Friday, February 13, 2015

I'm An American, and that is a Wonderful Thing to be.

This post is not going to deal with the past, but the present.

It breaks my heart when I see individuals in the media and public eye, who try to divide our very unique population by ethnicity or who use this device to prejudge or categorized someone.

But I am not blind to the fact that most Americans have no idea who they are.

But I do. I am an American mutt. My roots are ALL Southeastern Coastal USA. My most recent of ancestors arrived in America between 1720-1750. That's the most recent. Others have occupied this land for thousands of years. That why I can proudly and truthfully claim my inheritance as American.

These are the most recent results of my admixture testing.


I went with Eurogenes on this one as I am, as is  visually evident, primarily of European decent.

My biggest block is nearly 46% North Atlantic

This incorporates the British Isles and theNordic/Viking countries.

My next largest block is "Baltic", at nearly a quarter. Some people don't realize that their ancestors traveled from Eastern Europe to Western Eurpoe, England, France, etc., and maybe lived there for a while, generations even, before seeking passage to America.

So, From there its about 15% West Mediteranian, which I have found mention of "Portugeuse" in my research.

After that, the percentages become smaller, 3% or less, but I've found several Great-Great Grandparents who carried multiple ethnicities by the mid --1800's.

Nearly 1% Red Sea

And over 5% West Mediterranean.

And I have been able to trace my Solomon ancestors to a Jewish merchant from Revolutionary Era New Jersey who changed his identity and came to North Carolina and started a new family.

After that it is 1.34 % Amerindian, , .52% South Asian, nearly 1% East Asian and .24% Oceanian.
These are my Native American roots. And maybe an Island girl picked up on a pirate voyage who was delivered to America.

Then there are my African roots. .48% North East African and .34% Subsaharan. These come from my Native American roots who intermarried with both Africans and Europeans.

These results are a little different from the more generalized test I had earlier. But they are also more in depth and specific. But the results are still relatively close and reveal the fact that I am truly an American mutt.

But my point is, if your ancestors have been here for more than a generation or two, you are probably a mutt as well. And we are one country and one people. Support your motherland, America,

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