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The Booth Saga continues: Thomas Harper Booth, Sr.

Thomas Harper Booth was the brother of Dr. George Washington Booth and the first cousin of Dr. G.W's Booth's wife, Mariah Booth Winfield Moffett Booth. In her chancery suit of 1840, Mariah and her daughter Mary Ann Moffett jointly sue both Washington and Thomas Harper Booth. Mary Ann was just a child at the time, having been born between 1828 and 1830. Apparently, Mariah believed the brothers to be in 'cahoots' when it came to trying to 'rip her off', to put it in modern terms.

Thomas Harper Booth also had his say in the 1838 Civil Suit that resulted in the divorce of Dr. G. W. Booth and Mariah.  I write Thomas Harper Booth's name out completely in order to not have him confused with his father, Harper Booth or his brother-in-law, Thomas Harper. Thomas Harper (sans Booth) was likely a relative of the  Harper Booths mother, Elizabeth Harper Booth. The old landed gentry liked to 'keep it in the family', meaning wealth and property, and there are several instances of seeing several members of the same family intermarry with another family of equal ilk or for cousins or even nieces/uncles to marry.

The above picture is of Thomas Harper Booth and his third wife, Nancy Chilicoat Delaney Booth. Tom had a sizeable family of 18 children in all and three marriages. He was born in Mecklenburg County, Virginia, grew up in Granville County, North Carolina, removed to Lawrence County, Alabama, followed his father in to Franklin County, Alabama, where his mother, Nancy Harriett Jones Booth, would be buried, and then into Itawamba County, Mississippi, just across the state line from where the family resided in Alabama.

While his father and his brother ventured on over to Lee County, Thomas Harper Booth remained in Itawamba, where he would be buried in 1871 at the age of 63.

The following is the statement of Thomas Harper Booth, attached to the divorce papers of Dr. George Washington Booth and Maria(h) Booth Winfield Maffitt Booth.

The State of Alabama Lawrence County to wit }

in the sixth district of the Northern Chancery Division of the state of Alabama. The answer of Thomas H Booth responding to the bill of complaint of Maria B. Booth & Mary Ann Moffett complaining by their next friend Vinkler H Jones against this Respondent George W Booth, Wm A Booth and Wm H. Moffitt. 

This Respondent in answer to the same & to such parts as he is ordered it is important for him to answer unto answers  & says that he had one small negro girl named Louisa in his possession bound to him by the said George W. Booth, he said G. W. Booth retaining the privilege of retaking her at pleasure . This Respondent further states that the said negro girl was taken from his possession & without his knowledge or without his having aided and abetted in the matter in any  way or manner. This Respondent adds that this complainant, Maria B Booth, if  she was heard as set forth in her bill that this Respondent had any agency in the affair as charged in her amended bill was misinformed.
This Respondent alleges further that said complainant Maria B.  seems to possess in a high degree the faculty of believing  anything can deceive to her interest.

This Respondent having fully answered prays to be hence dissmissed with a desire for his costs in this.

Thomas Harper Booth in the U. S. Census

Name:Thos Booth
Home in 1840 (City, County, State):Franklin, Alabama
Free White Persons - Males - Under 5:2
Free White Persons - Males - 30 thru 39:1
Free White Persons - Females - Under 5:1
Free White Persons - Females - 20 thru 29:1
Persons Employed in Agriculture:1
Free White Persons - Under 20:3
Free White Persons - 20 thru 49:2
Total Free White Persons:5
Total All Persons - Free White, Free Colored, Slaves:5

ame:Thomas H Booth
Birth Year:abt 1808
Home in 1850:District 5, Haywood, Tennessee
Family Number:1207
Household Members:
Thomas H Booth42
Mary Booth32
Thomas Booth14
Susan Booth12
Henry Booth10
John Booth8
Wm Booth6
James Booth4

Thos H Boothe
[Thos H Booth
Age in 1860:52
Birth Year:abt 1808
Home in 1860:Itawamba, Mississippi
Post Office:Smithville
Value of real estate:View image
Household Members:
Thos H Boothe52
Nancy Boothe26
Henry Boothe19
John Boothe17
Wm Boothe16
Jas Boothe14
Jane Boothe10
Robert Boothe6
Margaret Boothe4
Harriet Boothe2
Caroline Boothe3
Frances Boothe1
Thos Boothe24
Mary Boothe20
Marth Dulana9
Name:Thomas Booth
Age in 1870:61
Birth Year:abt 1809
Home in 1870:Township 8, Itawamba, Mississippi
Post Office:Fulton
Value of real estate:View image
Household Members:
Thomas Booth61
Nancy Booth36
Jane Booth18
Margaret Booth14
Robert Booth16
Harriet Booth12
Emiline Booth8
Alley Booth6
Ollie Booth4
Francis Booth1
Thomas H Booth served as a Sergeant in the Confederate Army.

Name:Thomas H Booth
Rank at enlistment:Sergeant
State Served:Mississippi
Service Record:Enlisted in Company I, Mississippi 2nd Cavalry Regiment.
Sources:Index to Compiled Confederate Military Service Records

Following is a Deposition Given by Susan, one of the two daughters Thomas Harper Booth had by his second wife, Mary Ann Farley:

  • 1900 Susan Ann Booth Eaves deposition

  • Farley - Grimes GrantWritten: 1900Depositions of Susan Ann Eaves taken in cause No 2312 in the District Court ofCoryell County, Texas styled Susan Ann Eaves vs J.W. Letson et al filed 16th dayJany 1900.Said Depositions show that S.A. Eaves is 61 years of age, resides in Johnson County, Texas, is plaintiff in said cause, that she was never personally acquainted with Henry Farley, that he was her grandfather, that he is dead, and do not know when he died, that her grandmother is also dead, that Henry Farley had two children surviving him, Elmira and Mary Ann Jane, that Mary Ann Jane washer mother, Elmira was her aunt, that her mother died in Miss in 1854 was married once only to Thom H. Booth, that her father died in 1874 that her mother had eight children, Thos Harper, Jr, Susan Ann, Henry,John Washington, Willie Archie, James Madison, Elmira Jane and Robert Fletcher. Henry, Elmira Jane,James Madison and Susan Ann are living, the others are dead.Thos Harpers Jr. died in Miss in 1888, John Washington died during the Civil War, William Archer died during the Civil War, after being captured and carried North and do not know exectly when or where. Robert Fletcher died in Johnson County in 1896. Thos Harper Jr. and Robert Fletcher have been married, the other two who are dead were never married and leave no children. Thos Harper,Jr and Robt Fletcher both left children.John W. Booth and William A. Booth were my brothers, they died unmarried. My mother died without a will. I was married Nov 10th 1853 to C.C. Eaves. I have been living with my husband ever since, and am still living with him. The conveyance from Frederick M. Grimes and Elmira S. Grimes to my father was simply to give my mother her part of the land. I have frequently heard my mother referto this as hers.George W. Booth and John F. Booth the parties named, were my Fathers Brother's.They were acquainted with my Mother in her life time. I knew about Thos H. Booth and Nancy Booth making the deed above mentioned, some time after the deed was made I learned they received a negro and some money for it, but I do not know how much. Geo W. Booth and John F. Booth subsequently took this consideration back. The consideration referred to was returned to Geo W. and John F. Booth because Thos H. Booth could not make title to the land. The intentions in returning it was to call the trade off. I do not know that Geo W and John F.Booth agreed to do in order to procure the return of the consideration. The land referred to was the separate property of my mother. This conveyance inquired about was by my father and his second wife, Nancy. After making the deed my father wanted me and my brother, Thos H. Jr to ratify the conveyance and offerme a small tract of land for so doing. My brother and myself refused to do this and thereupon the consideration was returned and the trade was declared off because of this defect in the Title attempted to be conveyed by my Father and Nancy Booth.My Father claimed no interest in the land. The conveyance from Frederic M.Grimes and Elmira S. Grimes to my father was simply to give my Mother her par tof the land. I have frequently heard my father refer to this land as my mothers and never heard him claim it as his own and the land was always represented and understood to be the separate property of my mother.

    The following is from an 1899 with mention of Thomas Harper Booth:

    • Booth-Farley 1899 deed

    • Farley - Grimes GrantWritten: 1899Affidavit of Jane B. WiggleDated March 13th, 1890Filed for record June 23, 1899Recorded in Vol 23 page 267 in office of the County Clerk Coryell County, TexasState of MississippiCounty of ItawambaPersonally appeared before the undersigned authority Mrs. Jane B. Wiggle whobeing duly sworn on oath says: I am the daughter of Mary J. Booth and my motherwas a daughter of Henry Farley to whom was granted a survey of land in CoryellCounty, Texas, Mary J. Booth who was the wife of T.H. Booth.Mary J. Booth died without leaving a will about the 1st day of Feby 1854 inCounty of Itawamba State of Mississippi, T.H. Booth her hsuband died withoutleaving any will about the 29th day of Jany 1874, in the county of ItawambaState of Mississippi, affiant further says that Mary J. and T.H. Booth had onlyeight children who are as follows to wit:1st Susan Ann Booth who married C.C. Eaves and who now resides in the County ofJohnson, State of Texas2nd T.H. Booth who died about the ---- day of Dec 1888 in the County of Lee,State of Miss and left surviving 4 children.3rd Henry Farley Booth now living in Itawamba Co MIS4th John W. Booth who died in the Civil War in 1863-4 and who was never married.5th Wm. P. Booth who died in 1863 in the Civil War and was never married.6th James M. Booth who now resides in Johnson Co, Texas7th Jane B. Booth this affiant who married C.C. Wiggle and resides in ItawambaCounty, MS8th Robert F. Booth who died 5 or 6 years ago and who left surviving children. Affiant says tht the above named children are the sole and only heirs of Mary J.Booth.Jane B. WiggleSworn to and subscribed before me this the 13th day of March A.D. 1899.J.S. Davis, clerkAdditional Comments:Henry Farley was father of Mary Ann Jane Farley who married Thomas Harper Booth around 1833 (probably in Lawrence Co. AL) and Elmira Susan who married F.M. Grimes (Washington Co TX). Henry and wife, Nancy White, and daughter, Elmira Susan Farley left for Texas in 1831.Henry applied for a Texas Land Grant, but died in 1834 before he could receive the title.Daughter, Elmira S. married Frederick M. Grimes. He was administrator on Henry Farley estate and applied for the title to one league and one labor of land Henry Farley had been granted. This application was approved Aug 2, 1828 in San Felipe de Austin.Nancy Ellen White Farley remarried in 1834 to Henry Hudson. She died in 1838.This deed is confusing because Thomas Harper Booth whose 3rd wife was named Nancy, also had a son, Thomas Harper Booth, Jr. . However, Thomas H. Booth, Jr. married Dec 12, 1854 (after this deed of Sept 1854) to Mary Virginia Priddy.The land was located on the Leon River in what is now Coryell County, Texas. These deeds are recorded in Coryell County.Thomas H. and Mary Booth has these children as proven by deeds in Itawaba County and Coryell County pertaining to this inherited Farley Land GrantThomas H. Booth, Jr.Henry Farley BoothJohn W. Booth (deceased by 1867 deeds - may have died in Civil War)William Archie Booth (deceased by 1867 deeds - died in Civil War)Pvt Co H 1st M Inf captured Feb 16, 1862 Ft. Donelson. Died Mar 4, 1862 CampMorton IN. Remived to lot 285 section 32 Crown Hill Cem Confed reintered on Oct27, 1931.James Madison BoothJohn F. BoothGeorge W. Booth

      The following is an account of the Booths in Texas, how Thomas eloped with his second wife and how she became depressed in Texas. 

      • Charlotte-Mecklenburg County Virginia USGenWeb Archives Biographies.....Farley, Henry   F. 1790 - 1834File contributed for use in USGenWeb Archives by:Virginia Crilley September 21, 2007, 11:56 amAuthor: Virginia Crilley
        Mary Ann Jane Farley  "eloped" with  Thomas Harper Booth around 1833 (probablyin Lawrence Co. AL). Thomas had previously been married to This couple moved around quite a bit, living in Itawamba County, MS (about 60miles west of Lawrence, AL), and even in Texas, Austin Co. for short periods oftime.Family story, "Mary Ann cried for a whole year because they had no slaves to dothe work in Texas."Mary Ann and Thomas Harper had six sons and  two daughters.Elmira Susan married Frederick Miller Grimes of Washington Co. Tx on Jan 29,1838, probably at the home of her mother, Nancy living in nearby Austin County.They settled on their farm on the county line of Washington/Austin.Nancy Ellen White Farley, remarried around 1838 to Henry ? /Obadiah?/JoshHudson.  The court records show that Nancy appointed Isaac M. Pennington topursue her husband's Texas Land Grant.  The courts ruled in favor of thedaughters, and Frederick M. Grimes proceeded with the land claim.Family story: When Nancy Ellen died (aft 1838) her daughter Elmira Susancouldn't attend the funeral because of the high creeks due to heavy rains.As "heirs of Henry Farley" the daughters received land in what is now CoryellCounty  In 1850 when Fort Gates (later Gatesville) was set-up with soldiers toprotect the settlers, Elmira and Frederick moved there.In 1852 they sold this land to their son, Samuel, and moved to land in thesoutheast corner of Coryell County.Several deeds are made with the joint signatures of Elmira and Mary Jane andtheir respective husbands.

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