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Rehobeth Cont.

Rehobeth is an abandoned church with a sizable cemetary located near the communities of Aquadale and Cottonville in Southern Stanly County, North Carolina. Locales refer to this area as UCLA:        Upper Cottonville, Lower Aquadale.

Most of the folks who attended there and are buried there are relatives of mine, if not directly, they married into the families at some point, fought with them, lived next to them and were overall a part of their lives. My great-great grandparents, H. H.Davis and Julina Aldridge Davis are buried there, with a large number of the Aldridge Clan. Aldridge Patriarch, Caleb Aldridge is buried there, along with both of his wives.

The 1852 deed of to this land to Rehobeth Methodist Episcopal Church South occured 8 years after the separation of the Methodist Episcopal  Church South from the Methodist Episcopal Church in 1844 over the question of slavery. The church trustees specified the purpose, " To preach and expound God's Holy Word in the house new built or may be built according to the rules and discipline adopted by the ministers and preachers of the General Conferance."

Rehobeth observed the practice of Camp Meetings in which families would build tents or cabins surrounding the church and camp out for weeks at a time while having revival meetings. There is one such camp located not too many miles from Stanly, down around Mineral Springs in Union County below Monroe still in existance, Pleasant Grove Camp Ground.

Camp meeting arbor.

Rehobeth seems to be the one of the five oldest churchs in Stanly County. Randalls Church, not too far away on the PeeDee River near Norwood, NC claims to be the oldest. Kendall's church in the Kendall Valley Community north of Albemarle, and Ebenezer Baptist, now Badin Baptist, in the town of Badin, along with Pleasant Grove  in Western Stanly , and Saint Martin's Lutheran are among the others.

Green Wesley Simpson was a member and a teacher at the church who kept journals and records of the times. Also, the deeds give us a bit of information. A spring is refered to, and a brickyard on the east side of Winfield road. Winfield Road was named for my family, the father and brother of Sarah Winfield Davis. Much of the Davis plantation was originally Winfield property. The road came from Concord in Cabarrus county, passed Saint Martin Church in West Stanly, passed Rehobeth, went through Cottonville and the Davis lands, down through Anson to Wadesboro and on to Cheraw. Cheraw in the early days was a trading center for those living up and down the PeeDee River. Parishoners and circuit preachers traveled by horse and buggy, if not by boat. One report is that they came "with their tar buckets hanging on the coupling poles under the wagons." Rehobeth is perhaps the only church in Stanly County that held camp meetings. The last one recorded was in 1885. The old Harbor stood north of the church with the pulpit elevated on a stage in the middle of the room. The Harbor was later purchased by M. E. Blalock in 1896 and moved to Norwood to use as a barn. Before the church bought a bell, G. W. Simpson would blow a bugle to announce service. The bugle survives as a Simpson family heirloom. The 1920 tornado took all but the floor and a bible. An old school building from Aquadale was bought to replace it.


John W Poplin (father of 2 children who married into my Murrays)
James M Davis (son of Job Davis, my g, g, g Uncle)
William Hendley (haven't discovered a relationship yet, but I've seen a Hendley marry into the family somewhere)
William H Randle (one of the Winfield granddaughters married John Randle Nash)
Caleb Aldridge (my great, great, great grandfather)

Their wives: Mary Ann Almond Poplin, Rowena Lee Davis (wife of Jim), Elizabeth Hendley, Mary Ann Parker Randle, Rebecca Cagle Aldridge (my great, great, great grandmother). Caleb would later marry a widow, Elizabeth Osbourne Bullard after Rebecca's death.

Bible Class: Eli Shankle, Elizabeth C Crump Shankle, Henry L Green, Elizabeth Wilhoit Green, William E Ross, John O. Ross, Mary D Ross, Richard Jackson Ross,  Martha M. Ivey Ross, William Daniel Simpson, William F Shankle,  Mathew F Davis, Mary Davis, George Ross, Mary Hill Ross, Charles M West, Eugenia Lowder West.

Link to Rehobeth Cemetary Residents:

Tent Holders at Camp Meeting:
circa 1880 and prior

I H Underwood   James Davis (son of Job)  Eben Hearne  W R McSwain  Noah Pennington  Armstead Lilly  Linsey Hathcock  Bob Carter  GW Simpson  Ben Snuggs  Sam Lilly  Pock Ross  EO Lilly  A Len Roxx WR Upchurch  Tom Snuggs O H Upchurch   M E Blalock  Eli Shankle  Tom Colson  Frank Ivey  Crowell Blalock  Ned Davis (son of Job)  Merritt Davis (son of Job)  Tom Hathcock  Martin Hathcock  Whitson Mark  Tom Frank Lilly  Jordan Blalock  Dr Bill Kendall  Tom Nash  GC Howell Arch Freeman  George Efird  Edmond Nash  John W Lisk  Frank Shankle Buck Lowder  John O Ross  Sid Smith  Dr Shankle  Eli Lentz  Jake Efird  John Bivens  John McSwain  George Sides  Adam Hathcock  Tom Lowder  John Ivey  Sid Carter  Hat Turner  John Atkins  Doctor Tyson  Bill Watkins  Martin Shoffner  Dick Harris  Bob Will ,  Vol Mauney (Valentine Mauney, son-in-law of James M Davis) , Rich Ross  Frank Kendall  Hamilton Blalock  Nelson Whitaker  (husband of Sophia Murray, from my Murray tree), Jesse Murray (son of Ben Murray, migrated to and died in Arkansas)  Boy Tyson  Caleb Aldridge (gggg grandfather)  Ben Murray (brother of ggg Grandmother Prussia Murray Aldridge and Sophia M Whitaker)  Ludwell Carpenter (family much married into)  Francis Talley  Calvin Lee  Morse Kendall Shab McSwain  Dora McSwain