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Thomas Henderson of Onslow County: The Timeline

While researching the mystery and conundrum that was Thomas Henderson "also known as" Jonas Solomon, I have met a few interesting, devotedly curious and informative "cousins". I quote the cousin part simply because they are many generations removed and are actually descended from Mr. Henderson/Solomon's cousin, Levy Hart. As cousin envelopes anyone connected within the same family tree, it's a good word to use, no matter the size of the tree or depth of the roots.
Others are busy exploring his existence prior to arriving in North Carolina, so I am attempting to discover as much as possible about him and his family after arriving here. It is unknown when he married the second time, only that he already had a living wife, Hannah, still in New Jersey when he did. Most likely, she lived in Onslow County prior to his arrival. However, it is quite possible that she came with him from New Jersey or that he met her along the way. It is known, however, that they had at least 4 children: Thomas Jr., Solomon, Alexander and Rebekah. These four made it into the records. There may have been others that died as children.
Name:Thomas Henderson
Home in 1790 (City, County, State):Onslow, North Carolina
Free White Persons - Males - Under 16:4
Free White Persons - Males - 16 and over:1
Free White Persons - Females:2
Number of Slaves :2
Number of Household Members:9
The first census of the United States, taken in 1790, shows Thomas Henderson of Onslow as the head of a household that included one male over 16, four males under 16 and 2 females. With the adult male being Thomas and the two females being daughter Rebeckah and Mrs. Henderson, then the 4 males under 16 could have been his 3 known sons and one that died prior to the death of Thomas/Jonas and left no heirs. As sometimes children were bound to other families as apprentices in those days, or orphans needing a guardian, this fourth boy could have fallen into that category as well. More likely a son, though.

The following is a timeline of Thomas Henderson appearing in the records of Onslow County in land transactions and some legal actions. They tell a story, the story of Thomas Henderson alias Jonas Solomon. 

Jan. 12, 1790  The executors of Obed Williams to Thomas Henderson, Merchant, for 20 pounds, 11 shillings, 100 acres on Five Mile Swamp. Signed by Daniel Yeates, Hardy Gregory. Testators: Benj. Yeats, Thomas Barber. 

Aug. 9, 1790  Thomas Henderson, Merchant, to James King, planter, for 20 pounds, 11 shillings, 100 acres on west side of Swamp. Tests: Jno Smith, Danl. Simmons. 

Dec. 18, 1790  Moses Fox to Joshua Sutton for 260 pounds 2 negros. Testators: Thomas Henderson, Zachariah Barrow. 

June 1, 1793  John Bailey to Lott Battle for 102 pounds, 110 acres being part of patents of Uz and Lewis Williams on Obed Williams line, at Jenkins branch and to back line of Bailey's land being corner of land patented by Uz Williams, of Benjamin Williams and of Glanville's lines. Tests: Ephraim Battle, Thomas Henderson, Jr. ( April 20 1793 Ephriam Battle signs all his rights to the land of his father, Thomas Battle over to his son-in-law, James Dunn.)

Jul 28, 1795  James Orell to Jeremiah Davis for 60 lbs. 94 acres on Cockran's Swamp. Testators: Val Johnston and Thomas Henderson, Jr. 

Jan. 14, 1797  Josiah Howard to Richard King for 67 pounds 560 acres at Henry Jenkins's, James Evans's, Jethro Smith's,  and Jethro Roger's lines. Tests: Hosea Williams, Thomas Henderson, Jr. (just before this are seveal transactions recording the hiring of William Cox by James Lester for wife Henrietta, Ezekial Lester for wife Selah of Burke County, GA to collect from the estate of Obed Williams with Lott Ballard being the Testator and also of John Lester of Burke County, Georgia to collect for his two children, Nixon and Sarah Lester, from the estate of Nathan Nixon.)

Jan. 17, 1798  Richard King bought slave from Thomas Johnston for 140 pounds. Tests: Thomas Henderson, Vall Johnston. 

Oct 12 1799  James King to Thomas Henderson for 300 pounds  200 acres on Bridge Branch, patented by Zach Evan, deceased and part by James Even (sic) Sr., deceased, on South side of NorthWest Branch of New River and on Blue Creek, Robert Dawson's line, to James Evans, deceased, patent line. Testators: Thomas Henderson, Jr.  and  ___ King.

Location of Onslow County on the coast of North Carolina.

Apr 29 1800
Sheriff Lemuel Doty sold to Thomas Henderson, the land of the heirs of Samuel Walker at suit brought by John Spicer and others. Henderson highest bidder for same, Apr. 29 1800, for 750 pounds 9 shillings 9 pence and excepting the land of the widow, Frances, relict of Samuel Walker, deceased, of Carteret County. Tests: Sally Prescott, Thos. Henderson.

May 11, 1801  Frances Cartrite to Thomas Henderson for 300 Spanish-milled dollars, all my right in property of my late husband, Samuel Walker, deceased. Testators: Lemuel Doty, R. King Note: Lemuel Doty is noted in nearby transactions as being Sheriff at this time. This transaction speaks of several things: one, the widow Walker is now a Cartrite, meaning she has remarried. Also the choice of currency that Thomas Henderson used to buy the property is one of interest. 
Spanish Milled Dollars
Sept. 8 1801  Claiborn Austin to Thomas Henderson for 91 pounds, a negro slave. Tests: Thomas Henderson and R. King. In this transaction it did not note which Henderson, father or son, was the buyer and which was the testator, however, the purchase this time was made in British pounds. 

Oct 30 1801 Jesse Williams bought of Lott Battle a negro for 425 dollars which was formerly property of Ephraim Battle, deceased. Testators: Lott Battle, Hardy Gregory,  B. W. Battle. Jesse Williams assigns negro to Thomas Henderson. This transaction was made using dollars and the names in this transaction appear many times in the life of Thomas Henderson, and come into play in a matter of importance later. 

April 10, 1802  Thomas Henderson, Jr. to Richard King for 40 lb 6 pence 63 acres on Blue Creek at Dixon's line at Jesse Webb's corner, which he bought of Susannah Ellis; also a tract of 56 acres on Blue Creek near James Evan's lines, Dixons' and Howard's lines and a branch which divides Thomas Cummins and Jesse Webb at Zach Evan's, James Evan's lines. Henderson bought land at sales of Thomas Bond's lands. Witness: Hosea Williams, Penelope Williams.  (Hosea Williams was the husband of Rebeckah Henderson Wililams, and brother-in-law to Thomas Jr.)

Onslow history records that the first court session of the new county of Onslow in 1739, was held at the home of county magistrate, Joseph Howard on Blue Creek at "Olde Town Point" of which the above engraving was made. 

Map showing the modern location of Blue Creek.

Apr 13, 1802  Thomas Henderson sued John Gurganus at sale of Gurganus's land. John Fullwood bought and transfered to Thomas Barber.

Feb 21, 1804  Thomas Henderson to Lewis Ellis for 425 pounds, land on West side of North branch of New River near the house where Thomas Fonville formerly lived, along Adley's line, 80 acres. Also, another tract at Fonville's line, 140 acres. Testators: Stephen Williams, John Jones, Thomas Henderson, Jr.

May 13, 1804  Britain Stiles for $50 to Solomon Henderson, a tract of land on New River, which was willed to William Stiles by his father John Stiles, sold to Nathan Sylvester, and by Sylvester to Britain Stiles. Testators: William Stiles, Richard King, Thomas Henderson, Jr.

May 15 1804  David Jarel and wife Sarah for 40 Silver Dollars from Solomon Henderson, on West side of NW branch of New River at John Milise's corner, 100 acres. Testators: Richard King, Thomas Henderson, Jr. , Benjamin Sheppard.

July 24 1804  Cypean Shepherd sold to Thomas Henderson for 100 lbs 110 acres which is part of land granted to John Howard May 4, 1769 on the West Side of New River and south side of Blue Creek at Dixon's and Farnall's line. Excepting 50 acres taken by an older patent and possessed by Dixon and 30 acres reserved to Amos Love, also 55 acres on NW branch of New River patented to George Clandenal at Henderson's corner near Ren's and Howard's lines which is land that was willed to Cypean Shepherd and Hannah, his wife by MaryAnn Clandenal and sells also another tract whereon he lives at the courthouse road near the ford of Smith's Creek at Henderson' s and Shepherd's lines. 10 acres: Testators: Richard King, Solomon Henderson. Signed Cypean Shepherd, Hannah Shepherd.

Feb 24, 1806  Jeremiah Pittman to Stephen Williams, Lott Williams and Daniel Humphrey being security for Thomas Henderson for the sum of 300 pounds, mortgages all his right, etc.  in the land which formerly belonged to Obed Williams. the mortgage to be final sale if Pitman does not pay the 300 pounds. Testators: Hezekiah Williams, Thomas Henderson

Feb 24, 1806  Daniel Humphrey sold to Jeremiah Pitman for 300 pounds part of a tract granted to James Wallace in 1737 on Jenkins Swamp and part of the land has since been entered by Obed Williams near where James Williams formerly lived and now owned by the heirs of James Mills and joining the part patented by Obed Williams Nov. 26, 1799 200 acres. Testators: Solomon Henderson, Hezekiah Williams.

Dec 23, 1806 Lott Williams gave to Penelope Hopkins the property he bought of Hardy Gregory which consisted of stock, fowls, etc. Dec 23 1806. Testator: James Glenn

Mar 23, 1808  William King sold to Solomon Henderson for 50 dollars, land on Gum Branch containing 100 acres. Testators: Thomas Henderson, Sr. , Ephraim King.

Aug 1, 1808 Obed Williams, sheriff of Onslow County, sells property of Wlm. H. Defnall.  Testator: James Glenn.

Feb 22,  1809  Uz Williams, exec. of Jesse Williams deeds for $180.00 to John Stiles at the instigation of a clause in will of said deceased, 4 tracts of land. Testators: James Glenn, James Thompson.

Mar 22, 1809  Uz Williams of New Hanover Co, NC deeds to Solomon Henderson of Onslow Co. NC a grist mill formerly the property of Briton Stiles with one acre of land, for 200 pounds. Testators: George W. Hall, Thomas Henderson.

May 11, 1809  Sarah Wilder to Stephen Williams, as trustee, makes a marriage contract with Thomas Henderson in which she declares upon oath that she will make no demand upon him for any portion of his estate and is bonded for $500.00. Testators: Absalom Barber and William King. 

Dec 9, 1809  Robert Etheridge for $400 to William Phillips. Deeds land in Onslow. Tests: Thomas and Solomon Henderson.

May 29, 1810  Sheriff sold lands of Jonathan Bryan, deceased, for debt due to Thomas Henderson, Sr. and Joseph Mashborne, sold to Jos. Mashborne land at William Hall's, John and Samuel Evans lines. Testator: Geo. W. Hall

Oct 5, 1810  Sheriff sold lands of Joseph Humphrey for money due Thomas Henderson, Sr. Sold to Thomas Henderson as highest bidder 200 acres joining Humphrey's and Mashborne's. Testator: Solomon Henderson.

July 19, 1811 Lott Williams to Hezekiah William deeds for 1/2 of lands which was deeded by Elizabeth Williams and Lott Williams to Hezekiah Williams and Nathan Williams which is 73 acres, 12 acres of woodland excepted lying along road from  Wilmington to New Bern, NC and joining the lands that belonged formerly to the heirs of Jesse Williams and also joining lands of heirs of Aretus Williams. Tests: Rachel Defnall, Stephen Williams

Aug 28, 1811  Samuel Evans to Hosea Williams, 25 acres. Testators: Phillip Amon, Solomon Henderson.

Dec 26, 1811  Stephen Williams sold to Solomon Henderson a negro named Simon for $300. Testator: Thomas Henderson.
Futral family home in Onslow County

April 1, 1812  William Shaw to James Glenn sold a tract  for $25 to said Glenn containing 12 1/2 acres being 1/2 of 25 acres which I bought at sheriff's sale as property of John Waldron, deceased, in suit of Thomas Henderson, Sr. Tests: Malachi Wilder

October 1812  Thomas Henderson, Sr. paid $200 for tract belonging to Richard King and sold at Sheriff's sale. By estimation 75 acres.

Feb 3 1813 Thomas Henderson for$2000.00 paid by his son, Solomon Henderson, sells 116 acres which was deeded to me, Thomas, by Stephen Williams. Testators: St. Williams,

Feb 3 1813 Thomas Henderson for $1600.00 sold to Hosea Williams negros Sally, Bonneter, Betty, Isaac, Bill, Sukey, Luke. Testators: St. Williams,

Same date: Thomas Henderson, for $200 from Alexander Henderson, sold negros: Jacob, Frank, Jenny, Hannah, Rachel, Ester, Jack and Lewis. Testators: St. Williams, Solo Henderson.
Onslow County Citizens, mid 1800's. 

Same date: Thomas Henderson to his son Alexander, for $500.00 sold 670 acres. Testator: St. Williams

Same date: Thomas Henderson sold for 300 pounds paid by Hosea Williams 200 acres which was deeded to said Henderson by James King. Feb 3, 1813 Testators: St. Williams, Solo Henderson.

Same date: Solomon Henderson from his father, Thomas Henderson for $2000.00 bought the negros Willow, Steve, Handy, Kitty, Venus. Testators: Stephen and Hosea Williams.

Jan 20 1813  Richard King for $1200.00 sold to Thomas Henderson, Sr. 6 negros: Hannah, Hannah, Venus, Rachel, Jack and Lewis. Testator: St. Williams and Solomon Henderson.

Same date: Richard King for $500 sold to Thomas Henderson sold a negro, Luke. Testator: St. Williams

Feb 10, 1813 Thomas Henderson for $350 from James Brown sells 200 acres at Joseph Humphrey's line, Lewis Humphrey's corner, Mashborne's line, which land was the right of Joseph Humphrey, sold at Sheriff's sale and deeded to me. Testator: S. Henderson

April 12, 1813  Thomas Henderson for $200 paid by Chaney Sparkman sold 75 acres on New River near Wilmington Road, Gurganus and Norman's lines. Tests: Hosea Williams

Sept 13, 1813 Francis Willey for $600.00 sells to Hardy Gregory all the land he bought of Thomas Henderson and known as the Obed Williams old Plantation. Gregory is on a note for Willey. This is a mortgage. Tests: L Gregory

Oct 11, 1813  For $2000 paid by Alexander Henderson to Hardy Gregory has sold 640 acres as per deed from George Webb, April 24, 1766 on the SW side of the NW branch of the New River 200 acres, another tract from Samuel Summer to Thomas Battle, Sept 5, 1766 and West side of  NW branch of New River at William Ambrose's ford, to Lazarus Thomas's, where William Webb formerly lived, 100 acres part of the larger tract deeded to Samuel Johnson Esq. and deeded to Thomas Battle.Another tract from James Dunn, Oct 20, 1772, deeded to Ephraim Battle and transferred to Thomas Battle on West side of NW branch of New River at Wm Ambrose's ford, at line where William Webb now lives, to Sam'l Ashes corner, at Summer's corner tree containing 202 acres. Another patented to James Dunn, 1770, on west side of NW branch of New River, at Sumner's corner at Wm Webb's line. Another patented by Drewery Dunn, May 16, 1767 on West side of NW branch of New River to James Howze's line. Another patented to Thomas Battle, Nov. 26 1793 on his line at George Mitchell's line. Testators: Stephen Williams, Solomon Henderson.

Jan 14, 1814  Mason Kimmey deeds to Jason Gregory for 228 pounds a negro man named Abraham . If Kimmey pays to Administrators of Thomas Henderson the above sum which Gregory now stands security for, negro to return to said Kimmey. Tests: Stephen Williams (See reference to Administrators of...suggesting Thomas Henderson is now deceased.)

Jan. 21, 1814   Solomon Henderson for $500 bought from Stephen Williams a negro named Arthur. Testator: James Thompson

Nov 18, 1814  Francis Willey sold for 50 pounds 200 acres to Archibald C. Craft which was patented by Lewis Jenkins and conveyed to Samuel Webb and by Webb to Thomas Henderson and from Henderson to Mason Kimmey and by Kimmey to Thomas Horn and by him to Francis Willey. Tests: Mason Kimmey, Solomon Henderson. 

Jul 10, 1815 Thomas Henderson appointed guardian to Richard Henderson with bond of 250 pounds secured by Luke Huggins and Christopher Dudley. Also guardian to Hosea Henderson and Solomon Henderson. (This is likely Thomas Henderson Sr., being appointed guardian of his grandsons)

Jul 11, 1815 Hezekiah Williams appointed guardian to Solomon Henderson with bond of 700 pounds, (Solomon orphan of Thomas Henderson, Jr.), secured by Hosea Williams and Lott Ballard. Also guardian to Richard Henderson and Hosea Henderson, orphans of Thomas Henderson, Jr. (This only one day after the grandfather was appointed guardian).

Oct. 2, 1815  Hosea Williams for $62.50 sold to Solomon Henderson, all their rights as heirs of Thomas Henderson, in negros named Jack and Letitia. Test: James Glenn (Should have included Alexander Henderson, too. )

Oc.t 21, 1815  Hosea Williams and Alexander Henderson, heirs of Thomas Henderson, deceased, for $200.00 to Solomon Henderson, land patented by James Wiley containing 317 acres. Tests: James Glenn.

Nov 23, 1815  Britain Stiles and Solomon Henderson in dispute concerning a tract of land conveyed by said Stiles to said Henderson and Sarah Britain and the right of the grist mill and the 5-year lease of said mill. Silas Carter and James Glenn are to decide for said parties. They decided that the deed to Sarah Britain, alias Jarrell, is binding and that said Sarah and her husband David Jarrell, have sold said lands, etc.,  to said Henderson, and the 150 acres sold by Stiles to said Henderson is good, which is part of 200 acres granted to John Stiles and willed by him to William Stiles and by said William son to Nathan Sylvester, and by him to Britain Stiles and he to Henderson and since this was part of the Uz Williams estate and Jesse Williams is not insolvent, said Henderson is not responsible for the 5 years lease money. Testator: HoseaWilliams. (Get that?)

Jan 9 1816 Hezekiah Williams appointed guardian of Richard Henderson with bond of 750 pounds, secured by Hosea Williams, James Thompson, Lemuel Doty. Also guardian of Hosea Henderson and Solomon Henderson

Feb. 26 1816  Archibald C. Craft sold to Patrick Ezell 200 acres on New River on Harry's Creek patented to Lewis Jenkins and conveyed to Samuel Webb and by Webb to Thomas Henderson and from Henderson to Mason Kimmey and by Kimmey to Thomas Horn and by him to Francis Willey and by him to Archibald C. Craft. Testators: Thomas Rhodes King and James King

Monmouth County, New Jersey

Mar. 14,  1817  Solomon Henderson and Alexander Henderson, Hezekiah Williams and Hosea Williams for 600 dollars paid by William McDonald of Jones County, North Carolina, a tract of 200 acres in Onslow County. Hezekiah Williams for the heirs of Thomas Henderson, Jr., deceased, Solomon and Alexa Henderson for themselves, and Hosea Williams on the part of his children born of his wife Rebecca, one of the heirs of Thomas Henderson, Sr., deceased, which land was formerly owned by Obed Williams and by him sold to Daniel Humphreys and he to Jeremiah Pittman, and by court order to Thomas Henderson and he to Francis Willey and by said Willey mortgaged to said Thomas Henderson again and since Willey did not pay for land, the court orders it to become property of Thomas Henderson, Sr.'s heirs. Tests: W. D. Humphrey and James Philyaw.

Aug. 4, 1817  Hosea Williams bought of John Solomon, for $200 all his right, right of Catherine Mount and Moses Mount, Levi Solomon, Rebeckah McKnight, and Jonas Solomon, the PRESUMPTIVE HEIRS, of  Thomas Henderson, Sr., deceased, and I as being married to one of Thomas Henderson's daughters. Signed John Solomon. Testator: Lott Humphrey. (Doesn't sound like Hosea Williams was fully convinced). 

May 23, 1818  Jonas Solomon, otherwise called Thomas Henderson, formerly of Freehold in Monmouth County, New Jersey, and afterwards of Onslow County, North Carolina, in his lifetime seized and possessed of certain property in Onslow Co., NC and having died intestate leaving legitimate children, namely John Solomon, Jonas Solomon, Levi Solomon, and Catherine Mount, wife of Moses Mount, Rebeckah McKnight, wife of Lewis McKnight, or lawful representatives of such children to whom the estate descended, and whereas Jonas Solomon, the son, has died, leaving children, namely John, Henry, Hannah Schanck, wife of William Schanck, Maria Bethall, wife of William Bethall of full age, and Samuel and William Solomon, who are minors, and  since Rebeckah McKnight and her husband, Lewis, are both deceased, leaving children, namely, William, Joseph M. C., Hannah Reechless, wife of Joseph Reechless, Sarah Bostwick, wife of John Bostwick, Elizabeth McKnight and Julianna McKnight of full age, and John and Harriett McKnight, who are minors. Now Henry Solomon and William Schanck  have letters of administration of Jonas Solomon and William McKnight for Lewis and Rebeckah McKnight. All above persons of New Jersey.  Appoint Isaac Croom of New Bern, North Carolina and William Gaston of the same place, their attorneys to settle estate in N. C. Signed in presence of John Blackwood, William Snowden, W. A. Kirkpatrick, T. E. Kirkpatrick, Francis Martel, and Martha Douglas, John Heard, John Dunham, Jr. of New Jersey, and Isaac H. Williams, governor of New Jersey.

June 1, 1818  Moses Mount and Catherine, his wife, late Catherine Solomon of Monmouth Co. New Jersey, township of Freehold, sold to John Solomon, brother of said Catherine, now in New Brunswick, Middlesex County, New Jersey, taylor. Catherine is daughter of the late Jonas Solomon, alias Thomas Henderson, late of North Carolina but formerly of Freehold, New Jersey, who died intestate, and Catherine and Moses Mount sell to said John Solomon all Catherine's right in property of said Jonas Solomon (alias Thomas Henderson), deceased. Testators: J. W. A. Kirkpatrick, T. E. Kirkpatrick.

July 23, 1818 William Redd of Jones County, N. C.,  to John Giles of Onslow Co., for 200 dollars sold 160 acres of land at Drury Dunn's line and now Alexander Henderson's corner being the land patented by Daniel Humphrey. July 11, 1788. Testators: Henry Rhodes, Charles R. Moore.

Of Interest,  August 29 1818, Hezekiah Williams to Jesse Humphrey apprentices his son, Holston Williams, to learn the Saddlery and Harness business, he to remain with said Humphries until 20 years and 4 months. Testator: Hill Humphrey
Attorney Isaac Croom  from Lenior County, NC would later migrate to Alabama. 
Oct 30, 1818  John Solomon, Moses Mount, and Catherine, his wife, acting by their attorney, said Solomon, ; Levi Solomon, William McKnight, William Schanck, and Henry Solomon, the last 4 acting by Isaac Croom and William Gaston, their attorneys. All of New Jersey. Settled a controversy as to land in Onslow County, NC. relative of inheritance of land of Thomas Henderson, Sr., deceased, and Jonas Solomon, the elder, formerly of New Jersey, deceased. Alexander Henderson paid to the above parties 10 dollars for the release of their 1/4 right in certain lands in Onslow County, North Carolina: that is 1/4 of the lands sold to James Philyaw, 1/4 of that sold to Jason Shingleton, and of the tract sold to William McKnight, formerly mortgaged by France Willey to Thomas Henderson, and furthermore, said McKnight, who is administrator of Rebeckah McKnight, in behalf of self and children of Rebeckah McKnight, and William Schanck and Henry Solomon, as administrators of Jonas Solomon, the younger, in behalf of selves and other heirs, release their right in land and in exchange, Alexander Henderson release all his right in any other tract or tracts of land of Thomas Henderson, Sr., deceased, to above parties, signed and sealed at New Bern, NC, and proved by Edward Graham.

Oct 30  1818  John Solomon, Moses Mount, husband of Catherine Mount, acting by attorney John Solomon; Levi Solomon by Isaac Croom and William Gaston; William McKnight as administrator for Rebeckah McKnight, deceased, and attorneys for Henry Solomon and William Schanck, admin. of Jonas Solomon, the younger, late of New Brunswick, by attorneys Schanck, and all interest in land of Jonas Solomon, the elder, late of Monmouth, N. J., deceased. Testator: Edward Graham.

Oct 30, 1818  The same procedure by parties of the first part of New Jersey relative to the estate of Thomas Henderson of Onslow and of Jonas Solomon of N. J. to Solomon Henderson, release; this tract is  where Solomon Henderson now lives and all other lands. Same transaction except this to Solomon Henderson instead of Alexander.

Nov 24, 1818  Lott Ballard, Sr. gave to his daughter, Henrietta Henderson a tract of land at Daniel Yates line to James Ballard's line at the main Wilmington Road, a negro man named Benny, negro boy named Lewis, a horse named Snap, all stock, etc. and money if he win a suit against Charles R. Moore, Nov. 24, 1818 Testators: Jason Gregory, Absalom Barber.

Nov. 24, 1818 Lott Ballard, Sr. gave to his daughter, gave to his daughter, Nancy Ballard, a tract of land and negroes. Testators: Jason Gregory, Absalom Barber.

Nov 24, 1818 Lott Ballard, Sr. gives to his son, Lott Ballard, Jr. two tracts of land, negros, plantation tools, furniture and other things. Jason Gregory, Absalom Barber.

Nov 24, 1818  Lott Ballard, Sr. gives to his sons James, and Edward, land and negros and all else he possesses to his three sons: Lott, James and Edward Ballard, Testators: Jason Gregory and Absalom Barber.

Dec 1, 1818  Solomon Henderson and Alexander Henderson sold to James Strange for $125.00 a tract of 65 acres joining the heirs of Joseph Ballard and Aretas Huffman which land of 130 acres was mortgaged to Thomas Henderson, Sr. , deceased by Francis Willey and descended to the heirs of Thomas Henderson, Sr., deceased and 1/2 of said 130 acres came to Solomon and Alexander Henderson and sold said land. Testator: James Glenn

January 4, 1819  William McDonald for $2000. 00 dollars sold to Daniel Hargett a tract of land on east side of Jenkins's swamp in Shackleford's  line and Mulberry Branch which was granted to James McDonald, Janry 25, 17?? containing 300 acres. Also another tract granted to said James, Nov 1795, near Moses Cox's and Lewis William's line and Bailey's line containing 100 acres. Also another tract patented by John Bailey of 84 acres, out of which I have sold 30 acres to Thomas Battle, the remainder to Daniel Hargett for 54 acres. Also another tract which formerly belonged to  Obed Williams and others until it fell into the possession of the heirs of Thomas Henderson, deceased., ie., 1/2 of the land which was deeded by Solomon Henderson and Alexander Henderson to McDonald and from him to said Hargett containing 100 acres. Also 1/4th of another tract which belonged to James Mills, deceased, and descended to Edward Mills, one of his children, and he deed to McDonald. Sold all tracts. Testator: William Colvett.

March 27, 1819  John Solomon, Moses Mount and wife Catherine, by their attorney Solomon (John) of the State of New Jersey, County of Monmouth, deed to Daniel Hargett of Onslow County, NC for 110 dollars a tract of 34 acres in Onslow County, being 2/5 of one half of the land and plantation owned by Obed Williams on the east side of Jenkins Swamp and became the property of Thomas Henderson, Sr., deceased, and descended to John Solomon and Moses and Catherine Mount. Testator: Lott Humphrey.

Jenkins Swamp is just east of the town of Richlands in Onslow County, located near or on the present Cow Horn Road near its intersection with  East Franck Street/Gum Branch Rd.

Satellite Image of Property
May 1819  Moses Mount, Catherine Mount, John Solomon, Levi Solomon by his attorneys, Will Gaston and Isaac Croom, Willima McKnitt by attorneys, William Schank by attorneys,  Henry Solomon by attorneys, all of the state of New Jersey sold to James Strange of Onslow County, NC, for 100 dollars a tract of land joining the heirs of Jos. Ballard and Aretus Huffman, which tract contains in all 130 acres and descended to the heirs of Thomas Henderson, deceased. Testators: Edward Graham.

May 3, 1819 John Solomon, Moses Mount and Catherine his wife, by their attorney, John Solomon, Levi Solomon, William McKnight, William Schanck and Henry Solomon (the four last named acting by attorneys Isaac Croom and William Gaston), all of New Jersey, sold to James Philyaw for 80 dollars in undivided half part of a tract of land in Onslow County, NC, joining the land of John Jarman and the land of the heirs of Cordil Baston, containing in the whole 46 1/2 acres which land was mortgaged to Thomas Henderson, Sr. by Francis Willey and said Willey not redeeming, it went to the heirs of Thomas Henderson Sr., deceased. Testator: Edward Graham

Biography of Attorney William Joseph Gaston    (The New Jersey heirs of Jonas Solomon/Thomas Henderson, Sr. had an attorney in their midst, brother John Solomon, but also, in the hiring of Isaac Crooms and William Gaston, they employed the best and most skilled "Hot Shot" Attorneys of the day in eastern North Carolina. More research on this fascinating case is beaconing.)

June 20, 1819  John Solomon in behalf of himself and for Moses Mount and Catherine, his wife, of New Jersey, sold for 115 dollars to Joel Wilder 60 acres in Onslow County., NC which was 2/5ths of the land deeded by Joel Wilder to Thomas Henderson, Sr., deceased, who died intestate and since his death the said John Solomon of New Jersery, claiming 1/5 the land and Moses and Catherine Mount 1/5 as the heirs of Thomas Henderson, Sr. 

Dec 21, 1819  James Philyaw sold to James Mills for 368 dollars 46 acres bought of heirs of Thomas Henderson, etc.

Jan 11, 1821  John Solomon paid $2.35 on tax of 1815 due by Thos. King. sold Sept 4, 1818 for also the interest thereon. Signed R. Parrish, tax collector.

Aug 21, 1821  James Strange sold to James Glenn Sr., for $250.00 certain tracts of land. The first containing 72 1/2 acres that James Strange bought of William Gaston and Isaac Croom, acting attorneys in part of the estate of Thomas Henderson, Sr. deceased. This land was 36 1/2 acres or half of tract. The other 36 1/4 acres was bought of Solomon Henderson by Strange and from Alexander Henderson and Thomas Henderson, Sr., deceased. Also 100 acres which was bought of Hosea Wilder and was a patent of Christopher Huffman, Nov 9, 1784 on New River at Moses Jarman's line, Joseph Ballards line, Henry Gibbons line. Testator: Enoch Askew. (This shows that Thomas Henderson Sr., while still alive was a neighbor to Joseph Ballard). 

Sept 24, 1821  John Solomon sold to Burrell Dixon for 125 dollars a tract of land on Blue Creek at Dixon's and Jesse Webb's lines which he purchased of Susanna Cummins, then line between said Webb and Cummins to Blue Creek. 63 hours. Also a tract on Blue Creek at Howard's and Dixon's corner near James Evan's  corner, and a branch that divides Thomas Cummin's patent and Jesse Webb's lands, Jame's line. 56 acres. Being a part of a certain tract sold at auction as property of Thos. Bond. Sold for 125. Testators: C. Sparkman, Nancy Sparkman.

Aug 8, 1822. Hill Humphrey sold to Lott Humphrey .....which was his and said Hill's part of his father's lands, father dead called Squire's Neck, and adjoining Lott's manor plantation. Testator: Whitehead Humphrey.

Mar. 30, 1823 Solomon Henderson and Henrietta his wife, sold to John Giles for 120 dollars, land on New River on Wilmington Road, on Daniel Yates line, James Ballard's line, Emphraim Battle's line 300 acres for which land patented by Lott Ballard, Sr. Sept 17, 1802. Tests: Ancrum Averritt, Lott Ballard.

Aug 25, 1823  John Solomon sold to John Aman for 150 dollars, land on Blue Creek at Evan's corner, Webb's corner, 200 acres of which 150 acres were willed  Zacheus Evans by his father and the other by his uncle, John Evans to him. Testator: David Jenkins.

Oct 26, 1823 (for info) Charles Henderson and Creta Henderson that formerly belonged to Elisha Freeman and left to my mother and fell to me at her death, that is Hannah Henderson, my mother.

Jan 13, 1824  Hosea Wilder and wife Polly Humphrey, now Polly Wilder, sold to Jesse Humphrey, joins William Humphrey.

Jan 26, 1824  James Strange to Hardy Jarman for 320 dollars, land on West side of Little NW Branch of New River, the first tract at Jos. Jarman's corner, Elder's branch were Jason Singletown once put a log house containing 72 1/2 acres which is land said Strange purchased of heirs of Thomas Henderson, Jan 3, 1819 from Isaac Croom and Will Gaston, and from Solomon and Alexander Henderson, Dec. 1, 1818 Second tract adjoining the first in former Hustus Humphrey's corner containing 100 acres containing land that said strange bought of Hosea Wilder, Dec. 8, 1819 which was granted to Christopher Huffman, Oct 5, 1782, Tests: James Glenn Sr.

Jan 8, 1825  Solomon Henderson, sold for 50 dollars to Elijah Murrill 200 acres and mill seat. Testators: John A. Averitt and Lott Ballard, Jr.

Feb 21, 1825  William Humphrey, executor of Lott Humphrey, deceased...including land which Lott Ballard, Sr. sold to Lott Humphrey in 1821 on road from courthouse to Wilmington, 114 acres patented by James Ballard in 1793, joining Daniel Humphrey (for info).

July 21, 1825  John Solomon sold to Hezekiah Williams for 640 dollars 2 undivided fifth parts of that land known as the Thomas Henderson land whereon Thomas Henderson, Jr.  lived and died, joining Ambrose Phillips and another tract belonging to the heirs of Thomas Henderson, Jr., said land bought by said Henderson at sheriff's sale in 1800 and a portion of same deeded to Lewis Ellis and is now property of heirs of Rueben Ambrose, deceased. Testator: Solomon Henderson.

Sept 23, 1825 Alexander Henderson appointed Lewis T. Oliver, his attorney, to receive debts, etc. due him. Sept. 23, 1825 Testators: Lott Ballard, Whitehurst Hawkins.

Sept 24 1825  Rebeckah Henderson, late Rebeckah Murrill, and wife of Alexander Henderson and daughter and heir of Kemp Murrill, deceased, and now we appoint John Solomon of Onslow our attorney to settle estate in right of said Rebeckah Henderson as one of the heirs of Kemp Murrill. Testator: Whitehurst Hawkins.

April 24, 1826  Durant Hatch of the State of Alabama, sold 140 acres in Onslow County, NC to H. W. Thompson, joining James Glenn and Thomas ? , the land formerly owned by Lott Humphrey, deceased, which lands were left by the will of Abner Battle to Nancy Battle and by her death descended to Susanna Humphrey, wife of the aforesaid Lott Humphrey, and from said Lott and Susanna Humphrey, deeded to my wife, that I now sell for 1300 dollars.  Apr 4, 1826, Testator: John Solomon

Jan 4, 1827 Daniel Ambrose to John Askew for 400 dollars a tract of land which was patented by John Orrell in 1788 and another tract joining this one at Alexander Henderson's and Josiah Cox's near Johnston's house and at his corner containing 94 acres. Testators: John Murrill, Williams Humphrey.

Apr. 16 1827  Alexander Henderson  sold to Brice Fonville for 200 dollars a negro girl. Testator: John Giles.

Apr. 19 1827 Alexa. Henderson sold to Lawrence Howse certain negroes. Testator: Hezekiah Williams.

April 16, 1828   Hosea Henderson sold land on Blue Creek and New River unto James Evans and the said Hosea Henderson is not yet 21 years old' so deposes as to willingness to give good title at his coming of age, with Burrell Dixon as security or guardian of same. Hezekiah Williams assumed 1/2 of the above bond to be satisfied Nov. 12, 1828. Testators: B. T. Williams (who is not in state at time of registration of deed) his signature sworn by John D. Corbitt. November 1835.

Dec. 19, 1833 MaryAnn Murrill makes a marriage agreement with Franklin S. Humphrey with William Humphrey as trustee for Mary Ann Murrill's inheritance from the estate of John Murrill Sr. deceased and William Murrill deceased. Testator Susan L. Henderson, E. S. Giles, W. T. Humphrey.

May 26, 1838  Thomas McGee of Duplin County, NC makes a marriage contract with Susan Henderson of Onslow County, NC with Charles Gregory as trustee of Susan's property which is 1/2 of the land joining Charles Gregory and John A. Averett in Onslow County and a tract known as the Crane pond land, which descended to Susan by the death of her father, Solomon Henderson. She also received several negros. If Susan die without bodily heirs, then 1/2 of said land and negros to go to her sister, Ann Mumford's children, the other half to her husband, Thomas McGee. Testator: Jesse A Gregory.


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  1. Thomas Henderson was in Onslow even before 1790. I don't have the records before me, but he bought land from William Wallace about 1786.