Sunday, January 13, 2013

The Will of William Craven Thompson

William Craven Thompson was the father of James Robert Thompson, who was the father of James Robert Hudson, who was the father of Hattie Helen Hudson, my grandmother who passed away late in 1980.

William Craven Thompson was born around 1820, near present day Mt. Gilead in Montgomery County, North Carolina, on the East side of the PeeDee River to William Thompson, originally from Monmouth, New Jersey and his wife Elizabeth Ayers Thompson.
He married Jenny Anna Blalock, daughter of  William David Blalock and Martha "Patsey" Dennis Blalock of Montgomery County, North Carolina, probably in Montgomery County, and probably around 1842 or 1843. Montgomery County was victim of a series of courthouse fires and records are sparse.

They became the parents 13 children:
1844 Martha Thompson Smith
1845 William R Thompson
1847 David Thomas Thompson
1848 Daniel Gilbert Thompson
1850 Mary Jane Thompson Marbrey
1851 Eli Simpson Thompson
1853 James Robert Thompson
1854 George Henry Thompson
1857 Zebedee Thompson
1858 Alexander Thompson
1863 Elizabeth Ann Thompson Carter
1864 Lucy Thompson Lee
1865 John J Thompson

Above is a copy of his written will. Translated it is:

I, W. C. Thompson of the county of Stanly and the State of North Carolina hereby make and declare my last will and testament as follows:

First: I direct that all my just debts be paid. Then I give all my property, both real and personal of whatever nature and description to my beloved wife Anna Thompson, during her natural life.

Item: I give and devise to my son David G Thompson and his heirs the tract of land on which he now lives containing 55 acres and known as the Jason C. Lilly tract.

Item: After the death of my wife I give the balance of my estate, both real and personal to my other children share and share alike viz. Thomas, Eli S., James R., John, Zebedee, George, Alexander, Mary J., Elizabeth Ann, Lucy and Martha and their heirs forever.

Witness my Hand and Seal, April 24, 1886

                W. C. Thompson (seal)

Witnesses: S. J. Pemberton, James R. Miller


  1. Hello,
    My name is, Amanda Whitingham. I am the Great Great granddaughter of Alexander T Thompson of Stanly County. Would love to know more about his family.

  2. TJ,
    John Robert Thompson, b. 23 May 1857 was the son of William J. Thompson and Mary Perminter of Stanly County, NC. Any help with locating John Robert parents would be greatly appreciated.If you should come across any info on this family; please let me know.