Thursday, August 9, 2012

Bartlett Hinson Episode 1

Sometimes, when trying to find one person, you locate a host of others.

While searching for Ann Howell, I found Bartlett Hinson. There were actually several Barlett Hinsons, the youngers being named for the original Barlett Hinson. They were an Anson, Union, Stanly County area family and spread to states beyong.

Ann Howell began as Ann Short, the daughter of Daniel Short, Jr. and Margaret Hinson, daughter of Bartlett Hinson. She married a John Howell, and I am on a venture today to find which John Howell. Bartlett Hinson was a man who left waves, however, unlike his quiet, barely a footstep, washerwoman granddaughter Ann.
The following is a link  to the Court Case: Hinson VS Booth

Bartlett Hinson court case: The Southern reporter

Daniel Short b c1725 d c1791 Anson Co., NC
    o Daniel Short Jr. b 1755 Anson Co., NC d 1818 Anson Co., NC 
 o John Short b 1787 Anson Co., NC d 1835 Anson Co., NC; m Sarah 
     o Daniel Short b 1814 Anson Co., NC; d. 1903 Anson Co., NC
  o Jesse Short b 1876 Anson Co., NC; d. 1967 Chesterfield Co., SC
      o Lancy Short b 1902 Anson Co., NC; d. 1969 Anson Co, NC
   o Herbert Short b. 1925 Anson Co. NC; d. 1997 Anson Co., NC
       o Alan Short S-78.

     o Thomas Short b 1818 Anson Co., NC d c1856 Conecuh Co., AL m Charlotte Pratt 
  o Daniel Dudley Short b 1847 AL d c1912 Anson Co., NC m Charlotte Harrington 
      o James Arthur Short b 1881 Anson Co., NC d 1937 Anson Co., NC m Rosa Gaddy 
   o James G. Short
       o William F. Short
            o S-23- Bill Short [shortblock AT]
       o S-55
  o John Boggan Short 
      o James W. Short 
   o Samuel Short
       o S-32

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