Wednesday, March 27, 2013


Over the past few weeks I have been doing quite a bit of traveling doing research in other counties and even another state.
Genealogy is a journey, a quest, an adventure. It's a search for knowledge, but at its very base, its about family.
While genea-treking is fabulous fun, and seeing new sites, or old sites in a different way, has its rewards, the bottom line of truth is that while I am out, driving about, and plundering through old graveyards and foreign archives, I am not spending time with my family. Genealogy is not only about those who came before, but also about those who come after. And, not only about those who have gone on, but those who are still here.

 I am on the second rung from the top of a four rung ladder: I have parents above me and children below me and a grandchild below that, with another to arrive this summer.
It doesn't get more exciting than the anticipation of a new member of the next generation.
The foot of my Grandbaby due in June

So I've decided to take a break. A hiatus from research.
My youngest growing up too fast
I will answer emails. I will probably even finish up a few blog posts I've already started, in the wee hours of the morning before work,and before anyone else has risen.
I've tossed out a fishing line or two, and if I get a bite, I will pull it in.
I've also sent off for more records, and if they arrive and reveal anything worthy of note, I might just have to share them.

But for the next few weeks, I'm going to concentrate on the living.  I've been doubly, triply and quadrupley blessed. Not only with parents who are incredible human beings, but with children of whom I am more than proud. And with those who've married into the family, I could not ask for better ones. Then the icing on the cake: a little man who astounds me with his brilliance, but aren't all grandchildren amazing?

My Wonderful Grandson

So its time to put a dustcover on the computer and shelve the census books. The dead can wait. The living can not.
My Eli

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