also living with the Carpenter family, left a will.

Will Book D, Page 12

In the name of God, Amen. I, Abner Boggan of the county of Anson and State of North Carolina, beign at present weak in body, but of a sound, disposing mind and memory, thanks be to God for the same, and calling to mind the uncertainty of life and the certainty of death, hath made this my last will and testament in manner and form as follows.
1st, I give and bequeath to James Coleman Webster, the tract of land on which I live, containing ninety acres as per deed now on record, after the deceause of myself and wife, to have and to hold to him and his heirs forever. I also give unto the said J. C. Webster, three beds and furniture, with all my plantation tools, together with all my stock of horses, cows, sheep and hogs."

Abner then goes on to request the payment of his and his wife's debts and appoints his trusted friend, Miles W. Mask as executor.

Abner Boggan must have become very fond of the boy when he was small. I don't know who James's father was. It may have been a Mr. Coleman, but I doubt very seriously it was the elderly Mr. Boggan.

Name:Nancy Webster
County:Scott County
Township:No Township Listed
Database:MS 1841 State Census Index

Nancy Webster was counted in the 1841 and 1845 Mississippi state census records as a Webster, living near to Elias Preslar. She married Enoch Perrett between 1845  and 1850. He died in 1863 and she is listed as a Perrett, alone, in the 1866 State census.

Name:Nancy Perritt
Census Date:1866

Nancy must have died between 1866 and 1870. In Summary, Nancy appeared in the 1830 census of Anson County. She was living between two Preslars in the Lanes Creek area and had one young boy and two girls in her household. The ages match up to Calvin, Susan and a Malissa Webster from the 1850 census in the same area.

Elias Preslar Sr. deeds a gift of land to Calvin Webster, names him as the son of Elias's son, Erasmus and Nancy Webster. Calvin changes his name to his father's, Preslar and moves to Scott County, Missisippi. His uncle Elias Preslar, who is married to a Polly Webster, also moves to Scott County.

Nancy Webster and Elias Preslar are listed in the 1841 and 1845 state census records of Scott County. In the 1840 census, Elias Preslar is living next door to Enoch Perrett, who came from Simpson County, MS previously. Between 1845 and 1850 Enoch Perrett marries Nancy Webster.

In the 1850 census, Nancy Perrott is living with Enoch's family and her son, John Webster, born 1832 in Anson, NC.  In 1860, Enoch and Nancy are together in Simpson County, MS. Enoch dies in 1863, Nancy before 1870. Son Calvin and his uncle Elias Preslar remove to Bienville Parrish, LA.

Calvin married the sister of Enoch's son-in-law. Some of the Perrett's followed them.

Research on Nancy and her family is ongoing. Remember, this is a theory of mine, not carved in stone. Was she my 4th Great Grandmother? I believe so, and I hope I can find more coinsidences that will cement her into the family tree. I'm already getting additional leads.

Happy Mother's Day, Nancy! Thanks for the help.

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