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Time-lining the family of Henry Melton, Jr. of Granville.

From land records in early Granville County, we see Henry Melton, Jr. first appearing as a taxable poll, along with his brother James in 1764. Prior to that,  Henry, Senior was counted as a single poll. A son, Benjamin, would also show up in another year, and a Richard Melton was shown simultaneously as Henry Sr. working as an overseer for William House. Richard could have been a brother or other relative of Henry Sr.

There were some recorded land transactions between Henry Sr., William Craig, and a Roland Gooch of Mecklenburg County, Virginia.
My intentions are not to track the source of the Melton family, but to establish a connection between John Sr. of Montgomery/Stanly county and Joseph Melton the first, who served in the War of 1812 and lived in the same area of Stanly County as John in the same era.
There was also a James Melton in early land records, that was most likely John's younger brother, James.
In Granville deed book K, a land transaction involving William Craig in 1773, mentions a tract of land "Henry Melton Senior took up which he obtained of my Lord Earl of Granville agent bearing date 25 June 1761.
There are two mentions of this property and the date and Benjamin Whicker, Jr. living on this land and property. The customs of the times and consensus of prior researchers seem to suggest that Henry was the son-in-law of  Benjamin Whicker.

Feb 2 1767, 6 years after obtaining the Granville grant, Henry sells a portion of his property, "on both sides of Howlet's Creek, bordering the properties of Harris, Ester, and Cook, and "also being the land and plantation Benjamin Whicker Jun' lives on" . Witnesses were Veasey Husbands, Thomas Whicker, Benjamin Whicker.
Here, we will stop the timeline and address the lineage as records suggest.
Henry Melton, Sr. may have married Mary Whicker. The Pomphery names is most likely up the family tree somewhere.
1840's style home in Franklin County, North Carolina

Three known sons: Henry Jr. , James, Benjamin.
Henry Jr. married Agnes Sears, daughter of John Sears Jr. and wife Violett.
Descendants of John Sears Jr. were:
William Sears
Anne Sears Barnette
Agnes Sears Melton
Mary Sears Grisham
Elizabeth Sears Harris
Sarah Sears Hester
Temperance Sears Hicks
The surnames of Agnes's sisters are notable as two of her daughters married sons of her sisters. Also, when her sister Tempy died, her two teen-aged sons, Harris and Absolom were bound to Henry to learn the trade if blacksmithing. Henry was a blacksmith and the trade was also noted with Stanly County Meltons, particularly Elbert, who had a brother named Harris.
Children of Henry Melton, Jr. and Agnes "Aggie" or " Haggie" Sears Melton:
Stephen married Elizabeth Puryear
Elizabeth married Jeremiah Frazier
Joanna married Michael Hester
Susanna married Ezekial Jackson
John married Margaret Wilkinson
Sarah married David Harris
James married Elizabeth Pettypool
Pomfrett married Sally Adcock
Henry III

Stephen was likely the oldest son, as he was the dominant member of the family after the death of his father.
John would be the next oldest son, as he was an adult at the time of his father's death about 1808. The sisters were all adults, or wives, at least, as none of them were appointed guardians.
The other 3 sons were appointed guardians, and therefore were under age:
Pomfrett - Stephen Samples
Henry - James Smith
James - Davis Harris, his brother-in-law.
Henry was likely the youngest as he recieved special treatment in the 1822 will of oldest brother Stephen.
Timeline after 1770:
1774 Henry bondsman for J. Pomfrett Davis wedding to Lydia Satterwhite.

1783 Henry makes out his will

1789 Joanna marries Michael Hester

Elizabeth 'Betsy' marries Jeremiah Frasier

1796 In Franklin County, Joseph Melton marries Abigail Bass, Goodwin Soloman bm

1799 Stephen Melton marries Elizabeth Puryear

1802 Sarah Melton marries David Harris

1804 John witness to a Williams wedding in Franklin County

1805 Catherine Melton marries Stephen Sandford

1805 Logestine Pettipool marries Letty Wilkerson

1808 Account of sales of Henry's estate

1809 Report of David Harris as guardian of James

1810 John marries Margaret Wilkerson

1810 Sale of Henry Melton's estate

1813 Pomfrett Melton marries Sarah 'Sally' Adcock

1816 Susannah Melton marries Ezekial Jackson

1819 John Melton is in Person County for the wedding of Rhoda Wilkerson, Peggy's sister, to Israel Eastwood, acts as bondsman

John and Peggy went somewhere in Virginia after this, as a few of their older children were born in Virginia.
1822 Bad year for the family:
Paternal grandfather John Sears, Jr. dies

Stephen Melton makes out his will after serving as bondsman for a number of persons including Peyton Puryear. He favors niece by marriage, Elizabeth Puryear, daughter of Peyton Puryear, and younger brother Henry, in addition to his wife.

1828 Widow Elizabeth Puryear Melton takes family of her husband to court

1830 She gets her dower

1830 John Melton appoints an attorney from Person County, Gabriel Bailey to serve his interest in collecting money from David J Young.

1830 census of Stanly County shows 2 John Meltons, 2 Joseph Meltons and Betsy Melton households. One Joseph is the son of John the elder. His second marriage license to Mary Ann ' Polly'  Solomon lists his parents as John and Margaret Melton. Henry shows up in 1840.

Next, The Wills of Henry Jr. and Stephen.

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