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The Estate of Jonathan Wilkerson, March 1849

Jonathan Wilkerson is one of those 'touch of ancestors' that keeps popping up in the records of my direct ancestors, and I haven't quite figured out where he comes in yet. 

I began researching Jonathan Wilkerson or Wilkenson while attempting to connect the father of Moriah Murray's children, Henry Wilkerson, with someone in the area. Jonathan Wilkerson was the only person of that name in Montgomery County, the part that became Stanly, during the time Henry Wilkerson and Moriah's children were born. 

In discovering his estate papers, I found out that his daughter Sarah married a George Thompson, maybe the George Thompson that is in one of my family trees, and another daughter Eliza, married Charles McSwain, and my trees are wrought with McSwains. 

Either of those connections could bring Jonathan full swing into the family circle, however, it is his name as bondsman on several of the marriage certificates in the Ramsey/Hooks/Hill/Means side of my tree, which is my paternal grandmother's side, that has me intrigued. I've just begun to turn the soil on that side. 

                                   State of North Carolina for Equity
                                  Stanly County  March Term 1849
Is the Honorable the judge for this court of Equity in and for the County of Stanly.

The Petition of Arnold Watkins and wife Sarah,

2 John L Wilkenson
3 Mathew P Wilkenson
4  Geo Thompson and wife Sarah
5  James M Wilkenson
6  Martha Wilkenson
7  Frances Wilkenson
8  Charles McSwain and wife Eliza
9  Susan Wilkenson
10  William Wilkenson
11 Rowland Wilkenson &
12 Jordan Wilkenson

Heirs at law of Jonathan Wilkenson humbly complaining shew unto your Honor your Petition in that Jonathan Wilkenson late of Stanly County died '? swzio thososio? of a tract of land of two hundred acres more or less on Ugly Creek adjoining the lands of John Early and Alex Woodruff + others and left him surviving your Petitioners his heirs at law.

Your petitioners shew unto your Honor that said lands can not be advantageous to divide among them but that a sale of the same would for note their interest.  Your petitioners Susan Wilkenson, William Wilkenson, Rowland Wilkenson and Jordan Wilkenson are infants under the age of twenty one years and petition by their next friend Arnold Watkins.  Your petitioners  therefore pray your Honor to decree a sale of said land to be made by the clerk and master of this court upon such times as to your Honor shall be seen next and to grant to your petitioners such other relief as their care may require and as in duty bound your Petitioners will even pray.

Garris sols for Petitioners.

State of North Carolina Stanly County, Court of Equity

Edward W Davis  (a familiar name...son of Job)

In the end, GGGGUncle Neddy (Edward W Davis) had the land advertised for sale. There is a plat included in the papers with the land mapped off  222 3/4 acres. 

On the last page: Arnold Watkins and wife, et. al  Report of sale to Fall Term 1849

Pursuant to a decree of the Honorable the Court of Equity for the County of Stanly aforesaid made at Spring Term 1849 of said County, I proceed after due advertisement to sell to the highest bidder at public sale on the 12th day of May A. D. 1849 on the premises the land mentioned in the Petition at which time and place Arnold Watkins became the last and highest bidder at the sum of three hundred dollars. The purchaser, Arnold Watkins, gave bonds and goods security for the payment of the purchase money and interest, all of which is respectfully submitted. 

John W Treadwell  C. M. C. 
By Preston W. Wooley, D, C, M. E. 

So in the end, the land stayed in the family with the purchase by one of Jonathan's son-in-laws. The importance of the documents is in the naming of the heirs, and designation of those who were underage, and the naming of the husbands of 3 of Jonathan's daughters. 

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