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The Migrations of Jacob Wiley Eudy

Jacob Wiley Eudy was born on  October 14, 1834. Some descendents claim his place of birth as the town of Mount Pleasant in Cabarrus County, but land records prove he farmed on property located in both the counties of Stanly and Cabarrus. His earliest acquistions and the property of his father was in Stanly, so it is most likely he was born in Stanly County near the community of Endy.  Land records mention Ramsey branch and Little Bear Creek which run near Canton Church and the Endy community. Ramsey road crosses Ramsey branch and runs from Endy Road, near Canton Church, an historic old church, and ends at Austin Road, a long road which stretches from New London, in the northern part of the county, to Locust, in the furthest western part of the county. 

The community of Endy and the Endy road, should actually be Eudy and Eudy road. Today, home to not much more than a school, volunteer fire department and a top-notch vineyard, Endy once boasted the best little restaurant in the South, and a post office of whom the postmaster was an Eudy. Due to an error in reading someone's handwriting, the town was labeled "Endy" instead of "Eudy" and it stuck. But it is in this area, just west of Albemarle and South of Mount Pleasant that the Eudy family made their mark. 

A deed from George C. and James R Mendenhall of Guilford County, North Carolina to Jacob Eudy of Stanly County, North Carolina was made on  March 8, 1854 for 2 tracts of land on the waters of Ramsey's creek adjoining Nelson Shoe and Alexander Sides.

On March 26, 1856, William Hatley sold Jacob Eudy a tract on the headwaters of Ramsey's branch for $212.50, in Stanly County.

On Feb 22, 1856 John Eudy, father of Jacob Eudy, sold a tract of land to his son for $504, bordering Jacob Misenheimer's corner and Esther Harkey's corner in Cabarrus County.

In 1869, Jacob and wife Elmira, sold a small parcel of land containing a Poll Bridge to a Miss Perlina Lewis for $45.

It seems that in the year 1870, something went sour for the Eudy's.

On the 27th day of April in 1870, Joseph Marshall, esquire, High Sherriff of the County of Stanly and the State of North Carolina made an indenture between himself on behalf of the county and Ms. Adeline Eudy for the properties of Jacob Eudy, "whereas by virtue of a vendition expense issuing from the superior court of Stanly against the property of Jacob Eudy for the sum of $66.80 to which was recovered by judgement of the said Jacob Eudy". His property had been taken and sold to the highest bidder, which was Adeline Eudy, for $85.00 and located on the waters of Bear Creek  adjoining the heirs of Solomon Harkey. (From the record of the Stanly County, Register of Deeds Office, North Carolina).

Bear Creek
Jacob Wiley Eudy Family in Pope County, Arkansas.  
The last land record involving Jacob W. Eudy and wife E. B. Eudy in North Carolina involved the couple and A. B. Coleman. For the sum of $400.00 "said Coleman has this day purchased of the said Eudy a tract of land  situated in the counties of Cabarrus and Stanly adjoining J. Lanier, John Eudy, William Eudy and others containing 165 acres. I have not been able to obtain access to land records in Pope County, Arkansas to acertain when the Eudy family purchased any property there. I do know that they were there by September of 1873, as one young daughter died there in that month, and just 6 days later another daughter was born there.

Jacob Wiley Eudy married Elmira Belinda Furr, the daughter of John Furr and Bonita (or Benetta) Burris Furr of Stanly County, in Albemarle, Stanly County on April 13 of 1854. (Stanly County marriage records).

Jacob enlisted as a Private for duty in the Civil War in 1862.

Name:Jacob Eudy
Residence:Cabarrus County, North Carolina
Enlistment Date:13 Mar 1862
Enlistment Place:Stanly County, North Carolina
Side Served:Confederacy
State Served:North Carolina
Service Record:Enlisted in Company K, 28th Infantry Regiment North Carolina on 7 Sep 1861.
Enlisted as a Private on 13 March 1862 at the age of 27.
Transferred Company H, 8th Infantry Regiment North Carolina on 9 Nov 1864.
Transferred out of Company K, 28th Infantry Regiment North Carolina on 9 Nov 1864.

Jacob W. Eudy
Spouse Name:Elmira B. Eudy
Residence Location:Pope, Arkansas
State Served From:North Carolina
Death Date:5 Feb 1898
Comments:widow applied 1903

Apparently he also a member of the Calvary in Pope County, Arkansas. A great many citizens from Stanly and Cabarrus counties of North Carolina migrated to Russelville and Gum Log and other parts of Pope and Pike counties in Arkansas. Payments in the form of land grants for service were likely part of the reason. Another reason was likely the devastion of the years after the war when land went to ruin and the population was reduced to women, children and old men with burnt farms and their property looted and confiscated by Union troops and the government after that.

Jacob and Elmira had a large family, typical of the era. They were the parents of :

Eli Mathias Riley Eudy 1855 - 1934 b NC d Arkansas
Julia Ann Eudy Kirksey 1857 -1937 b NC d Texas
Jonathan Monroe "Jonas" Eudy b 1858 NC -1918 Arkansas
George Martin Eudy b 1859 NC - 1925 Arkansas
Lawson Alexander Eudy b 1865 -1942 Texas
Mary Jane Eudy Linam  b 1865 Stanly County, NC - d 1942 Texas
Janice Rose "Jennie" Eudy b 1870 NC - 1873 Arkansas
Minnie Lorena Eudy Rushing b 1873 Arkansas - d 1962 Texas
John Jacob Eudy b 1876 Arkansas d 1964 Arkansas
Emma Isabell Eudy Forrest Thorton b 1879 Arkansas d 1969 Texas

Jacob Wiley Eudy in later days

JJ Eudy, Elmira Eudy, Jacob Wiley Eudy and Minnie Eudy outside of their home in Pope County, Ark.

Jacob Wiley Eudy would die on February 25, 1898 in Pope County, Arkansas
Eudy Cemetery in Pope County. 
Elmira would relocate to Texas with some of her children. Her last known residence was living with her youngest daughter, Emma. Elmira died January 10, 1909 in Hubbard Hill, Texas.

Younger members of the Eudy family, Jake and Elmira's grandchildren would relocate to New Mexico, California and Oregon. Others would remain in Arkansas and Texas. Eudy descendants, related to the Stanly/Cabarrus Eudy's, are now scattered all over the USA and a few, in other nations. And it began with Jake's migration.

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