Sunday, October 26, 2014

The Byram Record of Mystery

Name:Elizabeth Byrom
Birth Year:abt 1817
Birthplace:North Carolina
Home in 1850:Union, North Carolina
Family Number:956
Household Members:
Elizabeth Byrom33
Mary L Byrom14
Mary Byrom70
Ephraim Starner28

This is the record that is driving me crazy. The 14 year old, Mary L Byram, who is seen living very close to her future in-laws, Fred Jr. and Elizabeth Starnes, is my third Great-Grandmother. While Elizabeth Byram/Byrum/Byrom, at 33, is old enough to be her mother, the 1880 census shows a Martha Byrum whose occupation was "boarding" and who was born in South Carolina in 1810, as being her mother, naming her as F. F. Starnes mother-in-law.  Then there is 70 year old Mary Byram. 

As the name Byram had multiple spellings, I am going to remain with Byram, as I believe it the most likely version in my line. 

The farmer, Ephraim Starnes, who was living with them, can be traced with some accuracy. He married Nancy E Holden and had 4 children, Doctor Franklin Starnes, John Robert "Bob" Starnes, Susan J Starnes and Susan Starnes Craig, before he died in Elmira Prison, New York, in 1865, during the course of the Civil War. 

I am posting this record in hopes that some Byram/Byrum researcher or family member, knows who these ladies are. Was Elizabeth a widow? Was Mary her Mother-in-law? Was Elizabeth actually the same person as Martha and the age wrong. (If the 1880 census was accurate, Martha would have been 40 in 1850). 

Does anybody out there know anything at all about the Byram/Byrum/Bynum family?

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