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From Franklin to Montgomery


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In my previous post, I explored the family tree of the three Solomon Brothers who had migrated from Franklin County, North Carolina to the Yadkin Valley, specifically, the area where the Uwharrie River and the Yadkin River join to form the Pee Dee River, in what is now Stanly County, and was then, a part of Montgomery, and before that,  Anson. When did they leave and when did they arrive? Perhaps a look at the land records from both counties can give us some clues.

Green Hill was the publisher and registrar of some of the early deed books in Franklin County.  He also had interactions with some of the Solomon family. There was a marriage between a Peggy Hill and Goodwin Solomon, a younger Goodwin Solomon than the one who left Franklin for Montgomery County, NC, in Tennesee, and I have wondered if Peggy was related to Green Hill and that the family link ran back to Franklin. 

Solomons appear in many records in old Franklin, some of them nominal, as witnesses or such, and I've not included all. Chosing to focus only on ones that I felt offered information, insight, or show a connection with other names, I present a list of pertinent land records that may offer up some clues for a later examination of the possibilties. 

July 24, 1782 Book 5 P. 85 

John Edwards of Montgomery County, NC to William Solomon Jr of Franklin County, NC, for 35 pounds current money the tract of 200 acres whereupon Solomon now lives adjoining Joshua Richards, Jacob Crocker, Collier, Hawkins, and Huckaby. Witnesses: Jacob Crocker and Gaad Pearce.

In the above transaction, we see an early Montgomery County,  North Carolina connection. The Solomon Brothers did not set off randomly. They knew people who were already here. William Jr. here was William the 2nd, not the son who left for Montgomery County. 

November 30, 1784 Book 4 P. 111

William Solomon of Edgecomb County, NC to William Solomon Jr of Franklin County, for 20 pounds current money, a tract of 400 acres in Franklin County on the road adjoining Huckaby and Seawell. Witnesses were Joshua Gordon and Darkis Gordon. 

In the above transaction, we see a transaction between father and son, with Sr. being in Edgecomb still. The Huckaby family were neighbors and close associates. Joshua and Darkis Gordon were members of Deanna Gordon Solomons family. Darkis was a female.

June 9, 1785 Book 5 P 109

William Solomon of Edgecomb County North Carolina, to Durham Hall of Franklin County NC, for 20 pounds..a tract of 100 acres in Franklin County NC, beginning at a white oak on the road, Seawell's line, and adjoining William Solomon Jr, and Seawell. Witnesses: James Ross and John Hall. 

This shows William the first selling land to Durham Hall, a property that borders the land of William II. Durham Hall will sell this property shortly.

September 10, 1789 Book 5 P.105

John Solomon of North Hampton County, NC to Evan Andrews of Franklin County NC, for 20 pounds..a tract of 100 acres in Franklin lying on the waters of Bear Branch adjoining Bustian, Hill and Hall. Signed by Mary Solomon. Witness was Joseph Andreas.

This was John, the brother of William II.

Deed  1061 Book 5 Page124 James Huckaby of Franklin County to Joseph Williams of Wilkes County, Georgia, January 13, 1791, for 400 pounds Virginia currency, two tracts of land in Franklin County, NC. One, 300 acres on the northwest side of Bear Swamp joining Charles Ivey and Wynn (formerly the property of Pearce). Two 153 acres joining William Goodwin, Michajah Davis, Isaac Gorden and Goodwin Solomon, it being part of a tract granted to William Russell bearing the date February 6, 1762. Witnesses were Bennett Hill and W. B. Hill.

In the above deed, we see one of the three brothers, Goodwin Solomon, living on a tract of land that adjoined that of John Huckaby. The Huckabee or Huckaby family was one we know was connected to both the Solomons and McGregor's. They probably migrated to Montgomery County together. Also adjoining the property was the lands of an Isaac Gordon, Gordon being the maiden name of Goodwin's mother, and William Goodwin, who may have also been related at some point back. I also highlighted the name of Micajah Davis, as this was another family the Solomons married into. With the witnesses, we again see the name Hill. 

January 29, 1791 Book 5 P. 107

Durham Hall of Franklin County to John Melton of same for 18 pounds VA. currency a tract of 100 acres beginning at a white oak on the road and adjoining Bell and William Solomon Jr. Witnesses were Jordan Hill and James Ross.

This deed is important to show a connection or neighboring relationship between John Melton and the Solomons. Another will come up soon. John Melton also would migrate to Montgomery County. This is the same tract that William the first had sold to Durham Hall six years prior.

Ramblin' Man, Our State Magazine

In 1804, there was an estate sale of the property of Micajah Davis, named in a deed above. Among the buyers were Goodwin Solomon and William Solomon. Also Green Hill, James Seawell and a number of Iveys. 

In an Account of the Estate of Thomas K. Wynne, deceased, final date September 8, 1804, there were mentions of the following names: John Ramsey, Goodwin Solomon, William Solomon, Baxter Ragsdale.

Sale of the Estate of Charles Ivey, deceased on April 20, 1809, listed William Solomon, John Huckaby and Jordan Hill, as buyers.

In June of 1810, William Solomon is found in a transaction with Jordan Hill. *Note, by this time the three brothers who migrated to Montgomery County were gone, so this would have had to be William II.

. By 1810, the three Solomon Brothers, William, Goodwin and Bennett  are in the census for Montgomery County, North Carolina. 

Montgomery County, North Carolina

January  14, 1800, John Neal to William "McGregar" Sr., 150 acres on the West side of the Pee Dee River, joins McLesters old line, and Neals. Bennett Solomon and Willis "McGrigger' were chain carriers. 
Note: Bennett Solomon was Rev. William McGregor's son-in-law and Willis was his son.

Rev. William McGregor was from Scotland,  and had been ordained in the Eastern part of the state as a Baptist Minister. He settled in what is now Morrow Mountain State Park, on Attaway Hill and founded the "Mouth of the Uwharrie Baptist Church", whose congregation became that of Stony Hill, still in existence. His daughter, Ava, married Bennett Solomon. 

September 7, 1805 Joseph Parsons to George Crowell, 200 acres on the southwest side of the Yadkin River, on the waters of Long Creek, joined the property of Samuel Kendall, Goodwin Solomon, and John Howell and 150 acres surveyed in 1806 by James Chappelle, on the waters of Cloverfork Creek of Long Creek, began at a white oak in Edward Moore's line and joined Drake Horn. Rowland Kimball and Jesse Pickler were chain carriers.

This shows Goodwin Solomon in Stanly County (then Montgomery), as early as 1805. 

December 11, 1809 Will Stone to "Benitt" Solomon for 100 acres. Joins Samuel Carter  and his own lines where Goodwin Solomon lives on the southwest side of the Yadkin River. Began at a poplar in Goodwin Solomon's line, joins George Crowell, and near Samuel Carter. Samuel Carter and John Bruster chain carriers. Bennett Solomon paid purchase money for 100 acres in entry #6721.

The above is an extremely important document. It not only shows that Bennett and his brother, Goodwin, had adjoining properties, has the ongoing Carter connection, but it also has the Bruster connection. The Bruster family is a crucial link in tying some of the 'loose end' Solomons together and also shows a connection between the Stanly and Cabarrus County Solomons, as I will get to at a later date. 

November 30, 1811 Will Stone to James Freeman, 100 acres joining Thomas Cox and Peter Davis on the waters of Mountain Creek. William Solomon and William Freeman were chain carriers. 

This shows William Solomon III in Montgomery County, but I wonder how he ended up as a chain carrier. William Freeman was no doubt related to the purchaser, James Freeman. I wonder if Peter Davis, who is a mystery, and not connected to my Davis family, could have came from Franklin County, and perhaps be related to Micajah Davis who died there.

September 8, 1812 Will Stone to William Solomon 30 acres, joins his own land and Thomas Cox, on the waters of Mountain Creek, begins at his own corner pine on a hill on the east side of the creek. Peter Davis & Thomas Noble chain carriers.

March 29, 1813 Will Stone to Bennett Solomon, 5 acres including a small island in the Yadkin River called "The Islands land" and a rock called the sluse rock and joins William McGregor, deceased, surveyed Jan. 12, 1814 by David Cochran on the southwest side of the Yadkin River, beginning at a white oak in William McGregor, deceased 's line. James Milton and Moses Curtice chain carriers. Plat shows land includes part of the river.

This deed showed a small, but important, transaction. Bennett Solomon is my direct ancestor. The name has been in my family even into the 20th century. My mother had an Uncle Bennett whom I remember well.
 I've known for decades that Bennett Solomon and Ava McGregor Solomon lived within the boundaries of what is now Morrow Mountain State Park. The Rev. McGregor, 
ava's father,  has now passed and Bennett has purchased this small island and 'sluce' rock. A sluice was a rock that caused the separation of the water, and was a term used in gold mining. I wonder if this spot had something to do with that. There is also the Melton/Milton mention here, again.

July 7, 1814 Will Stone to Bennett Solomon, 25 acres that joins Moses Curtice and McGregor's old place,...begins at a mountain oak ona side of a steep hill near the branch, joins side of steep hollow & Will McGregor deceased, includes an island. James Freeman and James Melton chain carriers.

So Bennett is acquiring small tracts along the river. I can picture the land and hills as they are today and the 5 old mountains that are within the park, part of the ancient Uwharries, and the Solomon family walking among them, with their neighbors, the Curtis's, Melton's, Freemans and McGregor's. 

January 16, 1815 Will Stone to  Sally (Sarah) Curtice for 25 acres, joins Moses Curtice deceased and included part of William McGregor's old place on the Yadkin River. Begins at William McGregor deceased's upper corner willow oak of the old plantation on the river bank and joins Bennett Solomon. Bennett Solomon and James Melton were chain carriers.

So Rev. William McGregor has passed on. Bennett and Ava Solomon lived just above where the Rev. McGregor rests to this day and saw the sun shining down upon his grave from their door. I have encountered the names of the Curtis's, (or Curtice),  in other deeds involving other families. Now I can place almost exactly where they lived. They lived in Tindallsville. They were neighbors of Bennett and Ava Solomon and of Rev. McGregor. James Melton also came from Franklin County, NC. There will be more mention of them later. 

May 5, 1815 Will Stone to George Crowell Jr., 100 acres joining John Kirk, Goodwin Solomon, Samuel Carter and his own lines, begins at John Kirk's corner spanish oak, east of a small branch, join Samuel Carter and Bennett Solomon. William Crowell and Bennett Solomon were the chain carriers.

The Kirks and the Carters are two families the Solomons made contact with in Montgomery County, along Mountain Creek. They also come into play later. 

Beautiful Yadkin Valley, Our State Magazine

April 7, 1818 Will Stone to George Crowell, 50 acres joining John Kirk and James Watkins, southwest side of Yadkin River, begins at John Kirks Spanish Oak, east of a small branch, joining Samuel Carter, and Bennett Solomon. William Crowell and Bennett Solomon chain carriers. 

By now, it's easy to see that Will Stone was a land prospector, or baron. This may have been the younger Bennett as a chain carrier.

January 1, 1821 Duncan McRae to John Parker, 18 acres joining his own line, began at Bennett Solomon's corner red oak. David Kendall and Newton Howell were chain carriers. Newton Howell became a merchant in Albemarle. One of his sons would marry into the Solomon family. I believe he may have been a son of Thomas Howell. 

June 8, 1826 Duncan McRae to George Kirk, 5 acres joining his own line and that of Thomas Huckabee on the waters of the Yadkin River, includes an island in the Yadkin River, beginning at a water oak at the uppermost end of the island near George Kirks fish traps and joins the lower extremity of the island, with a plat showing land in island joins the "thurrifare" (sic), or the Fayetteville Road. William Solomon and John Marks were chain carriers. 

By this time, the Kirk family are taking over the lands bordering the Yadkin in the Tindallsville area. This William Solomon was Bennett Sr.'s son, not his brother, who married Tabitha Marks, daugther of James Marks and wife Catherine Gunter, who came from Chatham County and settled on Clodfelter Hill. John Marks would have been his brother-in-law. He has his own story coming. William's mother, Ava McGregor Solomon, is now a widow and has gone with some of her younger children to Warren County, Tennesee, where a few of her brothers have already settled. Only William, who took over the ministry when his father died, and his sister, Fanny, who married Jarrett Russell, stayed in this area, that would become Stanly County. 

In the Montgomery County, NC Land Warrants adn Surveys 1833-1950,  there are several deeds involving members of the Carter family of Mountain Creek, all in a row. 

No 4586       108 acres survey on the west side of the Fayetteville Road, joins Mark Jones, George Carter, deceased, Joseph Ingram and Marcus Carter were chain carriers. I've tried to find proof of the parents of Marcus Princeton Carter for years, with no luck Perhaps he was a child of the deceased George Carter. Marcus married my 4th Great Aunt, Nancy Marks Carter and Joseph Ingram married my 3rd Great Aunt, Nancy Baldwin Davis. 

No 4587 Jacob Carter was granted 100 acres between Mountain Creek and Cloverfork Creek, beiginning with his own line and joined the property of William Noble and Samuel Carter. Watson Rigs and Barlett Carter were chain carriers. 

William Noble was one of the Noble family from Noble Mountain which sits just outside Morrow Mountain State Park and north of Mountain Creek, before running into Huckabee Hill. There is Samuel Carter, the known Carter patriarch of the Mountain Creek Carters, and there was also a younger Samuel Carter. And then the name Bartlett. Bartlett was a Franklin County name. There was a Bartlett Huckabee and a Barlett McGregor. I wonder who this guy was? Was he a grandson of Samuel Carter with possibly a McGregor or Huckabee mother?

4588 Jacob Carter Jr.  received a 50 acre grant in 1809 on the waters of Mountain Creek and joined Joshua Carter Sr., Labon Carter and Jacob Carter Sr. Began at a post oak near Labon Carter's corner, near George Stiles, near Chisholms corner. Littleton Fisher and John Carter were chain carriers.

There were several generations of Carters, it seems, living on Mountain Creek, connected to each other, in one big Carterville hive. Yet, look online and you will only see Samuel Carter, who recieved the original grant for his service, having 3 sons. This family was much larger than that, obviously. Who were all of these Carters and how were they connected?

4589 Joshua Carter, Jr.  50 acres on the waters of Mountain Creek, 1809, joins Joshua Carter, Sr., Harris Allen, Boler Allen, and began at the third corner of Joshua Carter, Sr's 25 acre tract. Daniel Shad and Thomas Howell were chain carriers. 

4590 Finally, we have Travis Carter's 100 acres, joined his own line and David Safely's, on the waters of Mountain Creek, joining Labon Carter & David Safely. Bennett Solomon and Henry Carter were chain carriers. 

This one was several years later in 1828, so this was Bennett Solomon Jr. Probably a second generation Henry Carter, as well, and not the son of Samuel. What's interesting is that in 1821, Bennett Solomon Jr. had fathered an illegitmate child with an Elizabeth Carter. Was she a daughter of Labon or Travis? Bennett Jr.'s brother, Willis Lymon Solomon married a lady named Myrick Safely, probably a relation of David. 

The Solomons may have appeared in the Montgomery County Court records, but because of courthouse fires, so many records were lost. But they also appeared in the Court records of Cabarrus County. They had a Cabarrus County connection and may have went there to avoid crossing the river. 

In the Cabarrus County Pleas and Quarters Sessions, on October 17, 1821, Bennett Solomon (Jr.) posted a $200 bond against the charge of a bastardy that he had fathered a child, "begat on the body of Elizabeth Carter." I am searching for more information of Elizabeth Carter and who the child could possibly be. 

Also going on in 1821 was a suit between William Solomon and Joseph and John Reid. This was not my ancestor, Rev. William Soloman, son of Bennett. This was a different William Solomon. Was this his uncle, William Solomon III, or had he already gone west to join his brother, Jordan Solomon, in Lincoln County, Tennesee? This William in the lawsuit had to be the one in the census below, living in Cabarrus County, NC in 1820.

The William Solomon/ Reed brothers lawsuit continued into October Session 1822. William Solomon was also brought up on a peace warrant that year and was discharged from his bond.

Also of interest in these sessions was another bastardy bond, this one between a man named John Baugh. and Eleanor Bruster, a single woman. There was also the case of James Bruster and Culpepper Lee, who was from Anson County. James Bruster was from Cabarrus County, and may have lived in Stanly (Montgomery) for awhile. He was a chain carrier in one of the above deeds with Bennett Solomon, he was the bondsman for marriage of Drury (Drew) Solomon and Eleanor Killough in Cabarrus County and was named as the father of John W. Solomon, son of Nancy Solomon, when John married. Nancy lived in Stanly (Montgomery) county. These are names not yet mentioned, but there will be more on them later. The Brusters tie them all together. 

We know Bennett Solomon married Ava McGregor, daughter of Rev. William McGregor. We know William Solomon married Harty Bridges, daugther of William Bridges of Franklin County, NC, but it's not known at this point who Goodwin Solomon  married.

Back in Franklin, several Solomon marriages were recorded, but none for Goodwin.

Amos Solomon married Sally Porch in 1820.

James Solomon married Milley Upchurch in 1820.

John Solomon married Cressy Wrenn in 1795.

These were cousins of the children of William Solomon II and Deanna Gordon.

Jeremiah Solomon married Betsey Bridges in 1818. His uncle, Jesse Gordon was bondsman.

Jordan Solomon married Martha Davis in 1843. William Solomon was bondsman.

Jeremiah and Jordan were brothers of the three who came to Montgomery. 

Goodwin Solomon was the bondsman for the marriage of Joseph Milton and Abbygal Bass in 1796. But his own marriage in unknown. Joseph Milton also moved to Montgomery County. 

Now, it's time to look at the three brothers separately, with the question in mind, who could have been the progenitor of the three Stanly County Solomons who married the three Iredell County Dancy Solomons?

All of these threes!

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