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Joycie and Wiley

Most recently, I've been transcribing records from old CD's of Stanly County, North Carolina Superior Court from the 1870's. It's quite an interesting decade, an entirely different  setting than the ones prior. The world of the citizens of North Carolina had changed drastically, and the County of Stanly was deep in recovery, and a preponderance of certain types of case were a testimony of that.

Thefts, debts, fights among depressed and war-scarred men drowning their sorrows in alcohol, the desperate acts of widows and orphans, all in a day's audience with the circuit judges trying to bring law and order to a scarred and bleeding land.

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While all of them bear historical importance, certain of them bear more genealogical significance, especially those concerning women. Those are the ones involving divorces, bastardy and F & A charges, or Fornication and Adultery. Those are case that can break down brick walls, solve mysteries, and open up entirely new avenues, a new branch in the genetic family tree.

Case Number 16, brought before the Honorable W. A. More, Jr. in the Spring Term of 1878, is one of those cases.

It involved one Wiley Barringer, who had been charged with Bastardy. He was fined $15 immediately, signed a $100 bond and agreed to pay $12 a year for six years, as long as the child was alive.

He admitted paternity, of a little girl, born to "Joicy E. Fisher", to whom the $15 was paid.

Bastardy was an archaic term used in the 19th and 20th centuries to nominate the act of creating a child outside of the holy bonds of matrimony. The charge was taken out on the couple to place financial responsibility on the offending parties and off of the county dole. As most women did not have paying professions, the support of the illegitimate child often fell on the county government, so the courts, when officials discovered the existence of the child or the pregnancy, would force the female parent to fess up and name the male parent, so they could hold him responsible. If she refused, the courts would charge the woman and hold her in jail, until a relative pitied her and got her out, most often her own father or brother.

There were even bastardy cases wherein the offending "baby daddy" was a wealthier, married man, who would pay the woman's bond, and even give her hush money not to name him, but would set her up with property, or money. It was rather obvious what the situation was, but it happened.

I've seen Stanly County cases wherein a married man would be having children with his legal wife and intermittently, also fathering children with his mistress, who often lived near by, whom he would have listed as a "tenant" in records. Some more illustrious and lusty Stanly County gents even had a wife and two or more "tenants", with whom they would bear children. Mr. Joshua C. Burris and Mr. Jordan Kennedy are included in this latter group. But we won't go there. Yet.

This was not the case with Wiley Barringer and Joicy Fisher. It involved one child only.

My first step was to find Joicy Fisher. And I did.

The most recent census following this court case was that of the 1880 census.
Name:Joecey E. Fisher
Birth Year:abt 1855
Birthplace:North Carolina
Home in 1880:Ridenhours, Stanly, North Carolina
Relation to Head of House:Daughter
Marital Status:Single
Father's name:D. Fisher
Father's Birthplace:North Carolina
Mother's name:Leah Fisher
Mother's Birthplace:North Carolina
Neighbors:View others on page
Cannot read/write:


Deaf and dumb:

Otherwise disabled:

Idiotic or insane:
Household Members:
D. Fisher66
Leah Fisher69
Martha C. Fisher35
Joecey E. Fisher25
Ada Bell Fisher2

In this census we find Joicy Fisher living in the Ridenhour Township in Stanly County with her parents and her two year old daughter, Ada Bell Fisher.

The name Joyce or Joicy was not an overly common one like Mary, Elizabeth or Sarah, so therefore, Joicy Fisher was not hard to find. In fact, she left a very clear paper trail for her era. She lived a long life, moved around a little bit, but not too far, never married, and only had the one child.

Ada Bell was listed as the granddaughter of D. Fisher in this census, so no confusion as to who she was.

Joyce, or Joicy as a nickname, derives from the Quaker name "ReJoyce". Joyce Elizabeth Fisher was the daughter of  Daniel Fisher and Leah Dry Fisher and the granddaughter of Jacob Fisher and Barbary Lyerly Fisher and Daniel Monroe Dry and Rachel Lipe Dry.

Her parents are buried at Bear Creek Church and were among the families who lived on and around the Cabarrus/Stanly County line. It is safe to say her ancestry was mostly, if not completely German.

Daniel and Leah had a very large family and Joicy was in the batch of the youngest. She was not an orphan and her father, born in 1813, was not a Civil War veteran. It is uncertain what "led her astray". She was fortunate to be part of an intact family.

Name:Jocy Fisher
Birth Year:abt 1850
Birthplace:North Carolina
Home in 1850:Ridenhours, Stanly, North Carolina, USA
Family Number:352
Household Members:
Daniel Fisher38
Leah Fisher38
Julius A Fisher14
Paul J Fisher11
Martha C Fisher8
Charles F Fisher5
Sarah A Fisher3
Jocy Fisher0

She first appears in the 1850 census as an infant with 5 older siblings. Her parents were married about 1835.

Name:Joicy Fisher
Birth Year:abt 1849
Home in 1860:Stanly, North Carolina
Post Office:Albemarle
Family Number:813
Value of real estate:View image
Household Members:
Daniel Fisher45
Leah Fisher48
Martha Fisher16
Charles Fisher15
Sarah Fisher13
Joicy Fisher11
Daniel Fisher9
Rachiel Fisher4

By 1860, two younger siblings had joined the family.

Name:Joyce Fisher
Age in 1870:21
Birth Year:abt 1849
Birthplace:North Carolina
Home in 1870:Ridenhour, Stanly, North Carolina
Post Office:Albemarle
Value of real estate:View image
Household Members:
C Missenheimen50
Mary A Missenheimen35
Jones Missenheimen14
Pearson Missenheimen12
Martha Missenheimen9
Carry Ann Missenheimen4
Joyce Fisher21

By 1870, something very different had happened to Joyce Fisher. She was 21 and living with the Clayborne and Mary Ann Barringer Misenheimer family.  The census does not list a profession for her. She may have been helping out with the children, or helping out on the farm, or she may have been rebelious and kicked out of the house by her parents, and was taken in by friends. A friendship with MaryAnn may have been how she made the acquaintance of Wiley Barringer.

The twenty year gap between the 1880 and 1900 censuses encapsulated a  twenty year span of great changes and growth in the American landscape. Some people lived and died entirely in this space and it is a time of much aggravation to genealogists. The loss of the 1890 census was a great one.

Name:Joicy Fisher
Birth Date:abt 1850
Birthplace:North Carolina
Home in 1900:Johns River, Cabarrus, North Carolina
Ward of City:#1
Sheet Number:27A
Number of Dwelling in Order of Visitation:441
Family Number:441
Relation to Head of House:Head
Marital Status:Single
Father's Birthplace:North Carolina
Mother's Birthplace:North Carolina
Mother: number of living children:1
Mother: How many children:1
Can Read:No
Can Write:Yes
Can Speak English:Yes
House Owned or Rented:R
Farm or House:H
Neighbors:View others on page
Household Members:
Joicy Fisher50
Ada Fisher22
Bruner Lyerly21
Thomas Fisher27
Martha Fisher25
Clarence Fisher2

In 1900, we find Joycie as head of her own household, living in the John's River area of Cabarrus County, with her 22 year old daughter Ada, and taking in boarders, who work in the textile industry.

Bruner Lyerly, I believe, was a cousin, and Thomas Fisher, was her nephew, son of Julius Alexander Fisher, with his young family, wife Martha Parker Fisher and their oldest son, Clarence.

Image result for john river area of Cabarrus area

What else can this census record tell us? It tells us that all members, except for the toddler, could read and write. It tells us that Joycie was the mother of one child, with one living, that one being Ada. It tells us that Ada, Thomas, his wife Martha and Bruner Lyerly, were all weavers in the cotton mill industry. It lists no occupation for 50 year old Joicy, so besides being the Head of Household and taking in boarders, she was likely the babysitter as well.

It tells us that ALL of the neighbors, except for carpenter Isaac Freeze, worked in the cotton mill, which tells me she probably lived in or near a town, and definitely near a Cotton Mill, maybe in a traditional "Mill Village".
Image result for mill village

Ada Bell Fisher would marry on November 4, 1904 to John Mayhew Stillwell (1876-1962) from Lincoln County, son of a John Stillwell and Mary Jackson Stillwell. They were married in Cabarrus County.

Image result for locke township, rowan, nc

1910 would find the family in  Locke Township of Rowan, which was the west part of Salisbury and beyond. James Mayhew Stillwell was a farmer, and he had a hired servant to help him, Frank Strickland.

Household Members:
John M Stillwell30
Ada Stillwell29
Esther Stillwell4
Jacob Stillwell1
Joicy Fisher60
Frank Stricklend22

The family included two small children, and mother-in-law, Joicy Fisher. She was now 60 years old. She is given no occupation, and listed as a widow, and mother of one child, with one living. She was not widowed, but I am sure the answer was given for her dignity.

By 1920, the family had moved to Mecklenburg County, and was living in the Lemley area, near Lake Norman and the Huntersville area.

Name:Jayey E Fisher
[Jaycy E Fisher] 
Birth Year:abt 1850
Birthplace:North Carolina
Home in 1920:Lemley, Mecklenburg, North Carolina
Street:Cornelius and Bethel River Road
Relation to Head of House:Mother-in-law
Marital Status:Single
Father's Birthplace:North Carolina
Mother's Birthplace:North Carolina
Able to Speak English:Yes
Neighbors:View others on page
Household Members:
Mayhew Stillwell40
Ada B Stillwell41
Ether L Stillwell14
Jacob H Stillwell10
Mary A E Stillwell7
Lillie P Stillwell4
Jayey E Fisher70

John Mayhew Stillwell was still a farmer and the family had expanded to 4 children. 70 year old Joicy E. Fisher was living with them. This would be her last census.

Joyce Elizabeth Fisher died on  July 20, 1923 at the age of  73 years, 7 months and 22 days,  Her death certificate gives her place of birth as Stanly County and her place of death as Huntersville, Lemley Township, Mecklenburg County. Her parents are listed as Daniel and Leah Fisher.

It is unknown where Joyce Elizabeth Fisher is buried. Most of her Fisher family are buried at Bethel Bear Creek Church in Stanly County, not far from the Cabarrus County line. Her daughter and son-in-law are buried at Hopewell Baptist Church in Davidson, Mecklenburg County. Most likely she is buried without a stone, or without a legible stone, at one of these two places.

Name:Ada Stillwell
Birth Year:abt 1879
Birthplace:North Carolina
Marital Status:Married
Relation to Head of House:Wife
Home in 1930:Lemley, Mecklenburg, North Carolina
Map of Home:View Map
Dwelling Number:284
Family Number:285
Age at First Marriage:26
Attended School:No
Able to Read and Write:Yes
Father's Birthplace:North Carolina
Mother's Birthplace:North Carolina
Able to Speak English:Yes
Household Members:
John M Stillwell51
Ada Stillwell51
Annie Stillwell17
Pauline Stillwell14

Ada Bell Fisher Stillwell would outlive her mother by 33 years. She and her husband, John Mayhew Stillwell, would raise their family of 4 children, on a farm in Lemley township, rural Mecklenburg County, among a community that included many Stillwell relatives.

Name:Ada Stillwell
Estimated birth year:abt 1878
Birthplace:North Carolina
Marital Status:Married
Relation to Head of House:Mother
Home in 1940:Deweese, Mecklenburg, North Carolina
Map of Home in 1940:View Map
Inferred Residence in 1935:Rural, Mecklenburg, North Carolina
Residence in 1935:Rural, Mecklenburg, North Carolina
Resident on farm in 1935:Yes
Sheet Number:8A
Attended School or College:No
Highest Grade Completed:Elementary school, 5th grade
Weeks Worked in 1939:0
Income Other Sources:No
Neighbors:View others on page
Household Members:
Holland Stillwell31
Susie Stillwell30
Ray Stillwell9
Carl Stillwell8
Thomas Stillwell7
Christine Stillwell5
Frank Stillwell4
J M Stillwell61
Ada Stillwell62

1940 would find the couple living with their only son, Jacob Holland Stillwell and his family. He must have taken charge of daily operations of the family farm.

So, this court record of Joycie Fisher and Wiley Barringer did lead to one descendant, Ada Bell Fisher Stillwell, and she was the mother of 4 children, who themselves had descendants. Thus, it bears significant genealogical importance.

The four children of Ada and JM Stillwell were:

1) Esther Lee Stillwell  Born January 4, 1906 Iredell County
                                        Died  March 27, 1987 Mecklenburg County

    Married: Frank Alexander Reagan on Jan 10, 1924
       Children: 1924  James "Jim" Mayhew Reagan, 1927 Mary Bell "Dot" Reagan, 1932 Eva Mae Reagan, 1938 William "Bill" Clyde Reagan

Eva Mae And William Marion
Eva Mae Reagon Beard and husband William Marion Beard 

2) Jacob Hollard Stillwell   Born January 28, 1909 Rowan County, NC
                                               Died May 22, 1961 Burke County, NC
      Married: Susan Lee Barkley 

      Children: 1928 Holland Ray Stillwell, 1932 Carl William Stillwell, 1933 Thomas Lee Stillwell, 1934 Christine Stillwell, 1936 Benjamin Franklin Stillwell.

3) MaryAnn Elizabeth "Annie" Stillwell Born: October 5, 1912  Rowan County
                                                                      Died:  January 20, 2001                       
                                                                      Resided in Exmore, Northampton, Virginia
                                                                      Buried in Charlotte, North Carolina

       Married William Cy Barkley (brother of Susan Lee Barkley, brother's wife). 

       Children: Annie Laura Barkley Watson Peacock, Betty Jo Barkley Garrett Rice, Richard 
       Barkley, Sr.  Grandchildren's surnames include: Boseman, Barkley, Kirby, Watson, Beverly.

       Married Second a Mr. Rector. Tombstone name listed as Annie Stillwell Rector.

4)     Lillie Pauline Stillwell  Born July 15, 1915 Mecklenburg County, NC
                                                Died February 17, 2005 Mecklenburg County, NC

         Married: Francis Worth "Frank" Mundy or Munday (First husband)

         Children: 1933 Shirley Pauline Mundy Shaver,  1934 Mary Frances Mundy Long, 1937 Flake Lee Mundy, 1939 Alma Mae Mundy Hendrick, 1941 Linda Lue Mundy Potts, 1942 Barbara Kay Mundy Potts. 

        Married: Herbert Irvin Christenbury (stepchildren Alvin Lee Christenbury, Francis Christenbury Stamey)

So this court record involving the one child, Ada Bell Fisher Stillwell involves a large number of modern day descendants from her four children. Just her youngest daughter, Lillie Pauline, alone, was credited with 16 grandchildren, 17 Great Grandchildren and 5 Great, Great Grandchildren upon her death in 2005 and the family has grown extensibly sense.

Image result for barringer

So who was this mystery Barringer branch of their family tree?

Research finds two Wiley Barringers living in Stanly County during the middle 19th century.

The first was Wiley John Barringer, son of Mathias B Barringer and Margaret Dry Barringer. He was born in 1834 and married Anna Margaret Barringer, daughter of Nelson Barringer and Crecie Melchor Barringer in 1858. They had 4 children, John, William Brantley, Alice E., Adolphus Leantes,

Wiley J. Barringer fought in the Civil War. His fate is uncertain, but Anna Margaret, his wife, married Joseph Sides in 1869 and had four more children. It is easy to assume she must have been a widow, or believed herself to be a widow and that Wiley J. Barringer was deceased before 1869.

That means he was not the correct Wiley Barringer to have fathered Ada Bell Fisher, which leaves one candidate.

Wiley Monroe Barringer.

Wiley Monroe Barriner was the son of Mathias Barringer and Elizabeth Sides Barringer. He was born on the Cabarrus County side of the county line, but still very close to Joyce Fisher's family, as he dwelt in the Bear Creek area that was plentiful with Barringers and Sides.

He was born March 4, 1856 and died July 13, 1931, making him about 7 years younger than Joyce Fisher, who was born in 1849. In the year of the trial, 1878, he was 22 and she was 29.

Image result for broken heart

He must have broken Joycie's heart, because a little over a year after Ada Bell's birth in January 1878, he married a different, and younger woman, Bellazorra or Isabell Zorra Page, daughter of William M. Page and Mary Ann Newsome Page.

During that era, an unwed birth was very much a shame and left a woman "tainted". Oftentimes, as in Joycie's case, she never married.

Wiley Monroe Barringer lost his father in the Civil War. Mathias died at the prison in Elmire, New York, where many a man lost his life.

His first census was in 1860, as a child, with his brother John Barringer and sister Julia Ann Barringer Honeycutt, in the home as well.

He fathered Ada Bell Fisher with Joyce Elizabeth Fisher in 1877, the child being born in January of 1878 and the relation ended there. Besides the payment of money owed and acknowledgement in court of paternity, it appears that Wiley Barringer had nothing else to do with Ada Bell. She may not have even known he was her father. Joycie appears to have kept that under her hat later in life. Ada Bell listed no father on her marriage license, and none was unknown on her death certificate.

But descendants of Ada Bell Stillwell Fisher might find that they have many Barringer related cousins in their dna chart, if they take the test. So this is why.

Wiley Monroe Barringer did head a large family. At age  23  he married 19 year old Isabell Zorra or "Bellzorra" Page on December 7, 1879.

Wiley Monroe Barringer

They had the following children:

1) Cora Lula Barringer  Born: July 5, 1880 Cabarrus County, NC
                                          Died:  Sept 13, 1937 Gold Hill, North Carolina age 57
                                          Married : July 26, 1900 age 20
    To: Jonas Peter Isenhour   12 Isenhour children: 

1901-1980  Myrtie May Isenhour Barringer

1902-1912 Minnie Ethel Isenhour

1904-1945 Amanda Marybell "Mandy" Isenhour Cook 

1907-1982 Lewis Albert Isenhour

1909-1991 Hoy Edward Isenhour

 1911-1963 William Howard Isenhour

1912-1981 Luther Elmer Isenhour

1914-1965 Margie Lucille Isenhour Dease

1917-1978 Virginia Kathleen Isenhour Adams

1918-2002 Edna Lonla Isenhour Goodman

1920-1987 Burton Deberry Isenhour

1923-1992 Dona Elizabeth Isenhour Leonard

2) Paul Monroe Barringer Born: August 25, 1884 Cabarrus County, NC
                                              Died: October 20, 1959 Rowan County, NC
                                              Married: August 3, 1904 

                     To: Elizabeth Joanna "Lizzie" Rowland (1885-1942)
                     Married later in life to Annie Mae Hill Morgan as well.

           10 Barringer children: 

1905 - 2005 Hattie Margie Mae Barringer Harwood

1907-1985 James Thomas Barringer

1908-1982 John Wiley Barringer

1911-1972 Love Charles Lee Barringer

1913-1931 Paul Herman Barringer

1915-1988 Napolean Lawson Barringer

1918-1957 Lloyd Edmund Barringer

1921-2004 Vetra Coralee Barringer Klutzz

1924-2013 Madie Magdalene Barringer Hilton Deal

1926-2002 Vernon Lionel Barringer

3) John Alexander Barringer Born: May 3, 1886 Cabarrus County, NC
                                                 Died: January 30, 1944 Winston-Salem, NC 

      Married: May 30, 1909 
      To: Katie Beaver

       Two Barringer Children: 

1910-2001 Ruth G. Barringer Hudson
1911-1991 Dwight Rudolph Barringer

4) George Wesley Homer Barringer  Born: August 15, 1887 Cabarrus County, NC
                                                               Died: November 2, 1957 Hot Springs, Arkansas

           Married 1st: December 25, 1902  to Lucy Roxie Isenhour (1881-1957) North Carolina
           Three Barringer children to this marriage:

1903-1981 Elsie Irene Barringer Sides

1905-1980 Roy Glenn Barringer

1909-1986 Howard Franklin Monroe Barringer

           Married or unmarried to Nina Irma Wagner (no license found) (1893-1986) Arkansas

          Three Barringer children to this relationship:

1911-1974 Albert Wesley Barringer 

1921-2006 Perry Ralph Barringer

1925-1944 Eldred Eugene Barringer

  (This son of Wiley Monroe Barringer deserves his own story for his strange tale). 

5) William Adolphus B. Barringer  Born: November 5, 1888 Cabarrus County, NC
                                                             Died: February 18, 1979 Stanly County, NC

     Married: July 17, 1908  to Martha Dinah Troutman (1888-1981)

       Seven  Barringer children to this marriage:

1908-1993 Allen Monroe Barringer

1911-1913 Florence Brown Barringer

1913-1913 Clarence Barringer

1914-1993 Mabel Cleo Barringer Vanhoy

1916-2003 Helen Irene Barringer Hall

1919-1999 Lena Rebecca Barringer Morgan Slough

1923-1923 Infant Barringer

6) Charlie Lee Barringer  Born: November 5, 1890 Cabarrus County, NC
                                             Died:  December 26, 1975 Stanly County, NC

        Married: November 1, 1911 to Pearlie Lillie Helms (1896-1967)
         17  Barringer children born to this marriage.

1912-1977  Raymond Monroe Barringer

1913-1914 Nellie Barringer

1914-1915 Bertha Barringer

1916-1997 Mary Letha Barringer Bailey LaForce

1917-1989 Roy Daniel Barringer (Los Angeles, California)

1919-1943 Robert Lee Barringer (Buried in Nettuno, Roma, Lazio, Italy

1920-1921 Alma Daisy Barringer

1921-2008 Pauline L. Barringer Burris

1923-1994 Ralph Junior Barringer (Buried in Chula Vista, San Diego, California

1925-2013 May Bell Barringer Burleson

1927 - ? Margaret Eva Barringer

1928 - 1990) Cora Lou Barringer Almond Swaim

1928 - 1999 Martha Sue Barringer Shaver

1930-1992 Vernie Cleo Barringer Furr

1932- ? Wilma Marie Barringer Allen

1934- ? Louise Barringer

1934-1961 Ruby Carolyn Barringer Eudy

7) Wade R. Barringer Born: May 25, 1892 
                                      Died:  November 14, 1897 Gold Hill, North Carolina. Aged 5

Wade R. Barringer

8)  Clarence Richard Barringer  Born: May 26, 1894 Cabarrus County
                                                        Died:  February 27, 1971 Rowan County

                                Married July 26, 1913 to Martha Louise Hatley
                                Later Divorced.

                       Nine Barringer children born to this marriage. Only 4 grew to 
                       adulthood, and only one of those made it past the age of 21.

1914-1933  Annie Lee Barringer - died at age 18
1916-1994  Willie Esper Barringer-died at age 68
1918-1918  James Reece Barringer - died at 10 months old
1919-1940  Boyd Baxter Barringer - died at age 20 - Auto accident
1921-1923  Clarence Richard Barringer, Jr. - died at 18 months old
1924-1945  Clarence Eugene Barringer - died at age 21, WWII,Married - 1 son
1926-1926  Mary Madeline Barringer - died at age 5 weeks old
1928-1928  Twins, son and daughter- died in infancy. 1 day old.

Clarence Eugene "Eugene" Barringer

9) Lawson Riley Barringer  Born:  March 9, 1895 Cabarrus County, NC
                                                Died:  December 3, 1972 Palestine, Anderson, Texas
                                                Married:  May 12, 1917  Van Zandt, Texas 

                                                To: Eva Mae Rackley

                                                One Barringer child

1922-1971 Eva Jo Barringer Craft

10) Walter G. Y. Barringer  Born: October 7, 1896
                                                Died:  May 29, 1897

Walter G. Y. Barringer

11)  Lilly Florence Barringer  Born:  August 9, 1902 
                                                   Died:  May 27, 1991 Cabarrus County, NC
                                                   Married: January 19, 1920 Age 17 
                                                   To: Will Franklin Blake, also age 17
                                                   Marriage late annulled.

Name:Will Blake
Birth Year:abt 1903
Marriage Date:19 Jan 1920
Marriage Place:Cabarrus, North Carolina, USA
Father:G B Blake
Mother:Leddie Blake
Spouse:Lillie Barringer
Spouse Gender:Female
Spouse Race:White
Spouse Age:17
Spouse Father:W M Barringer
Spouse Mother:Belle Barringer
Event Type:Marriage
                                                   One child: Franklin Aubrey Blake later known as
                        1920-1994   Franklin Aubrey Barringer, also seen as Franklin Aubrey McBride.

Below, first and middle names are transposed and surname is incorrectly transcribed as "Black". Parental names and date of birth is correct.  

Name:Aubrey Franklin Black
Event Type:Birth
Birth Date:2 Sep 1920
Birth County:Cabarrus
Parent1 Name:Will Black
Parent2 Name:Lillie Barringer
Roll number:NCVR_B_C016_66001

                                                   Married:  August 27, 1925

                                                   To:  Guy Hampton McBride (1892-1944)

                                                    8 McBride Children:

1923-2001  Ruby Lee McBride Hinson  (Cabarrus County, NC)
1925-1952  Walter Hampton McBride (Cabarrus County, NC)
1928-1998  Mary Bell McBride Measimer (Stanly County, NC)
1929-2008  William Monroe McBride (Massachusetts)
1913-1931   Infant Daugther McBride
1933-1972   Charles Theodore McBride (New Jersey, buried Cabarrus, Navy)
1935-1989   Millie Marie McBride Hill (Cabarrus County, NC)
1936-2008   Albert Archie McBride (Cabarrus County, buried Rowan, NC)

bill mcbryde
William Monroe McBride and wife Ruby

With this large number of descendants, just up to the level of grandchildren, just imagine how many living descendants of Wiley Monroe Barringer there could be now as Great-Grandchildren, Great-Great-Grandchildren and even two possible generations under those? Many of them probably do not realize the extinct and breadth of their Barringer relations and I am sure few, if any, know of the existence of Ada and Joicy Ann Fisher. Hopefully, one day, one of them will find this blog, and it will explain those odd DNA matches on their family tree, or break down one more brick wall.

Image result for brick wall







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