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The Ordinary Lives of Barbara and Ellen


John L. Falkner of Anson County had 15 children , 7  of which were daughters. He was my 3rd Great Grandfather, and one of my brickwall ancestors. In order to find out more about him, and possibly his origins, I am, one by one, taking a closer look at his children, where sometimes clues can be found. 

His oldest daughter was Martha, born about 1834, and the only daughter that we know of by his first wife, Patience. I blogged on Marta's unusual life in my post:

The Scent of a Black Dragon Cedar

His younger two were  daughters, Sarah Frances, aka Fanny and Ella Elizabeth. Fanny was my second great grandmother, and her life was not as interesting as that of Martha and Ella, but as she was mine, she was the subject of my recent post titled Fannie. 


Ella, the youngest, however, had a more brisk and interesting life and I covered her in my recent post, The Black Widow.

ck Widow

Two other daughters, Luanna (1850) and Silvia (1866), seem to have passed away as children, as often happened in those days. That leaves Barbara and Ellen, the two who led more ordinary lives,  had lived to see adulthood,and pass on the family genes. They deserve a mention.

Ellen was the older of the two, being born in 1855, but they were subsequent sisters, Barbara coming next, being three years younger. In the 1860 and 1870 census records, Ellen is shown in her parents Lanesboro home, at 5 and 15, respectively.. 

Enter Michael Hoke Hartsell. Mike was a Union County boy, born to a Cabarrus County family. Born in 1853, he was the son of Aaron and Caroline Dunn Hartsell. At 17 in 1870, he was already independently working on his own as farm labor. On August 6, 1872, Mike had married Martha Falkner, the oldest daughter of John and Susan Webster Falkner.

Martha had a ten year old daughter at the time, but must have kept her hidden from Mike Hartsell, possibly by keeping her among her father's people. In 1873, a year, or less, after the wedding, Martha gave birth to another daughter, Margaret Alice.. Mike Hartsell could look at the child and tell she was not his. Mike and Martha were both white and the child was of mixed race. So was Martha's older daughter, Princess Ann and so was her son, Robert, born two years later.

Mike quietly 'put Martha away ', and on August 1, 1876, four years after he married Martha, he married her younger sister, Ellen. This one would stick.

The couple originally lived in Goose Creek, in Union County, where Mike was from, but they soon moved to Clear Creek in Mecklenburg County, NC, not far, where they would settle. 

They were simple yeoman farmers, as most people to were in those days, surviving on what they grew, and growing a large family to help on the farm.

Mike and Ellen were obviously a healthy match. In a time with high infant mortality and ferocious childhood maladies, they lost not one of their nine children before adulthood. Ellen is seen in 1900 and 1910 as being the mother of 9 children, with all 9 living. 

In 1918, Mike Hartsell would pass away from heart trouble at 65. Ellen would live for nearly another twenty years. She would take up residence with their son, Roy Lee Hartsell, in Dulins Grove, Mecklenburg County, and would die of heart trouble as well, but at the age of 81.

Ellen Faulkner Hartsell passed away on January 25, 1937. She and Michael Hoke Hartsell are buried at Dulins Grove Advent Christian Church Cemetery in the Clear Creek Community of Mecklenburg County, very near it's border with both Union and Cabarrus Counties. They had settled in, and raised their family, in the little community of Allen. 

It was studying the records of Mike and Ellen's children that I discovered she also bore two Christian names, like that of most of her siblings. Her full name was Eve Ellen Falkner Hartsell. 

The nine healthy children of Lucky Ellen and Mike Hartsell were:

1) Ada Elizabeth Hartsell (1877-1950) Married John Ellis Kiker. Lived in Clear Creek, Mecklenburg.

2) James Franklin Hartsell (1879-1938) Married Hattie Minerva Helms. Lived in various places at times, settled in Locust, in Stanly County. Was Postmaster there in 1905.

Name:Michael Hartsell
Birth Date:Abt 1854
Birthplace:South Carolina
Home in 1880:Goose Creek, Union, North Carolina, USA
Dwelling Number:201
Relation to Head of House:Self (Head)
Marital Status:Married
Spouse's Name:Elen Hartsell
Father's Birthplace:North Carolina
Mother's Birthplace:North Carolina
Cannot Read:Yes
Cannot Write:Yes
Household Members (Name)AgeRelationship
Michael Hartsell26Self (Head)
Elen Hartsell23Wife
A. E. Hartsell3Daughter
Jas. F. Hartsell7/12Son

James and Ada were the two children shown with Mike and Ellen in 1880.

3) Bedie Lou Harstell (1881-1950) Married * John T. Burnette, son of Harvey A. and Elizabeth Burnette. Lived in the Bethel Church/ Midland area.

4) Susan Frances Hartsell ( 1884-1950) Married Wilson Thomas Eudy. Settled in the Clear Creek area. Not to be confused with a Sarah Elizabeth Hartsell who married an Eudy that some people keep getting her mixed up with. Sarah Elizabeth was not the daughter of Mike and Ellen.

5) Cora Adeline Hartsell (1887-1970). Married William Jackson Howell. Moved around a bit between Marshville, Monroe and Concord, North Carolina.

6) Cyrus Michael Hartsell (1889- 1920) Married Mary E. Coley. Had three children : Viola Estelle, Altha Mae and John W. Hartsell. Served in WWI, and died in 1920, of influenza.


The Concord Daily Tribune

Concord, North Carolina
24 Feb 1920, Tue  •  Page 3

7) Charles W. Hartsell (1891-1917) 

Charlie was the Hartsell family's sacrifice to WWI. He died of Bronchio Pnuemonia while in service.

8) Roy Lee Hartsell ( 1894-1953) Married Ada Belle Whitley and settled in Clear Creek, Mecklenburg County. Took care of his mother until her death in 1937.

9) Marcenia Estelle Hartsell Burnette (1897-1957) Married * William Mack Burnette, Sr., son of William Henry and Molly Crump Burnette. Moved from Clear Creek to Charlotte. 

* Although two sisters, Beadie and Marcenia, married Burnettes, the Burnettes were not brothers.

The one that was and the one that wasn't. There's a crack in several family trees that people fall through. That crack is the 20 year gap between the 1880 and 1900 census records. Seriously, there are more records than the census that connects a family together, and those can be misleading. Every child that lived with a family was not necessarily their own, and children who were born soon after the 1880 census, were sometimes out on their own, and even married before 1900. Such was the case in Mike and Ellen's family.

In seems nearly every family tree has given them an extra son, William Henry or Walter Henry Hartsell. This man existed. He was born in Cabarrus County in 1881 and died in Mecklenburg in 1930. It would make sense for this to have been their son, but he wasn't. 

Above is the death certificate for Walter Henry Hartsell, naming a Mike Hartsell as his father, which apparently has many folks confused.

Walter married Ruby Auten and was the son of Michael G. and Serena Isabell Hartsell, not Michael H. and Ellen. 

An excerpt from the 1900 census showing Walter living on Long Creek in Mecklenburg County, with his real parents, Mike and Serena. 

On the flipside, their missing child who made up the actual total of 9 Ellen claimed in both 1900 and 1910, was Beady Hartsell Burnette. She was born in 1881 and died in 1935. Not a single family tree has her as one of Mike and Ellens children, except mine. And she was.

Beadie Hartsells' marriage license showing her parents as M H and Ellen Hartsell. 

Beady was born after the 1880 census and married before the 1900 one, and had fallen through the cracks. In fact, she had been born, married and became a mother, all within those 20 years, as her daughter, Annie Bell, had been born in 1898, and her son David Alexander, had came along in 1900.

Each of John and Susan Webster Falkner's children informed something about them. Ella had told us John's middle initial was "L". Ellen let me know that John had died by her August 1st wedding in 1876. 

A portion of Mike and Ellen's marriage certificate showing John as deceased and Susan as living.

Barbara let us know, probably, where her living mother, Susan, was living in 1880, although she was not listed in the census. 

Barbara Allen Faulkner was born about 1858.

She claimed to be 17 when she married James W Covington on May 17, 1875. Again, John was reported as dead and Susan, alive. The couple married at the home of a Mr. Hasty.

In the 1880 census, their first, James and Barbara were still living in Lanesboro, where she grew up. Their first son, Tilden had arrived. Barbara was living very near her brother, Azariah Falkner, indicating that this was probably the area John Falkner had raised his children. An interesting neighbor was William Hildreth and his family. This William was the son of David Hildreth Jr. and this property is where the old Hildreth cemetery remains, and on land still in the Hildreth family not far from White's Store. This proximity to the Hildreth family may be a key to the Hildreth genetic connections I've been exploring. 

Another thing about Barbara was her name, Barbara Allen, clearly repeated by her children at several junctures. Allen was not a common name for a woman, unless it was replayed in it's entirety, as "Barbara Allen", like "Jane Smith", or "Hannah Bushrod", suggesting the girl was named in full course, for one of her female predecessors. There is even a history of the Covington family who lists Barbara only as Barbara Allen, not 'Barbara Allen Faulkner', but just Barbara Allen. As there was a pretty exspansive Allen family who had settled in the area where the Rocky River met the Pee Dee and spread out over the effected counties thereabouts, I wondered if Barbara Falkners name could have been a 'cookie crumb' leading to an ancestor, or just another girl, like me, named for a song, like the old English folksong. "Barbara Allen", a tale of unrequitted love.

Unlike the ancient Ballad, however, this Aunt 'Barbary' found a love that lasted a lifetime, although her livetime wasnt' that long by today's standards.

Name:James Covington
Birth Date:May 1852
Birthplace:North Carolina, USA
Home in 1900:Lanesboro, Anson, North Carolina
House Number:0
Sheet Number:14
Number of Dwelling in Order of Visitation:263
Family Number:263
Relation to Head of House:Head
Marital Status:Married
Spouse's Name:Barbary Covington
Marriage Year:1875
Years Married:25
Father's Birthplace:North Carolina, USA
Mother's Birthplace:North Carolina, USA
Months Not Employed:0
Can Read:Yes
Can Write:Yes
Can Speak English:Yes
House Owned or Rented:Own
Home Free or Mortgaged:F
Farm or House:F
Household Members (Name)AgeRelationship
James Covington48Head
Barbary Covington44Wife
Hattie Covington19Daughter
John Covington16Son
Minnie Covington13Daughter
Nona Covington10Daughter
Harley Covington7Son
Annie Covington4Daughter
Blanche Covington2Daughter

In 1900, Jim and Barbara are still found in Lanesboro, with most of their large family intact. They were a farm family still, as was most in this era. Jim was also an agent for a company that sold 'guano', as a fertilization aide for farmers. Barbara claimed to be the mother of 10 children, with 9 living, however, there are only 7 listed here, and the only one missing that I know of was the oldest son, Dock Tillman or Tilden, who was already married and on his own. 

Name:Dock T Covington[Dock H Covington]
Birth Date:Sep 1876
Birthplace:North Carolina, USA
Home in 1900:Ansonville, Anson, North Carolina
Sheet Number:18
Number of Dwelling in Order of Visitation:306
Family Number:306
Relation to Head of House:Head
Marital Status:Married
Spouse's Name:Sallie C Covington
Marriage Year:1896
Years Married:4
Father's Birthplace:North Carolina, USA
Mother's Birthplace:North Carolina, USA
Household Members (Name)AgeRelationship
Dock T Covington23Head
Sallie C Covington25Wife
Ollie V Covington3Daughter
Onie E Covington1Daughter

Dock and his wife, Sallie, were living in Ansonville and were already parents of two little girls, Ollie Virginia and Onie Elizabeth  Covingotn. Dock had married Sarah Chanise "Sallie" Turner, a sister of William Alexander Turner and James Stevenson Turner, whom Baraba's younger sisters, Fannie and Ella had married. As William Alexander Turner and Fannie Falkner Turner were my second Great Grandparents, I have a doubled relation to descendants of Dock and Sallie, sharing Faulkner dna through Dock and Turner dna through Sallie.

By 1910, James Washington Covington had moved his family to Wolf Pit, in neighboring Richmond County. I don't know the reasons behinde the move, but the 1910 census gives us the following information.

Name:James Covington
Age in 1910:58
Birth Date:1852[1852]
Birthplace:North Carolina
Home in 1910:Wolf Pit, Richmond, North Carolina, USA
Relation to Head of House:Head
Marital Status:Married
Spouse's Name:Barbra Covington
Father's Birthplace:North Carolina
Mother's Birthplace:North Carolina
Native Tongue:English
Occupation:Farm Laborer
Industry:Working Out
Employer, Employee or Other:Wage Earner
Home Owned or Rented:Own
Home Free or Mortgaged:Free
Farm or House:House
Able to read:Yes
Able to Write:Yes
Years Married:34
Out of Work:N
Number of Weeks Out of Work:0
Household Members (Name)AgeRelationship
James Covington58Head
Barbra Covington50Wife
Nona Covington19Daughter
Hally Covington17Son
Annie Covington14Daughter
Blanch Covington12Daughter
Henry C Covington9Son
Iler Covington6Daughter

James owned his own home, free and clear without a mortgage. He was 58, and working as a Farm Laborer, but his oldest three children at home, Nona, Hollie and Annie, were working in a Cotton Mill. Barbara, now 50, was a housewife and Blanch, 12, was attending school. Barbara, again, reported to be the mother of 10 children, with 9 living, although she had added two, Henry Clay and Ila, since the last census. The couple had been married for 34 years. Everyone could read and write except the youngest two, which is a little puzzling since they were 9 and 6 already.

So there were 6 children in the home. Two had been added, but four were missing. That adds up to 10. The math wasn't working, as 10 years prior, she'd given the same numbers. The four missing were now adults, staring with oldest son, Dock Tilden Covington.

Name:Dock L Covington[Back L Evernston]
Age in 1910:33
Birth Date:1877[1877]
Birthplace:North Carolina
Home in 1910:Morven, Anson, North Carolina, USA
Street:Camdon Road
Relation to Head of House:Head
Marital Status:Married
Spouse's Name:Sallie Covington
Father's Birthplace:North Carolina
Mother's Birthplace:North Carolina
Native Tongue:English
Industry:General Farm
Employer, Employee or Other:Employer
Home Owned or Rented:Rent
Farm or House:Farm
Able to read:Yes
Able to Write:Yes
Years Married:15
Household Members (Name)AgeRelationship
Dock L Covington33Head
Sallie Covington35Wife
Olla V Covington13Daughter
Onnie E Covington11Daughter
Dorie Covington9Daughter
Walter Covington7Son
Hattie Covington5Daughter
Berlaster L Covington3Son
Bennett Covington2Son
Anna Covington0Daughter
George Turner17Nephew

Dock and Sallie had grown their family to 8 children and the George Turner who was living with them was the son of  Barbara's sister, Ella.

Oldest daughter, Hattie O. Covington was born in 1880 and on December 23, 1903, she had married William Hardy Kelly, from Rockingham, Richmond county, son of George and Flora Kelly. There's a sad story to follow.

Tombstone of Hattie Covington Kelly

Hattie died just two years later, on January 17, 1905, at the age of 24. She was buried at Northam Cemetery in Rockingham, Richmond County, NC.  William would remarry a couple of years later to a girl named Minnie Lee Guin and have two daughter, Hattie Viringia and Wilma. I'm not sure if the oldest, Hattie Virginia, was Hattie's daughter, or just named for her. In 1910, William, Minnie and little Hattie are in Wolf Pit, Richmond County, but City Directories find him and Minnie in Charlotte, where he is working as a machinist. Then Minnie passes away at 34, in 1918, after the time death certificates have stareted being issued of 'Acute intestinal auto intoxication', which isn't even a practical prognosis anymore, and was based on an ancient fallacy. She probably had some type of toxemia.


The Charlotte News

Charlotte, North Carolina
11 Feb 1918, Mon  •  Page 10

Minnie had a nice obituary, which explain her illness had lasted a few weeks. What it didn't tell, and what the cemetery would reveal, was that W. H. Kelly and Minnie had also had two sons. Boyd had been born September 3, 1912, and had died on Feb. 3, 1914 at the age of  17 months old of bronchial pnuemonia. William P Kelly was born on January 21, 1915, about a year after his brother's death, and died on May 8th, 1917, just a month shy of his second birthday, of Lobar pnuemonia. Their mother, Minnie, would pass away just 9 months later. In the description of the anitquated cause of death, 'autointoxication', it was stated that drug addictions and intentional overdoses were sometimes also heaped under this diagnosis, so I wonder if the loss of her sons may have led Minnie to an addiction that had led to her toxic gut condtion.

Name:John Thomas Covington
Birth Year:abt 1885
Marriage Date:30 May 1909
Marriage Place:Union, North Carolina, USA
Father:James Covington
Mother:Barbee Covington
Spouse:Lula May Smith
Spouse Gender:Female
Spouse Race:White
Spouse Age:20
Spouse Father:Pleasant Smith
Spouse Mother:Mary Smith
Event Type:Marriage

The third missing Covington in 1910 was third born John Thomas, born in 1883 and married in 1909 to Lula Mae Smith of  Union County. I like how he identified his maother as "Barbee". 

Name:Eugene M Siueth[Eugene M Smith]
Age in 1910:26
Birth Date:1884[1884]
Birthplace:North Carolina
Home in 1910:Rockingham, Richmond, North Carolina, USA
Street:Bunker Street
House Number:35
Relation to Head of House:Head
Marital Status:Married
Spouse's Name:Minnie E Smith
Father's Birthplace:North Carolina
Mother's Birthplace:North Carolina
Native Tongue:English
Industry:Cotton Mill
Employer, Employee or Other:Wage Earner
Home Owned or Rented:Rent
Farm or House:House
Able to read:Yes
Able to Write:Yes
Years Married:2
Out of Work:N
Number of Weeks Out of Work:0
Household Members (Name)AgeRelationship
Eugene M Siueth26Head
Minnie E Smith23Wife
Flora A Smith0Daughter

The last missing Covington was fourth born, Minnie Elizabeth. She married Eugene Mason Smith, not a sibling of Lula, on February 23, 1908. in 1910, the young couple were living in Rockingham, working in the cotton mills, and had given birth to thier first daughter, Flora.

Taken by Junious, Find-a-Grave

1910 was a focal point for me because it was the last census for both Jim and Barbara. Barbara was the first to go, just a year later on November 4, 1911. Death Certificates were only beginning to be issued, and she did not have one, so the cause is unknown. So many plagues were going around in those days. She was only 52 and still had a number of young children at home.

Jim followed four years later on June 24, 1915. He didn't have a death certificate, either, but he did have an estate record. Oldest son, D. T. Covington (Dock Tilden), was named executor and the following heirs were named: D. T. Covington, John Covington, Minnie Covington Smith, Nona Covington Gay, Annie Covinton Manness, Hollie Mae Covington (minor) [inserted at that point], Blanche Covington, Clay Covington and Ila Covington.

The living nine, only Hattie, who died in 1905, was missing.

The Ten known children of Barabara Allen Falkner and Jim Covington were as follows:

1) Dock Tilden Covington (1877-1943) Married Sarah Chanise "Sallie" Turner. The lived equally in Anson, and then, Richomnd Counties. He died in Moore County. Because both Barbara and Sallie  were Great Great Aunts of mine, this family appears in my family tree twice. 

Due to the double relationship, I'm listing their children;

 A) Ollie Virginia Covington Carter 1897-1961, 

B) Onie Elizabeth Covington Myers 1899-1973

C) Dovie Allen Covington Kelly 1900-1941

D) Walter James Covington 1902-1990

E) Hattie Byrd Covington Watson 1904-1970

F) Lassiter Tilden Covington 1906-1966

G) Bennett Mallie Covington 1908-1996

H) Annie Mae Covington Cole 1910-1954

I) Sallie Pauline Covington Cole 1913-1985

J) Beulah Hazel Covington Long 1915-1987

K) Nelllie J. Covington Jurney 1917-1989

2) Hattie Odessa Covington Kelly (1880-1905) Married Walter Hardy Kelly. Died in Rockingham.

3) John Thomas Covington (1883-1945) Married Lula Smith. Lived in Hamlet, Richomnd County.

Labeled 'Luther , Clay and John Covington

4) Minnie Elizabeth Covingotn Smith (1887-1925) Married Eugen Mason Smith. Lived in Rockingham.

Minnie C. Smith

5)  Nona Faye Covington Gay (1889-1992) Married James Starling Gay,Jr. Lived in Richmond and Moore Counties before settling in Alamance.

6) Hollie F. Covington (1892-1914) Married Betha J Smith. Hollie died in Richmond County at age 22 of Thyphoid Fever on December 12, 1914. His young bride was pregnant with their first child when he passed away. It was a little girl that Bertha named Hollie Mae Covington, who was born just 4 months later on April 19, 1915.  As luck would have it, Bertha's very own mother,  Maggie Gray Smith, was also pregnant, at age 39, and gave birth to a daughter, Maggie Ledonia Smith, on May 29, 1915, one month after Hollie's birth.

Tragedy would not end there. Bertha seems to have leaned on her parents after her husbands death, which only makes sense, especially given how very young she was. On March 24, 1919, Bertha Jean Smith Covington died of TB. Having been born on Christmas day, 1900, she was only 18 years old.

Name:Henry Smith
Birth Year:abt 1877
Birthplace:North Carolina
Home in 1920:Wolf Pit, Richmond, North Carolina
Street:Mill Street
House Number:38
Residence Date:1920
Relation to Head of House:Head
Marital Status:Married
Spouse's Name:Maggie Smith
Father's Birthplace:North Carolina
Mother's Birthplace:North Carolina
Able to Speak English:Yes
Industry:Cotton Mill
Employment Field:Wage or Salary
Home Owned or Rented:Rented
Able to Write:No
Household Members (Name)AgeRelationship
Henry Smith43Head
Maggie Smith42Wife
Hollie M Smith4Daughter
Maggie Smith3Daughter
Nathan Smith41Brother

Little Hollie went to live with her Grandparents Smith. Her Aunt Maggie, only a month younger than she, must have been like a sister to her. Just a year after her mother's death, Hollie was listed as a daughter in her grandparents household. Henry and his brother, Nathan, supported the household by working in the Cotton Mills of Rockingham. It's amazing to see how many families had switched from the farm life to a mill in this era for a livlihood.

Only 5 years later, with the girls only about 9 yers old, their beautiful grandmother, Maggie Grey Smith, woud die of apoplexy on September 3, 1925, after about a week in the hospital. She was 48.

Name:William H Smith
Birth Year:abt 1876
Age in 1930:54
Birthplace:North Carolina
Marital Status:Widowed
Relation to Head of House:Head
Home in 1930:Wolf Pit, Richmond, North Carolina, USA
Map of Home:
Street Address:Rail Road Street
House Number:39
Dwelling Number:268
Family Number:270
Home Owned or Rented:Rented
Home Value:3
Radio Set:No
Lives on Farm:No
Attended School:No
Able to Read and Write:No
Father's Birthplace:North Carolina
Mother's Birthplace:North Carolina
Able to Speak English:Yes
Industry:Cotton Mill
Class of Worker:Wage or salary worker
Household Members (Name)AgeRelationship
William H Smith54Head
Maggie L Smith14Daughter
Hollie M Covington14Granddaughter

The girls would remain with William, Henry Smith, and were found with him in 1930, their relationships to him correct. Henry would live another 5 years, also dying young, at age 59. By then, both of the girls were married. Hollie married Hillard Bill Brigman and her sister/aunt Maggie married his brother, Conley Thomas Brigman. Hilliard and Conley were sons of  John and Maggie Brigman. Hollie and Bill would experience another major tragedy when their firstborn daughter, Billie Jean, died of Scarlett Fever. they would go on to have two more daughters, one named for her grandmother, Barbara. Maggie and Conley also had two daughters, one named for her sister, Bertha.

7) Anna Eliza "Annie" Covington Manness (1895- 1983) Married Eli Carson Maness. Annie married a Methodist Minister, whose profession took the family on various moves around the state, including, Moore, Chatham, Wake,Person and Gaston Counties.

Anna Eliza Covington Manesss

8) Desda Blanche Covington Maness (1899-1965) Married Dewey Roscoe Maness. Settled in Robeson County. Lost both children tragically young. No descendants.

9) Henry Clay Covington (1900-1970). Married Bertie Lathan. Settled in Whiteville, Columbus County, N.C. 


The News and Observer

Raleigh, North Carolina
25 Oct 1970, Sun  •  Page 12

10) Ila Gertrude Covington O'Keefe (1905-1988) Married 1st Oscar Lemuel Tyson, Sr., married 2nd James B. Scattergood, married 3rd Thomas J. O'Keefe. Three children, Barbara, Doris and Jr. with Oscar.

Some trees have attributed Ila to her sister, Minnie, which is quite possible, as Minnie was 18 when she was born and Barbara was a little 'long-in-the-tooth', as far as child-bearing years go, (46). However, I've seen no documentation to suggest this. All of her reocrds  lists Jim and Barbara as her parents and she is included as a child in Jim's estate records. 

Barbara and Ellen lived subtle and more normal lives in the era that the Good Lord placed them in. Both have many descendants living today and all contribute to the family tree and my genetic research into where their father, my third Great Grandfather, John Falkner, came from.

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