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A Tale of Two Alexanders

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The Scottish immigrants into the Sandhills of Montogomery, Moore, Richmond and Scotland Counties in North Carolina were very fond of the name "Alexander". I am not certain if this was because they had a certain affinity for Alexander the Great, or for some other reason. What I do know is that both  Malcolm McQueen and his brother Alexander Marcus "Sandy" McQueen, sons of Alexander Murdoch McQueen, both had sons named "Alexander M. McQueen", obviously in honor of their father. These identically named cousins of relatively the same age, make it a little difficult to decipher who was who in the old records. The following is my theory of which Alexander was which. 

In 1840, there were only 3 McQueen households, that of 3 siblings, Malcolm, Alexander and their unmarried sister, Elizabeth. So we know that the younger ones to come fit under two roofs, Malcolms family or Alexanders family. Alexander's family (nickname 'Sandy'), was intact. He also left solid records and a family bible, so we know who his children were. Malcolms had been sparsed out to family by 1850.

There were other siblings about of Malcolm and Sandy, other children of Murdoch and Mary Nicholson McQueen. Elizabeth and Nancy never married and remained in Montgomery County. Hugh camped in Chatham and later went west to Texas. Anne married a Street and lived in neighboring Moore County. Daniel spent his time between Robeson and Marlboro County. John settled in Richmond County.

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Below is the family of Sandy McQueen in 1850. His son Alexander Jr is 15 years old, born in 1835. His older 3 children,  Herbert, Betsy and John Batten McQueen have already struck out on their own.

Name:Alexander McQueen
Birth Year:abt 1799
Birthplace:North Carolina
Home in 1850:Montgomery, North Carolina, USA
Real Estate:255
Line Number:20
Dwelling Number:400
Family Number:402
Household Members:
Alexander McQueen51
Sarah McQueen42
Daniel McQueen22
Mary J McQueen20
Alexander M McQueen15
William B McQueen12
Sarah A McQueen10
Neill N McQueen2
Mary McQueen80

Alexander (Malcolm) McQueen, born in 1836, is 14, just one year younger than his cousin. In 1850, he is living with Ferebee Wright, the widow of Edward Wright. Also in the home is Wilson Williams, a man who keeps creeping up in the study of these families and who has an interesting story of his own.

Name:Alexander McQueen
Birth Year:abt 1836
Birthplace:North Carolina
Home in 1850:Montgomery, North Carolina, USA
Attended School:Y
Line Number:34
Dwelling Number:452
Family Number:454
Household Members:
Fereby Wright65
Wilson Williams22
Alexander McQueen14

I'm not quite sure why the children of Malcolm McQueen were scattered among other households. I do know their mother was deceased and perhaps, their father was ill. He did not live until 1860. : 5x4ft Country Scene Backdrop Old Wooden House Rustic ...

In 1860, we find these two scenarios.

Name:Alexdr McQueen
[Alexander McQueen ] 
Birth Year:abt 1833
Home in 1860:Diffies, Montgomery North Carolina
Dwelling Number:291
Family Number:291
Real Estate Value:275
Personal Estate Value:50
Household Members:
Alexdr McQueen27
Martha J McQueen21

In one, a 27 year old Alexander McQueen, born in 1833, is working as a mechanic. He's living in a home with 21 year old Martha J. McQueen.

Birth Year:abt 1835
Home in 1860:Diffies, Montgomery North Carolina
Dwelling Number:408
Family Number:408
Personal Estate Value:50
Household Members:
A M McQuean25
Martha J McQuean22
Danl McQuean31

In the other, 25 year old A M McQueen, born in 1835, is working as a carpenter. He's living with a 22 year old Martha J McQueen and 31 year old Daniel McQueen.

Confused yet? I'm about to make it worse.

Name:Alex M McQuean
Spouse:Martha Semmons
Spouse Gender:Female
Bond date:26 Nov 1859
Bond #:000084921
Level Info:North Carolina Marriage Bonds, 1741-1868
Record #:01 026
Bondsman:Robert Crowder
Witness:John McLennan

In November of 1859, just one year before the 1860 census, Alexander M. McQueen married Martha Simmons (misspelled Semmons here). The bondsman was Robert Crowder and witness, John McLennan. So, which grouping did this Alexander and Martha belong to, the 27 year old Mechanic or the 25 year old Carpenter? Oh, and by the way, they both lived in Diffies, as if that helps.

Name:Susan A Parker
Marriage Date:11 Jan 1867
Marriage Place:McDowell, North Carolina, USA
Spouse:A M McQueen
Spouse Gender:Male
Event Type:Marriage

There was another wedding coming up, that of A. M. McQueen and Susan A. Parker in McDowell County, North Carolina on January 11, 1867.
Montgomery County | NCpedia

McDowell County | NCpedia

But why McDowell? Above is the comparison between Montgomery and McDowell in location.

Let's jump ahead 3 years to 1870 and see what is going on.

Name:Alexer Mcqueen
[Alexander McQueen] 
Age in 1870:35
Birth Year:abt 1835
Birthplace:North Carolina
Dwelling Number:98
Home in 1870:District 6, Cocke, Tennessee
Post Office:Newport
Occupation:Mill Right
Male Citizen over 21:Y
Personal Estate Value:150
Inferred Spouse:Susan Mcqueen
Inferred Children:Mary J Mcqueen
Household Members:
Alexer Mcqueen35
Susan Mcqueen26
Mary J Mcqueen2

We have  35 year old Alexander McQueen, a Millwright, living in Cocke County, Tennesee, with his wife Susan, and they have a 2 year old daughter, Mary Jane.

So, he had been on his way to Tennesee.

So, what was going on back in Montgomery County, NC? You might ask yourself, did Martha J Simmons, who married an Alexander M. McQueen in 1859, die? And then he married Susan Parker?

Name:Martha Mcgreen
Age in 1870:30
Birth Year:abt 1840
Birthplace:North Carolina
Dwelling Number:81
Home in 1870:Troy, Montgomery, North Carolina
Post Office:Troy
Cannot Write:Y
Personal Estate Value:25
Inferred Children:James Mcgreen
Household Members:
Martha Mcgreen30
James Mcgreen7

No, she did not die, not yet, anyway. Above is Martha McQueen (those transcription errors hard at work again), 30 and her 7 year old son James. Not to far from her is another household:

Name:A M Mclucia
Age in 1870:71
Birth Year:abt 1799
Birthplace:North Carolina
Dwelling Number:114
Home in 1870:Troy, Montgomery, North Carolina
Post Office:Troy
Father of Foreign Birth:Y
Mother of Foreign Birth:Y
Male Citizen over 21:Y
Personal Estate Value:300
Real Estate Value:950
Inferred Spouse:Sarah Mclucia
Inferred Children:Neill Mclucia
Sarah Mclucia
Household Members:
A M Mclucia71
Sarah Mclucia55
Neill Mclucia21
Sarah Mclucia7
Lends Mclucia30
Mande Mclucia17
Abram Mclucia6
Betsa Mclucia4
Reed Mclucia2

That of Alexander "Sandy" McQueen Sr. Now, I really can't blame the transcriptionists too bad for this one because the census taker here for 1870 had very sloppy handwriting. 'A M Mclucia' is really 'Alexander Marcus McQueen Sr., his wife, Sarah, and their youngest son, Neil. There's a 7 year old Sarah, who turns out to be their granddaughter, living with them. 1870 is after the Civil War. Linda, age 30, and the children Mandy, Abram, Betsie and Reed, are all listed as black, the first four individuals as white.

In a minute, I will look closer at the two mentioned children, James and Sarah. For the time being, I need to look at an event that seemed to change everything, the Civil War.  So, in 1870, we have a 35 year old Alexander McQueen with his wife Sarah and little girl, Martha, 2, living in Tennesee. We have Martha Simmons McQueen living alone with her 7 year old son, James, in Montgomery County. Was one of the Alexanders killed in the Civil War?

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Name:Alex M McQueen
Birth Date:abt 1835
Enlistment Date:20 Mar 1862
Enlistment Place:Orange CH, Virginia, USA
Military Unit:Fourth Infantry

I found an Alexander M McQueen who enlisted in the 4th Infantry a Orange Courthouse, Virginia.

Battle of Seven Pines Facts & Summary | American Battlefield Trust
Battle of Seven Pines

Name:Alexander M McQueen
Enlistment Age:27
Birth Date:abt 1835
Enlistment Date:20 Mar 1862
Enlistment Place:Orange Court House, Virginia
Enlistment Rank:Private
Muster Date:20 Mar 1862
Muster Place:North Carolina
Muster Company:K
Muster Regiment:4th Infantry
Muster Regiment Type:Infantry
Muster Information:Enlisted
Casualty Date:31 May 1862
Casualty Place:Seven Pines, Virginia
Type of Casualty:Wounded
Casualty Information:Returned
Muster Out Date:9 Apr 1865
Muster Out Place:Appomattox Court House, Virginia
Muster Out Information:Surrendered
Side of War:Confederacy
Survived War?:Yes
Residence Place:Rowan County, North Carolina
Burial Place:Pulaski Co. AR
Cemetery:Iola Mission Cemty
Notes:1864-08-15 Returned, Estimated day
Additional Notes 2:Casualty 2 Date: 15 Dec 1862; Casualty 2 Casualty Type: Wounded;
Title:North Carolina Troops 1861-65, A Roster; Southern Historical Society Papers: Appomattox Paroles ANV; Various Cemetery listings on the internet

This 27 year old Alexander McQueen was injured at the Battle of Seven Pines, Virginia. It is said that he Surrendered, survived the War, had been a resident of Rowan County, NC and is buried in Pulaski, Arkansas.

A search for an Alexander McQueen in Rowan County only brings up the above military record.
A search for an Alexander McQueen in Pulaski Arkansas brings up Alexander McQueen, born in NC in 1834 and died in Pulaski, Arkansas in 1823.

So, which Alexander McQueen was he?
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Let's step back and take a look at the children of Martha Simmons McQueen.

Sarah Ann McQueen, born about 1861, was the daughter of  Alexander M. McQueen, Jr. and Martha Simmons, who married in 1859. In 1870, as I've shown, she lived in the household with her grandparents, Alexander McQueen, Sr. wife, Sarah and youngest son, Neil.  The name of Sarah Ann McQueen could be as confusing as Alexander, because she had an Aunt, Sarah Ann McQueen, born about 1840, who married John R McQueen, son of John McQueen of Richmond County, a brother of Alexander Sr. They were first cousins. There was also another cousin, whom I mentioned in my post on the children of Malcolm McQueen, named Sarah Ann McQueen, who born about 1839 or 1840, who ended up marrying Neil McQueen, who was in the household with this Sarah Ann in 1870. They were also first cousins. Not only were they not very original, they certainly liked keeping in it the family.

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On January 9, 1876, in Montgomery County, NC, this younger Sarah Ann McQueen would marry James Stevens Lake. She was 15 and he was 22, but at least he was not a relative. James Lake was the son of John Frederick Lake and Selina Wright Lake, and an orphan. He'd lost his father in 1863 and his mother in 1865.

On the marriage license, James parents are listed as deceased, however, Sarah Ann's parents, Alex'r and Martha McQueen are both listed as living. The ceremony was conducted by D. Deaton, Justice of the Peace and witnesses were Neil McQueen, Daniel Deaton and a G. L. Jordan.

They wasted no time having children, and Ida Lou Lake was born on September 2, 1878 and her brother, James Alexander Lake came exactly a year later in September of 1879.

Name:James A. Lake
Birth Date:Sep Abt 1879
Home in 1880:Owen, Saline, Arkansas, USA
Dwelling Number:135
Relation to Head of House:Grandson
Marital status:Single
Father's name:James Lake
Father's Birthplace:North Carolina
Mother's name:Sarah Lake
Mother's Birthplace:North Carolina
Household Members:
Alexander Mcqueen46
Susan Mcqueen36
Mary J. Mcqueen12
Elizabeth Mcqueen6
Nancy Mcqueen4
Nina Mcqueen2
William Mcqueen4/12
James Lake26
Sarah Lake19
Ida Lake2
James A. Lake9/12

Now, where do we find this family in 1880, just a year later? Living with Alexander McQueen and his wife, Sarah, in Saline County, Arkansas. But remember, Sarah Ann was the daughter of Alexander McQueen and Martha Simmons McQueen. The Alexander McQueen who married Susan Parker in McDowell County in 1867 and made his way from there to Tennesee and then down to Arkansas is now listed as the father of Sarah Ann McQueen Lake. She, her husband and two children are living with him. But Martha is back in Montgomery County, living down the way from his father.

So, now two Alexanders have merged into one, but not really. It just appears that Malcolms son Alexander disappeared into thin air. He must have died a young man, possibly in the Civil War. When you add these two in with their cousin, Alexander Joseph McQueen of Richmond County, it gets a little murky in the Civil War records.

I began by thinking one Alexander married Martha and another married Susan, but this was not the case. Neither did Alexander become a widower before remarrying. I do not know if he bothered to get a divorce, or if he just left Martha after the war and committed bigamy. Things were a bit informal sometimes during those years, apparently. He may have just said, "Buh-bye" and didn't look back.

Celebrating Filson Fathers with Jillian Lukiwski | The Filson Journal

What happened between Alexander and Martha? We may never know, but there may have been one hint in the person of James R. McQueen. While Sarah went to join her father in 1880, her son was even said to be born in Tennesee, James R. stayed in North Carolina. He also left his father's name off of his documents. He may have been angry, or, he may have had another mans genes.

So, the remainder of the story unfolds for only ONE Alexander M. McQueen.

His daughter Sarah appears to have died in Arkansas before 1886. Her husband, James Lake remarried a Cynthia Perkins and has 10 more children.

McQueen, Alex & family 01.jpg
Alexander and Susanna standing between porch posts. Daniel Lee standing right of Alexander. Unknown female in front of Alexander. William Haywood and wife Nancy by Susanna. Right of Haywood are Frank Ellis and Mittie McQueen-Ellis with four children. Unknown family on left could be Mary Jane Molly and husband John William Lawrence.

Alexander spent the remainder of his life in Pulaski County, Arkansas. He and Susan had a large family of their own and Alexander farmed and ran a mill until his death in 1923. In the 1920 census, at age 87, he is still listed as a Mill Wright.

Their children were;

1868' Mollie' - Mary Jane
1869 Margaret Alice
1870 Elizabeth
1871 Harden Quevnee
1876 Nancy Lourena
1878 Nina Belle
1880 William Haywood
1883 Daniel Lee
1886 Cornelia Ellen

Alexander outlived all but 3 of his children.

McQueen-Alexander M. McQueen obit

He was laid to rest in Little Rock.

Findagrave  Alexander M. McQueen

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