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The Descendants of Bennett and Ava Solomon


A rendering of the Old Philadelphia Meeting House in Warren County, which still stands. Smyrna may have looked very similar at its inception.

Old Smyrna Church once sat just six miles outside the town of McMinnville in Warren County, Tennesee. Now all that remains is the cemetery.  The austere location was once the destination for a  number of my North Carolina relatives, including my Fourth Great Grandmother, Ava McGregor Solomon, most of her children, several of her siblings, and other Carolina neighbors and relations.

The names echo the land records of my McGregor ancestors, and those who were chain carriers, or whose land bordered that of my family. Moses and Sarah Curtis had followed the Solomons and McGregors all the way from Franklin County, North Carolina to the banks of the Pee Dee River in then Montgomery, North Carolina. In Old Smyrna lies Chesley Curtis (1795-1866 and Margarite Curtis (1824-1903). It's not a streach of the imagination to guess who their forebearers were. M. B.Bullen is actually my 4th Great Aunt, Ava and Bennett's daughter. Then there are all of the McGregors, Ava's brothers, Ezekial, Willis and William Jr. and their children and grandchildren. The Wares are another family who followed the McGregors from counties east. Two McGregors married two Wares. The Martins descend from an early member of the Mouth of the Uwharrie Baptist Church, the congregation founded by Ava's father, the old Scott Baptist preacher, William. 

David Safely is another name that comes up as having had adjoining property to the McGregors and Solomons in the Morrow Mountain area of Stanly (Montgomery) County, NC. David actually migrated with them to Warren County, although he is not listed in this group. Other Safelys, relatives, are listed. Ava and Bennett's son, Willis Lymon Solomon, married Myrick Safely. Then, of course, we have Ava. The transcriber incorrectly recorded her name as "Amy" Solomon, wife of Bennett Solomon. Her name was Ava, and she spawned lots of granddaughters and great granddaughters with her beautiful name.

"A Scottish Lass' by John Faed

The name "Avie Ann", given to a daughter, is one of the means I've used to "pull apart" the children of Bennett and Ava McGregor Solomon from the other Solomons, especially the Bennetts, as there were several. Bennett's brothers were very fond of him, as several named sons for him. There may have been a Bennett back in the family tree somewhere as well, where his name had came from to start with. The names of the children of Bennett and Ava are well recorded. The problems lie with people trying to connect their ancestor of the same name as children of Bennett and Ava. They did not have 4 sons named Bennett, or two named William or even a Henry. They did not have a Henry. Henry was their nephew and great-nephew, not a son.

For a quick background, Bennett Solomon was one of the sons of William Solomon II and wife Deanna Gordon of Franklin County, North Carolina. The Solomons had come from Virginia and were of British origin, probably descendants of the Sephardic Jews who had settled there in the 1250's. The Gordons were Scotts. 

Ava McGregor was the daughter of Rev. William McGregor and his wife Sarah, maybe Flowers, maybe Cortland. Her father had migrated from Scotland and is one of my most recent immigrant ancestors. He was a primitive Baptist minister and is first seen in Bute and Northampton Counties of North Carolina. The part of Bute he was in became Franklin. He was first a member of the Fishing Creek Congregation in Franklin County and preached with the Kehukee Baptist Association. He migrated to the Yadkin/ Pee Dee River area and founded The Mouth of the Uwharrie Church. He was then part of the Sandy Creek Baptist Association.

Bennett Solomon first shows up in the Montgomery County records in 1800 as a chain carrier, along with Willis McGregor, for a purchase of property by Rev. William McGregor from a John Neal. Willis was a son of Rev. McGregor. Rev. McGregor was here years before that. His first land grant was on Attaway Creek, which is in Stanly County, but it was recorded in Anson County, as the year was 1778, the year before Montgomery was cut from Anson and decades before Stanly was cut from Montgomery in 1841.

NameBenne T Soloman
Residence Date6 Aug 1810
Residence PlaceCaptain Kirks, Montgomery, North Carolina, USA
Free White Persons - Males - Under 102
Free White Persons - Males - 26 thru 441
Free White Persons - Females - Under 103
Free White Persons - Females - 10 thru 152
Free White Persons - Females - 26 thru 441
Number of Household Members Under 167
Number of Household Members Over 252
Number of Household Members9

Bennett shows up in the 1810 census with a family of 9. He and Ava are both shown as being between 26 and 44. They have two daughters between 10 and 15 and three under 10. They have two sons under 10.

The neighbors in this listing, above Bennett are 3 Huckabees (Huckaby), two Thomas's and a William. Listed directly below him is Moses Curtis (asa Curtice), then Thomas Cox (asa Cocks), Barlett Huckabee, James Cox, John Kirk, Esquire, Sam Smith, 3 Biles, Isaac, Thomas and Alex and lastly, Davis Shad.

After the death of his father-in-law, Rev. McGregor, Bennett takes up the ministry of The Mouth of the Uwharrie Baptist Church. He represents the church at Association Meetings and as the Association grows and many other churches are formed and joined, Bennett Solomon, in conjunction with lauded minister, Elder John Culpepper, found the Pee Dee Association.

Bennett recieves 3 land grants within Montgomery County, NC.

In 1809, he received 100 acres that joined his own line and that of Samuel Carter. I believe this was probably Samuel Carter Jr, or Samuel Carter the younger. It began at a poplar on the line of his brother, Goodwin Solomon, met George Crowell's corner, met Samuel Carter's corner and then ran with Samuel Carter's line. Chain Carriers were Samuel Carter and John Bruster. John Bruster lived in Cabarrus County and his interactions with both the Montgmery County and the Cabarrus County Solomons ties them together.

In 1814, he received a small grant of 5 acres on the southwest side of the Yadkin River that included an island called 'The Island Stand" and a rock called 'the Sluse rock', that joined the lands of William McGregor, deceased. James Milton and Moses Curtis were chain carriers. The Milton/Melton family (they were one and the same) was another that the Solomons were in close association with, both in counties east and in Montgomery. 

In 1815, he recieved 25 acres on the southwest side of the Yadkin River adjoining Moses Curtis and 'McGregor's Old Place', that included a steep hollow. James Melton and James Freeman were witnesses.

After 1817, Bennett Solomon disappears from church records. Family tradition holds that he became ill, and died within the year. He was only 44 years old. Because of the three courthouse fires in Montgomery County, we don't know if there was a Will or other document. Again, family tradition holds that he was buried in the family cemetery within the confines of  Morrow Mountain State Park. 

In the interim, someone has decided he made it to Tennessee with Ava and has placed a fake memorial to him there online. There is no evidence of this. There were two Bennett Solomons in Warren County at some point or another. Both were decades younger than Bennett. Ava went there as a widow.

Ava settled alongside her brothers and other relatives in Warren County, in central Tennesee. In the 1830 census, she is living right alongside of Ezekial, who was also a minister. They settled along Caney Creek.

In the Godspeeds' History of Warren County, of the Collins River and Caney Creek, it states:

"Collins River is the main stream of the county. This stream rises in Grundy County, passes near McMinnville, just below he town recieves the waters of Barren Fork, and empties into Caney Fork."

In the "History of Head of Collins River Church (Warren County, Tennesee) " it is recorded, 

" A church called the "Head of Collins River' entered the Stockton Valley Association in 1810...they reported a membership of 12...later reported a membership of 20.. at that time (1813), they were dismissed to join the Caney Fork Association". 

In 1808 Collins River Baptist was represented by William McGregor (Jr), Jacob Hawkins and M. Douglas. 

In 1810; Jesse Dodson, John Cunningham and William McGregorr.

In 1812; William Mitchell, John Cunningham and William McGregor.

In 1813; Jesse Dodson and William McGregor.

Also included in this text is the following paragraph:

"William McGregor, a Baptisit minister from Montgomery County, North Carolina was the father of three sons who settled along the Collins River in Warren County, Tennesee, early in the 19th century. The sons were William (Jr.), Ezekial and Willis."

NameWillis Solomon
Home in 1840 (City, County, State)Warren, Tennessee
Free White Persons - Males - 20 thru 291 Willis
Free White Persons - Females - 20 thru 291 Myrick
Free White Persons - Females - 60 thru 691 Ava 
Slaves - Males - 10 thru 234
Slaves - Males - 36 thru 541
Free White Persons - 20 thru 492
Total Free White Persons3
Total Slaves5
Total All Persons - Free White, Free Colored, Slaves8

Ava is not the head of household in 1840, but she appears to be living with her son, Willis L. Solomon.

In 1850, Ava is again head of her own household, at age 71, but living next to Willis and oldest daughter, Martha is just down the page. 

Ava died on October 5, 1857 in Irving College, Warren County, Tennesee. Her date of birth was 10 September 1778.

The Children of Bennett and Ava McGregor Solomon

The Tennesee family records of the Solomon family hold that the oldest daughter of  Bennett and Ava was named 'Tehony" or "Tehonia". She may have died as child, as I can't find any record of her. She was born in the 1790's and Ava would have been very young, but girls married early in those days, especially in rural areas. 

2) Martha B. "Patsy" Solomon Bullen was born January 20, 1799 in Montgomery County, North Carolina. She married George W. Bullen of Montgomery County, NC. 

In 1830, George (with family), is seen living still in Montgomery County. Neighbors were lots of Carters, Fry's and Laytons. By 1840, they were in Warren County, living near Ava and Willis Solomon.

NameMartha Bullin
Birth Year1810
BirthplaceNorth Carolina
Home in 1850District 5, Warren, Tennessee, USA
Married within the YearYes
Cannot Read, WriteYes
Line Number35
Dwelling Number548
Family Number548
Inferred SpouseGeorge Bullin
Inferred ChildJohn Bullin; Fanny J Bullin
Household members
George Bullin40
Martha Bullin40
John Bullin16
Fanny J Bullin9

Martha died on September 14, 1850, after being shown in the 1850 census with her family. She was buried at New Smyrna. 

George and Martha had the following children:

A) 1820 Hixy Bullen (m Carroll Parks)

B) 1823 William or Willis Bullen 

C) 1826 Wiley Solomon Bullen (m Buthire Masey/Mauzy)

D) 1832 Mary J. Bullen (m Thomas J. Parks)

E) 1834 John Bullen (m Zilla B.Brown) was a Railroad man and traveled greatly.

F) 1842 Frances Jane Bullen (m Jonathan Burton) settled in Iowa.

3) Rev. William Solomon was born on February 8, 1801. He married Tabitha Solomon, daughter of James Marks and Catherine Gunter Marks about 1823.

'Billy' took up the torch of the ministry from his father and grandfather and was a Baptist minister, mentioned in the record of several Churches along the eastern border of the county.  He served as a county clerk for Stanly County and performed many weddings. 

Rev. Solomon was a conscientious objector to the Civil War and protested and preached against it, angering the local authorities. Despite his age and objections, they attempted to force him into service, finally subsiding to hire him as nurse and minister to the sick and the POW's in Salisbury, where he was allowed to tend to their spiritual needs. Two of his sons served in the War. Only one came home.

Rev. William Solomon lived off the Swift Island Ferry Road. His neighbors were Brittain Huckabee, Truxton Kirk, Washington Thompson, David Laton and John Mauldin in 1850. Some of the same surnames with the addition of Joseph Morton Jr. in 1860. In 1870, his neighbors were B. H. Huckabee, J. F. Marks and Nancy Marks, relatives of Tabitha, James Mauldin, son-in-law, W. S. Solomon, son and W. R. Laton.

Rev. William Solomon died on Jan 1, 1874, at the age of 72.  He was buried in one of the two Solomon family cemeteries. Both are near the intersection of Valley Drive and Stony Gap Road with Highway 25/27 outside the town of Albemarle, NC. This area is under highway construction and it is feared one or both of these cemeteries have been damaged or plowed under in the road construction. 

The inscription on his tombstone is, or was, "Rev. William Solomon was born Jany 10 1801  Lived as a consistent member of the Baptist Church for about 50 years. Died Jany 1 1874."

Tabitha Marks Solomon outlived her husband by nearly 2 decades. After his death, she followed her youngest two children to Richmond County, where they had gone in pursuit of work in the Cotton Mills. She died on May 28, 1891 and is buried in the Scottish Cemetery there.

William and Tabitha Marks Solomon were the parents of:

A) Martha Ann Solomon (1825-1889) Married Franklin Allen Laton. Buried in Laton Cemetery, Stanly County, NC.

B) Jane Catherine (1829- aft 1860) Never married. Buried in Solomon family cemetery in Stanly County, NC. 

C) William Sidney Solomon (1836-1904) Married Rebecca Ann Thompson. Served in Civil War. Made it back home.

D) Thomas F. Solomon (1838-1864) Buried at Point Lookout, Maryland, victim of Civil War.

E) Mary Roxanne Solomon (1840-1912) aka Mary Catherine. Married John Martin Rummage. Moved to Cabarrus County, NC. 

F) Margaret Winifred Solomon (1845-1910) Married James Duncan Mauldin. Writers second Great Grandparents. They had 5 children: Ava (also seen as Eva) Janette "Nettie's, Floratine Rose "Tine", Walter Jonah, Minnie Lee, Mary L. "Babe" Mauldin. Only son, Jonah, was my Grandma's Daddy. Margaret and Duncan died within days of each other and we're buried together.

G) Eliza R. Solomon (1848-1907) Married John Wooley Simpson. Moved to Richmond County, NC.

H) George Washington Solomon (1850- 1903) Married Martha J. Ussery. Moved to Richmond County, NC. G. W. took care of his mother, Tabby, after his father's death. There may have been a familial draw to Richmond, as Martha had family there. 

I) John M. Solomon (1857-1857). Died at 6 months old. Buried in Solomon family cemetery. Could also be a grandson as William Sidney Solomon 's first known child was born two years later. I put him as a son as Sidney was supposedly not married yet. 

The names of William and Tabitha's children-in-law matched the names of their neighbors over the years. 

4) Frances 'Fanny' Solomon was born December 1, 1800. Married Jarrett Russell (1793-1854), son of Aaron and Lizla Russell. Fanny died on November 29, 1875 at the age of 72. She and Jarrett were buried at the Russell Family cemetery on top of Clodfelter Ridge in the shadow of Morrow Mountain, up the road from the old Marks lands. She and William were the only two to stay in North Carolina.

Their children were:

A) George W. Russell (1810-1862). Married Jane Mann. No children. Adopted/ Raised George Russell Murray. I have strong genetic links to the descendants of George Russell Murray, one of whom I have had lots of communication with over the years. I believe he was the son of my Second Great Granduncle, John Murray, who died in 1849 according to the Anson County Argus.  John's wife's name is unknown, unless it was the Martha who married a Boone in 1851 and moved to Allegheny County. 

The coincidence of the name seems too much to be one. I wonder if perhaps there was an unknown Russell daughter who had married John Murray and George Russell Murray was her brothers namesake. He had daughters named Flora and Dora, typical of Scottish heritage. We had pondered that possibility.

B) McGlemery "Mack" Russell (1819-1892). Married Araminta "Minty" Morton. Several children. Met Eunice Ann 'Nicey' Lowder. One son outside of marriage. Attended Mountain Creek Primitive Baptist Church.

C) Arenna Russell (1820-1870). Married Allen A. Carter. He killed a neighbor after an argument and took off to Arkansas. Twelve years later, he was returned for trial. I've blogged on the case. Arenna died in Arkansas. 

D) Rev. William Washington Russell (1820-1898) Married Priscilla (MNU). Lived in New London for the most part. Began at Kendalls Church, near his brother, George. I had attempted a lengthy post on W. W. Russell due to his interesting life and the fact that people kept merging W. W. and his brother, George W. , into one person, due to the fact that he is at times seen as "Washington". George was a Grocer in the Kendall Valley and as he died fairly young, I've never seen what his "W" stood for. Since he was a McGregor /Solomon descendant, it may have been Willis. Neither W. W. or G. W had children, per se. but W. W. was kicked out of Kendall Valley Church for an illicit relationship with the young wife of Bennett Russell, Emmaline Sell. He repented and later founded a church in the town of Albemarle. He and his wife, "Prissy" are buried at the New London town cemetery. I will, one day, attemped the post again. It was accidentaly deleted.

E) Ava Ann Russell (1827- ?) Married John L. Pennington. Avy lived in Stanly County and died between 1878 and 1880, most likely. She was alive and living in New Salem, Union County, when her daughter, Mary F. married D. F. Hill in 1878. Her husband lost his life in the Civil War.

F) Farlina Russell (1827-1880) Married Thomas Franklin Hopkins. Raised their 10 children in Harris Township.

G) Bennett Lee Russell (1832-1905) Married Emaline Sell. Civil War Vet. Buried in the New London Town Cemetery. There are several mysteries and inconsistencies involving Bennett. Four children.

 H) James Solomon Russell ( 1828-1891) Married 1st) Lucinda 'Lucy' McLester. 7 children: William Jarrett, Noah, Avy Francis, Margaret Ann, Elizabeth Beedie, Mary Jane, Sophronia. Married 2nd)  Holly Louise Luticia Hudson Corzine Russell. Buried at Big Lick.

I)  Caroline B. Russell (1833-1882) Married 1st in 1853, Samuel D. Austin with whom she had 6 children. Married Lewis Carter in 1867, with whom she had 3 children. Buried in the Thompson Family Cemetery in New London.

6) Jane Solomon was born about 1805. She married Robert H. 'Sam' Turner. She was widowed young and died in Dekalb County, Tennesee. Three children:

A) 1821 Samuel Turner. Lived in Warren County.

B) 1830 Avy Anna Turner. Married James C Mitchell. Lived in Dekalb County, died in Bean Station, Grainger, Tennesee in May of 1880.

C) 1832 Bennett Solomon Turner. Married Margaret A. Martin. Settled in DeKalb County and died there in 1915 at the age of 82.

7) Sarah Solomon was born about 1806. Married Hardy "Hardin" Solomon, also born in Montgomery County, North Carolina. They lived and died in McMinnville, Warren County, Tennessee.

A) Willis Norwood Russell (1816-1870) Married 1st Mary Adeline Massey, Married 2nd Vienna Massey. Civil War Vet. 

B) Mary Ellen Russell (1828-1870) Married Thomas Edward Boatright. Died in Dekalb County, Tennessee after 1870.

C) Noah Jefferson Russell (1833- after 1870) Married Sarah Deck, moved to Kentucky.

D) Mary Frances aka 'Fanny' Russell (1834-1900) Married James B. Holland. Died in Arkansas.

E) Jemima Russell (1836 - after 1900). Married Thomas Newby. Last recorded in Warren County Tennessee.

F) Margaret Isabel "Ibby' Russell (1839-1923. Married William Holder, 3 children. Married Isaac Keel.

G) William Hiram Russell (1840-1909) Married Mary Caroline Patterson, 8 children. Died in Warren County Tennessee.

H) Malvina Russell (1842- 1870's) Married Joseph Yarborough Smith. One child. Died in Shelbyville, Bedford County, Tennessee.

I) Stacy J. Russell (1844- March 21 1900) Married Zion Rodgers. Two children. Died in Waco, Sedgwick County, Kansas.

J) Rev. Melvin Washington Russell (1845-1914. Married Barthenia Isabell Brown 11 children. Married late to Mary Caroline Patterson Russell, his brother:s widow. 

K) Napoleon Nathan Russell (1848-1880) Married Jennie. One daughter Teresa. Worked as an Agent. Died in NYC.

L) Jehu Russell (1851- ?) and 

M) John Russell (1860-? ) are seen in the 1860 census and no more. Assumed to have died as children. 

7) Mary 'Polly' Solomon was born on October 20, 1808 in Montgomery County, North Carolina. She married Micajah Massey/Mazey in 1835 in Warren County, Tennessee.  They had 4 children. She died on November 18, ,1890 in Cannon County, Tennessee. 

A) Dorothea Massey  (1836-1916) Married Neptoline Jackson Blue. Raised family in Cannon County Tennessee. Buried at Blue Hill, Warren County, Tennessee. 

B) Harriet Massey was born March 27, 1835. Married James Knox Polk Jones. They had 12 children. They were in Arkansas in 1870, in Missouri by 1880. They hit the Oregon Trail and several later children were born in Oregon. They were in Washington State by 1900. She died on January 12, 1917 in Clark County, Washington at the age of 72.

C) William White "Buck" Masey was born on January 2, 1843. He married Margaret J. Young om January 3, 1867. Seven children. He died November 26, 1893 at Short Mountain, Cannon County, Tennessee.

D) Louisa A. Masey was born July 5, 1844 in Warren County Tennessee. She married Ezekiel J. Young in 1869, two years after her brother Buck married his sister. They had 3 children and she died May 15, 1902 I'm Warren County Tennessee at the age of 58.

8) Willis Lymon Solomon was born Christmas Day, 1809 in Montgomery County North Carolina. He married Myrick Safely, daughter of Jesse "Dock" Safely and Martha Phatha (pronounced 'Faith-uh), Stiles. The Safelys had followed the Solomons and McGregor's from Montgomery County, North Carolina and the Stiles may have followed all the way from Franklin County.

The family of Willis Solomon is the reason there are no families named Solomon in Warren County who descend from these early settlers. Bennett and Ava had three sons who grew up, and lots of daughters. One they left in North Carolina, one who migrated away from Warren and Willis, who was the only son to stay in Warren and raise his family. He, too, had a family of mostly daughters, but very few grandchildren, and none were Solomons.

Willis  Lymon Solomon died on June 18, 1877 in Warren County at the age of  67. Myrick Safely Solomon lived to see the 20th Century. She stayed in the family home with her two unmarried daughters, Nancy and Faitha.

NameMyri?? Solomon
Birth DateMay 1815
BirthplaceTennessee, USA
Home in 1900Civil District 7, Warren, Tennessee
Sheet Number2
Number of Dwelling in Order of Visitation36
Family Number36
Relation to Head of HouseHead
Marital StatusWidowed
Father's BirthplaceNorth Carolina, USA
Mother's BirthplaceNorth Carolina, USA
Mother: number of living children2
Mother: How many children2
Months Not Employed0
Can ReadY
Can WriteN
Can Speak EnglishY
House Owned or RentedOwn
Home Free or MortgagedF
Farm or HouseF
NeighborsView others on page
Household members
Myrick Solomon85
Nancy Solomon59
Fathey Solomon52

She died on December 22, 1908, at the age of 93.

The children wo Willsi and Myrick were:

A) Nancy Solomon, born 2 December 1840, never married. She died on Feb. 6, 1920 in Warren County at age 79.

B) Harry (probably officially Henry) was born in 1841 and died as a child.

C) Bennett Jason Solomon was born on Sept. 14, 1842. He died on February 3, 1863 in the Civil War. He was not married. His tombstone states "Killed at Fort Donaldson     In Defense of the South    He was faithful till death  His remains still lie there". He was 20 years old.

D) Ava Solomon was born on Nov. 29, 1844 She married Monroe Marion Smith and had 4  sons, Jesse, Everette, Arthur and Orville. She died on June 12, 1896 at Irving College, Warren County, TN.

E) Faitha Solomon (1847-1917) Married her cousin, James Edward Solomon, son of Henry and Tabitha Cunningham Solomon on February 8, 1883. They were both in their later 30's at the time. Jim had been born in Warren County and had followed his parents to Missouri. He had returned to Warren by 1880 to help his grandfather, 80 year old Thomas Cunningham, on the farm. Three years later, he married his cousin. The marriage was doomed and Jim left for the Midwest. He married again, legally or not, I can't confirm. Faitha remained with her mother and sister, Nancy, until her death in 1915. Nancy, the informant on her death certificate, declared her a widow. She was not, as Jim was still alive in North Dakota. They may have not known and assumed him dead.

F) Mary Emelina "Mira" Solomon (1854-1887) Married John Wesley Nunley and became the mother of 7 children; Jason Solomon Nunley, Margaret Paralee Nunley, Myrick Lillian Nunley, Nancy Ellen Nunley, Jonah Elster Nunley and Mary E. Nunley. Tragically, she died at the young age of 35 with young children.

G) Cora Solomon was born in Warren County in 1858. She never married and moved to Chattanooga. 

Tombstone of Willis Lymon Solomon

9) Bennett Solomon II was born about 1812. He is in Warren County, Tennessee in 1840 and in Benton County, Missouri by 1860. He married Anna Carlyle Morton ( 1813-1912). From Civil War records, it appears he was court-martialed and executed for desertion in 1862 during the Civil War. The papers are barely legible.

After his death, Anna moved the family to Saline County, Missouri, where most of them remained. Anna passed away in the town of Marshall, Saline County, Missouri on May 19, 1912, at the age of 98.

Annie Carlyle Morton Solomon lived a very long and productive life. Her death certificate only listed the names of her paretns as Mortons, but her obituary sated she was born on August 9, 1812 in Anson County, North Carolina. There were no Mortons in Anson County in 1810, just before her birth, but there were two in 1800, Ezekial and William, living near Isaac Brumbelow. Ezekial Morton moved to the western part of Stanly (then Montgomery) County and married Elizabeth Brumbelow. I believe Ann'a branch may have been in Montgomery County just before her birth and originated in Anson. The article also states that they moved to Warren County, Tennesee when she was three years old. I may share Morton DNA with the descendants of this branch of Solomons ast well.

They were the parents of nine children: 

A) Mary Adeline Solomon (1840-1926). Married Benjamin Robert Bristow. 6 children.

B) Frederick K Solomon (1842-1912) like his father, also a Civil War soldier. Married Nancy Catherine Yates in 1868, six children. Married Mary M. Brown in 1910.

Frederick Solomon Family.

C) Esther Emma Solomon (1849-1899) Married John Hardeman Green. No children.

D) Ava Carlyle Solomon (1850-1922). Married Jefferson Frank Morton. 7 children. Died in Saline County.

E) John Wesley Solomon (1852-1913). Married Mary Elizabeth Green. 3 sons.

F) William Solomon (1854-1884) Never married. Decidede to become a part of the Old West.  Died in Colorado of a Pistol Shot. Buried at Evergreen Cemetery in Colorado Springs. 

Mortality Schedule

G) Lydia Solomon (1856-1875). Died at age 19 in Saline County. Unmarried.

H) Martha Ann "Mattie" Solomon (1858-1935). Married Rufus Penn Anthony. 4 children.

Obituary for Rufus Anthony

9) Hixey Solomon was born April 22 1814 in Montgomery County, North Carolina. Married Charles Hutchinson in 1838 in Warren County, Tennesee. They moved first to Van Buren County, Tennesee, the to Smithville in Dekalb County, then to Woodbury in Cannon County. Hixey died on April 11, 1885 in Warren County, but was taken to Dekalb County for burial. She had 4 children.

Below map shows the proximity of Warren, Dekalb, Cannon and Van Buren Counties in Tennessee. 

A) Melissa H. Hutchinson b 1839. Never married.

B) Avy Hutchinson (1842-1922) Married Bernard Napolean Hicks. Lived in DeKalb County. Eight children: Sarah Jane, Perry Green, Lizzie Izora, Bernard Napolean Jr., Sophia Delia, Connie, Loula Etta, Cleveland Pascal.

C) Nancy A. Hutchinson (1846-1869) Married Alexander Irvin Underhill. Died after the birth of her only son, Charles Wesley Underhill, who lived with her parents as a child. Her husband lived a long an interesting life and had a large family.

D) Lewis Hutchinson was born in 1849, died as a child.

All of the children and grandchildren of William and Bennett Solomon have been accounted for. So what about all of the 'loose strings', the Solomons that remain?  There was one brother left - Goodwin.

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