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Abbie's Will: Abigail A D Furr Starnes Starnes Misenheimer.

Abigail D Furr Starnes Starnes Misenheimer was born in August of 1844 to Frederick Furr and Crissie Little Furr of the Rocky River section of  Cabarrus County.  At the age of 20, on August 7 of 1864, she would marry John C Starnes in Stanly County, just across the county line. He lived near the area  now referred to as Locust, North Carolina, on the westernmost border of Stanly County with Cabarrus. John was a Civil War soldier and they were married just a month before Sherman burned Atlanta. The circumstances of John's ability to return home and marry his bride are unknown. Perhaps he was severely injured. 
John and Abbie are never shown listed in a census with any children of their own. In the 1870 census, they are shown with 14 year old Adam Shoe in their home, an aparent orphan. Adam was the son of Tobias Shoe, a Civil War Soldier who died during the war. Perhaps he was hired to assist a wounded John. 
In the 1880, a 17 year old Daniel Starnes is shown in their home with the relationship 'servant'. He was most likely a relative, a nephew or cousin, hired to give assistance to John. John died on May 2, 1894 and Abbie married his cousin, Frederick Fincher Starnes on  June 2, 1894, exactly two months later. That may have been exact protocol for a grieving widow. 

In John's estate papers, a 'widow and one child' are mentioned. Nowhere else does a child of John and Abbie show up. By 1894, Abbie is 49 years old. As there was no 1890 census, it was mostly destroyed by fire, the child would have had to be born after the 1880 census, and could have been a young teenager by 1894. As of yet, I have not found a grave for a young Starnes buried near any of the other family members that could be the child of John and Abby. The two young girls buried near Abby, John and F. F. Starnes and his brother N. M. Starnes are the daughters of Nathan Monroe Starnes and his wife Elizabeth, who was Abbie's younger sister. In the 1900 and 1910 censuses, which lists the number of children a woman has had and also the number of those children still living, Abbie is listed as 0 and 0. None born. None Living. 

Frederick Fincher Starnes and Abbie had moved to Charlotte, NC to retire, and living first in the Piedmont Park section, near the Elizabeth community, and then she later moved to some property closer to the trolley system, on Arlington in Ward 6, that F. F. had purchased at some point. So, her will was probated in Mecklenburg County, North Carolina, on March 13, 1925.  It had been recorded on October 17, 1924. After the death of F. F. Starnes in 1913, Abigail remained single for 3 years, then later married someone she may have known from her childhood in Cabarrus County, Marion Harrison Misenheimer, whose family had lived close to the Furrs. Although Marion Misenheimer was 9 years her junior, she would outlive him by two years and in 1923, Abigail became a widow for the third and final time. 

Most of Abbie's property, she left to nieces and nephews. Some she left to neighbors. 

The Will reads: I, Abbigail D. Misenheimer, of the aforesaid county and state, being of sound mind, but considering the uncertainty of my earthly existance (er), do make and declare this my last will and testament:
My Executor, hereinafter named shall give my body a decent burial, suitable to the wishes of my friends and relatives and pay all funeral expenses, together with all my just debts our of the first moneys which may come into his hands belonging to my estate. 
I give and devise to Old Meadow Creek Baptist Church $100.00 (note: this Church was known as 'old' at this point in time). 
I give and devise to Sallie Cruse, wife of Walter Cruse, $50.00 (note: The Cruse's were next door neighbors of F.F. and Abbie on Sunnyside Drive in Charlotte. Sallie must have been a dear friend.)
I give and devise to George W. Dry my Iron Safe. (George was her nephew and executor)
I give and devise to Missouri Dry, wife of Pink Dry, my Kitchen Cabinet. (Pink was another nephew and brother of  George). 
I give and devise to Arthur Starnes my big yellow bedstead and sufficient bedding for same. (Note: Arthur Beachum Starnes was the son of N. M. Starnes, her first husbands brother and his wife Elizabeth, Abbie's sister. So he was her double-nephew. )
I give and devise to Silas Starnes my big Rocking Chair (a grandson of second husband F. F. Starnes)
I give and devise to Ely Starnes, son of my deceased sister Elizabeth, the sum of  $1.00. (Eli Starnes)
I give and devise to Vick Dry, the son of my deceased sister Rosa Ann Dry, the sum of $1.00 (D. Victor Dry)
My Will and desire is that after paying the above specific legacies my Executor, hereinafter named, shall sell all my real estate, consisting of a house and lot in Charlotte, N.C. a either public or private sale, as to him may seem best, but that my said executor shall not sell said house and lot for less than the sum of $3000.00; that my said Executor shall also sell all the remainder of my household and kitchen furniture and other personal property at either public or private sale, as to him shall seem best. 
It is my will and desire that my Executor after paying the specific legacies, hereinbefore devised, and after selling my real and personal property, as hereinbefore directed, shall divide the funds remaining in his hands into equal shares. 
I will and devise to my sister, Deemie Cauble, wife of Horace Cauble, one share of my estate for the term of her natural life and at her death to go to her children surviving her.  It is my will and desire that my Executor, hereinafter named, shall  invest the share of my sister, Deemie Cauble, (Bebie Loudemie Furr Cauble) in some safe and sound security and pay over the interest or dividends to my sister, Deemie Cauble, for the rest of her natural life and at her death, the principle is to go to her children, as herein  directed, and the same is to be treated as real estate in the hands of my said exectutor. 
I will and devise to Etta Starnes and Nora Starnes, children of my deceased sister, Elizabeth Starnes, one share of my estate to be divided equally between them. 
I will and devise to Charlie Rhinehardt, Titus Rhinehardt, Lottie Rhinehardt, , George Rhinehardt, Victor Rhinehardt, and Berry Rinehardt, children of my deceased sister, Mandy Rhinehardt, one share of my estate to be divided equally among them. 
I will and devise  to Cora Honeycutt, Pierce Rhinehardt, Paul Rhinehardt, and Fronie Rhinehardt, children of my deceased sister, Martha Rhinehardt, one share of my estate to be divided equally among them. 
I hereby appoint George W. Dry of Cabarrus County, NC my lawful Executor to all intents and purposes to execute this, my last Will and Testament according to the true intent and meaning of the same and every part and clause thereof-- hereby revoking and declaring utterly void all other testaments by me heretofore made. 
In witness hereof, I, the said Abbigail D Misenheimer, do here-unto set my hand and seal this the 17th day of October, 1924

signed Abbigail D Misenheimer

witnesses: M. L. Eudy
Rubye Misenheimer.

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