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The Death of Young Love

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June 10, 1910

Mumford Parker Love was the son of John Askew Love and Margaret Tyson Palmer Love. He was born in Stanly County and the family resided in Furr Township in the western part of Stanly County near the present town of Locust.

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John Askew Love

Love's Chapel Church was founded by members of the Love family.  

Mump, as he was called, was a well-respected farmer in both Stanly and Cabarrus Counties, where he lived. Mump was born in November of 1848 and in 1868, at the age of 19, he married Martha Jane Garman of Cabarrus County, daughter of Michael Garman III and Jincy Little Garman. 

The couple had a number of children who died as children, which was tragic, but typical of a family in this era. They were fortunate, however to have 6 that lived to adulthood. They were:

1872 Adam Jones Love
1881 Jeanette "Nettie" Love
1883 John B Love
1886 Cornelia Jane  "Nellie" Love
1888 Thomas Cleveland Love
1890 Hugh Love

Second son and third child, John B. Love, was the subject of the lead-in article. Not much is known about John. He lived a quiet life, not making many ripples in the water. 

 - Sprite. The picnic at Garmon was a grand...
The Enterprise
(Albemarle, North Carolina)
12 Jul 1906, Thu  • Page 3

He went on a picnic as a teen, but that was the only time he made the paper until his death.

The Loves were a very handsome family. They were respected in both counties and were a church-going people. Each generation passed on to sizeable families and few black sheep ever appeared in the bunch. So being a troubled young man in the Love bunch was a rarity, not the norm. 

The below paragraph is from "The History of the Love Family" as recorded by Myrna Love Norwood. This clip describes father, Mumpford P. Love.

 Mumpford Parker Love (Grandsire Mump) was the third child of Jonah Askew and Mar­garet Love. He was born on 24 November 1848 and died 10 April 1939 in Stanly County. He was known as a "Gentleman Farmer, hand­some with black hair and blue eyes. He married Martha Jane Garmon on 13 January 1868 inCabarrus County. She was born on 24 June 1847 in Cabarrus County, the daughter of Michael Garmon III and Gensey Little and died 7 July 1914 inStanly County. Upon her death, Mumpford married Dewbelle Arella Love Furr on29 November 1917 in Stanly County at age 68. Dewbelle was a 51 year old widow when she married Mump.  
Submitted by Myrna Love Norwood, PolkvilleNC . -from

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The 1900 census shows the Mumpford Love family living in Furr Township. Young John is helping his father as farm labor, as are his siblings. It was the benefit of free labor from a large family in the era that allowed farm families to prosper. 

Name:John Love
Birth Date:Aug 1882
Birthplace:North Carolina
Home in 1900:Furr, Stanly, North Carolina
Sheet Number:16A
Number of Dwelling in Order of Visitation:279
Family Number:282
Relation to Head of House:Son
Marital Status:Single
Father's name:Mum Love
Father's Birthplace:North Carolina
Mother's name:Martha Love
Mother's Birthplace:North Carolina
Occupation:Farm Laborer
Months not employed:2
Attended School:2
Can Read:Yes
Can Write:No
Can Speak English:Yes
House Owned or Rented:R
Neighbors:View others on page
Household Members:
Mum Love50
Martha Love58
Netta Love19
John Love17
Nellie Love16
Thos Love11
Hue Love10

Ten years later, 

Family of J. Askew Love

Ten years later, not much has changed. A few siblings have married, or struck out on their own. John, youngest brother Hugh, and sister Cornelia "Nellie", are left to help Mump and Martha on the farm. They are living in the same place, with pretty much the same neighbors.

Name:John B Love
Age in 1910:23
Birth Year:abt 1887
Birthplace:North Carolina
Home in 1910:Furr, Stanly, North Carolina
Relation to Head of House:Son
Marital Status:Single
Father's name:Muma P Love
Father's Birthplace:North Carolina
Mother's name:Martha Love
Mother's Birthplace:North Carolina
Native Tongue:English
Occupation:Farm Laborer
Industry:Home Farm
Employer, Employee or Other:Wage Earner
Able to Read:Yes
Able to Write:Yes
Out of Work:N
Number of weeks out of work:0
Neighbors:View others on page
Household Members:
Muma P Love60
Martha Love63
Nellie Love24
John B Love23
Hugh Love19

John B Love, by all appearances, was a normal young turn- of- the century farm boy. There were no prior indications, in records at least, that anything was wrong with him. He was not listed as insane or as an "idiot", the archaeic term they used in those days for the mentally unwell. There were no reported trips to Broughton for him in the newspapers.

Unexplainably,  one day, at the age of 25, something had come over him. The paper reported he had been ill for he past two months. What kind of illness it did not say. He was very nervous. Was he a victim of unrequited love? Had he come upon some kind of mood-altering chemical? What was happening in the life and body of this young man? We may never know. 

John B Love died on June 17, 1910, one month after the 1910 census was taken. He was buried at Love's Chapel.

Loves Chapel United Methodist Church

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