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Quote Thomas Henderson Unquote, Early and Later

While digging through the old records of Onslow County, I was able to locate the earliest mentions of Thomas Henderson aka Jonas Solomon. I was also able to "fast-forward" and find some of the ending records. I did not have enough time to pull the entire amount of information I needed. Perhaps another day.

There were already Henderson's in Onslow County prior to the arrival of Thomas. An early one was James, and possibly the progenitor of some of the later ones. A Barnabas or Barnaby Henderson was a leading citizen, having many mentions in the records and conducting a great deal of business, buying and selling land, serving on juries and witnessing transactions.

Thomas Henderson first shows up in land records on March 21, 1787.William Shaw sold to Thomas Henderson 108 acres on the Northwest branch of the New River at Crane Ponds. Testators were Thomas Simmons and John Waldron.

Two years later, on March 10, 1789 James Edens sold to Thomas Henderson 150 acres on the New River along Jacob Wiley's line.
Home of Theopholis Weeks of Onslow County, NC

Being an Innkeep and businessman in New Jersey, Thomas Henderson, who had been known as Jonas Solomon in Monmouth County, New Jersey, returned to his known occupation. In 1790, he was noted as being a 'merchant.'
-January 12, 1790 The executors of Obed Williams to Thomas Henderson, merchant for 20 pounds, 11 shillings, 100 acres on Five Mile Swamp. Signed by Daniel Yeats, Hardy Gregory. Testators: Benjamin Yeats, Thomas Barber

-August 9, 1790 Thomas Henderson, merchant to James King, Planter, 100 acres on the West side of Swamp. Testators: John Smith, Daniel Simmons.

- December 18, 1790 Moses Fox to Joshua Sutton, Testators: Thomas Henderson, Zach Barry.

In the early 1800's, some of Thomas Henderson's sons, Thomas Jr. and Solomon, begin showing up in records as well. His last child with wife Hannah Applegate Solomon in Freehold, New Jersey was born in 1874. His first child named "Henderson" and accepted as being born in North Carolina, Thomas Jr., was born in 1781. So it was between these years that Jonas left New Jersey and changed his identity to that of his esteemed New Jersey neighbor, the real Thomas Henderson.
New River, Onslow County
Records concerning Thomas Henderson/Jonas Solomon found in Onslow County after his death include:
Jan. 21, 1835 Williams Humphrey to Jesse W Wilder: 100 acres adjoining lands of Lott Gregory, Elisha Lewis and Daniel Thompson, formerly owned by Thomas Henderson, Sr., deceased, and sold by the heirs of said Henderson by a suit brought by John Solomon, et. al,  and I bought at Sheriff's sale. Testators: Elisha Lewis, Dan A. Humphrey.

- May 1, 1837  The property of the Heirs of Thomas Henderson, deceased, sold by Sheriff by a suit brought by John Solomon and sold to Williams Humphrey, May 1832, as highest bidder, deed made by sheriff, Sept 9, 1835. Testators: Robert White, Charles Little

-Nov 12, 1836 Lott Ballard on June 21, 1834 became trustee for Ann, the daughter of Solomon Henderson, deceased, when she contracted marriage with James Mumford of Jones County, NC and whereas Lott Ballard intends to leave the state, James and Ann Mumford appoint Charles Gregory and Daniel Thompson trustees for her property, which she inherited from her father, Solomon Henderson, releasing Lott Ballard of all responsibility for the same. Ann Mumford dying without heirs of her body, then 1/2 of negros and land to go to her sister, Susan Henderson, and the other half to go to her husband. Testators: Samuel Williams and Elisha Lewis.

April 6, 1837 Williams Humphrey to Buckner Houze: 3/5 of the land which was the Plantation wherein  Thomas Henderson, Jr. lived and died joining William Phillilps, Buckner Strange, and James Evens on the west side of New River below the Courthouse. And also 3/5 's of a tract adjoining above which said land Thomas Henderson bought at Sheriff's sale April 20, 1800 which whole tract is 640 acres. I sell 3/5ths of said land, which fell to Thomas Henderson, Jr. at death of Thomas Henderson Sr. except the part sold by Thomas Henderson to Lewis Ellis. Testators: Bryan Barry, James Glenn.

May 26, 1838  Thomas McGee of Duplin County, NC makes a marriage contract with Susan Henderson of Onslow County, North Carolina with Charles Gregory as trustee for Susan's property which is one half of the land joining Charles Gregory and John A. Averitt in Onslow County and a tract known as the Crane Pond land, which descended to Susan by the death of her father Solomon Henderson. She also recieved several negros. If Susan die without bodily heirs, then 1/2 of said land and negros to go to her sister Ann Mumford's children, the other half to her husband, Thomas McGee. Testator: Jesse A Gregory.


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