Thursday, March 6, 2014

Wordless Wednesday: The Estate Sale Notice of H. H. Davis

Sale of estate of Horton H. Davis by Francis Julina Aldridge Davis

This notice of the sale of the property of my Great-Great Grandfather, Horton Hampton Davis, appeared in the Stanly Enterprise, April 18, 1907 edition. Haut or Hawk, as he was called, was born on October 6, 1846, in Stanly County, North Carolina to Henry Davis, eldest son of Job and Sarah Winfield Davis and Henry's second wife, Martha Palmer Davis. He married Francis Julina Aldridge September 10, 1889. This ad refers to her as "Julia F. Davis". I love how first and middle names were interchangeable in those days. It makes research..interesting, to say the least. Two years later, Julina is having to sell off the property, for money to live on, as her "Year's allowance" would have ran out. 

Here's a question for those who might know. At what point in history did counties stop with alloting widows a year's allowance as a right of inheritance? 

This shows that H. H. Davis's property did reach to the Rocky River. It adjoined to the most part, relatives. C. H. Aldridge stood for Caleb Hampton "Hamp" Aldridge, his brother-in-law. J T Crump was John T. Crump, the man who married widow Rebecca Hathcock Davis, the widow of Edward Winfield Davis, Hawk's uncle and guardian after the death of Henry in 1862. J. P. Aldridge was Pink Aldridge, another Great Great-Grandfather of mine down another line, and a first cousin of Julina and Hamp's. 

The "Carron" mentioned as in "Carron's Corner", that one is an unknown. 

The ad even explains that Hawk owned two tracts of land, the 25 acres on the Rocky River, which was probably his share of the property after Henry died, as his Uncle, E. W. Davis had sold most of Henry's property for debts and his own expenses and other claims. Neddy was a good man, but some of his business dealings were questionable, at best. 

The other tract of land was originally a 37 acres tract that H. H. bought from E. W. (or Hawk from Ned, as they were called). Then, at a later date, Hawk had sold 17 acres of that tract to his wife's brother Hamp. 

Hawk and Julina raised 11 children together. Not all of them were Hawk's. At least two of them were Whitley's. 

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