Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Treasure Trove

My uncle finally relented to letting me scan a number of old family photos to my computer. That way I can attach them to profiles for other family members to connect to and enjoy. I can also post them to my facebook and print them off at CVS.

As the current family historian of sorts, seeing these faces and placing them with the names I have become so familiar with, was such a delight.

To younger generations, old books, family photos, memoirs, post cards and letters, would be junk in the finding. While digging through past possessions, they would toss them away, looking for something of value, like jewelry or old coins, that they could turn into money.

To me, these photos are treasure. They are all members of the Stanly and Cabarrus area Lemmonds, Lambert, Hill, Burris/Smith and Starnes families.

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