Monday, June 24, 2013

The Mystery of Eliza Ann Davis

Looking through the early deeds of Stanly County, I came across this interesting document:

This document was interesting in many ways. I knew that "Eleazer Jane" had to be a member of our set of 'Davis's' due to the witness of Edward Winfield Davis. Also, John Lee and other members of his family were closely involved with our Davis's. Edward Winfield, uncle of E. W. Davis, had married Susanna Lee and James M. Davis, brother of E.W., had married Rowena Lee.

This document was a transfer of a 7 year old girl from the possession of John Lee to that of Eliza Jane Davis. (Eleazer was likely how her name was pronounced in the old Southern syncopation). The fee involved was $1.00. A dollar was, even in 1845, a nominal fee, meaning, the transaction was more of a gift, and that the dollar involved was merely nominal, as in when one family member sells a house, or car, for $1.00, just to show a change of hands with the money and property. The 'property' in this case was a little girl named Clementine.

I have already done a post on Clementine Barringer who was found living with great, great grandfather H. H. "Hawk" Davis in 1880 with her 3 young daughters. Clementine Barringer was born a slave. The age given for Clementine in 1880 was 35, meaning she was born around 1845. In the document, the child is 7. The ages in census records can be far off, as census takers guessed an age, or was speaking to an individual who guessed an age. Could Clementine actually have been several years older than 35 in 1880? Could she have been the Clementine involved in this document? I've found that she had married a James Barringer. Could this have been her beginning with the involvement with the Davis family? Clementine "Tiny" Barringer is buried in the Old Davis cemetery on Old Davis Road in southern Stanly County, along with Job and Sarah and other members of the Davis family.
Horton Hampton "Haut" Davis

But who was Eliza Jane, exactly. I thought the best place to look would be the branch who had married a Lee, the family of James "Jim" Davis, second born son of Job.

Jim and Rowena had 13 children. Their oldest daughter was Elizabeth Jane. She was born July 12, 1829. Her first husband was Steven Crump, Jr. The Davis girls were much involved with the Crump family. Elizabeth's cousin Sarah "Sallie" Davis would marry Steven's brother, Woodson Crump and Sallie's younger sister, Margaret Victoria Davis, would marry Woodson's son William D Crump, a stepson to her sister.

Elizabeth Jane and Steven Crump, Jr. would have only one daughter, Charlotte Sophronia Crump and the Elizabeth would marry a widower, Ephraim Mauney, brother-in-law of her younger sister, Wincy Catherine Davis, or "W. C."  She and Ephraim Mauney would have one daughter, Tallulah. They would move to Gold Hill, just up the road a short distance from Stanly County in southern Rowan. Gold Hill was a gold mining community.

But was Elizabeth Jane Davis and Eliza Jane Davis, the same?

Then I found this history of the Crump family.

) (Source: 1850 U S Census NC, Stanley
County.) was born Abt. 1823 in North Carolina, and died Bef. 1858 in North Carolina. He married ELIZA JANE
DAVIS (Source: 1850 U S Census NC, Stanley County.) Abt. 1849 in Stanley County, NC, daughter of JAMES
DAVIS and ROWENE. She was born 12 Jul 1829 in North Carolina, and died 01 Jan 1880.
Stephen, Jr. is in the household of his uncle James Crump just two doors away from his father, Stephen in the
1850 Stanley County census. ELC 4/2004

 CRUMP (Source: 1850 U S Census NC, Stanley County.), b. May 1850.

The Crump family history has Elizabeth as "Eliza Jane" and not Elizabeth. This is most likely what she was known by. As others with this name were not born or not old enough in 1845 to have recieved such a gift, this has to be the case. in 1845, Eliza Jane herself was only 16 years old. Clementine was possibly a 'coming of age gift' from John Lee.

The following is the inscription on the headstone of Eliza Jane:
The pain of life is past.
warefare now is o'er
For God & sun & song
Triumphing in Paradice.
wife of
Daughter of J & R Davis
Died Jan 1, 1880,
50 yrs. 5 mos. & 19 dys.

Ther e is a simple Footstone bearing the initials E.J.M.


  1. There is an Eliza Ann Kendall who was the third wife of Stephen Crump.

    She was was about 16 when she married the 60 year old Stephen. Stephen died in 1859 when Eliza Ann was pregnant with their fifth child.

    After Stephen died, Eliza Ann married William Edward Davis. They had three daughters, Lila, Annie, and Hattie.

    This is their headstone

  2. Stephen Crump Jr was likely not the son of Stephen Crump, but is instead the son of Stephen's brother, James Crump and that is why they are on the 1850 Census with James Crump. In James Crump intestate probate papers it lists "Sophrona Crump, infant of Stephen Crump deceased".

    There is no provision in the intestate estate of Stephen Crump for the children of a deceased son Stephen Crump or any mention of a son named Stephen Crump.

    James Crump's youngest daughter was

    Sophronia (Crump) (Lee) Staton
    BIRTH 28 APR 1828 • Anson County, North Carolina
    DEATH 12 SEP 1876 • Burnsville, Anson County, North Carolina

    Sophrona, granddaughter of James Crump was likely named after her aunt.